Here is my annual article for “The Bridge”. It is short, but as always the information is priceless.

I owe this information to Dr Joseph Hulme, an American needle acupuncturist. Dr. Hulme was approached by the USA military to design a swift, reliable and effective analgesic sequence for the acute, traumatic and painful situations so often found by soldiers in battle zones.

I have used this sequence on myself for acute sciatica, on my staff for migraine headaches and on my patients in both acute and chronic situations.

I use this combination as a take-home combination, when my usually very effective analgesic treatments don’t work as well as they should. (Darn! Don’t you always get some patient who just won’t respond like you would like them to?). And also, if I think that the pain might return within a short period of time.

You can never have enough options when treating pain.

These are all ear points. See the chart. I use the stainless steel ion/seeds. They usually will stay in situ for about 2 -3 days. There are five points on each ear. I do both ears, because usually I don’t have the time to see if one or two spots work, or if you need all of them. Try them out for yourselves and let me know how they work for you.

The points to use are (see the diagram):

  1. Omega 2 on the Pinna of the ear.
  2. Shenmen
  3. Point Zero
  4. Thalamus point, but on the inner aspect of the antitragus
  5. Cingulated gyrus

They are very easy to use. I have taught all my staff how to use these points. Increasingly often, “pain” patients are treated effectively before I get to see them.

This is a nice easy-to-learn, easy-to-do therapy. You don’t have to use needles. No problems with infection controls. It works reliably for everything I have used it for. This includes acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders, cancer pain, etc.

Have fun using this technique.

An Exclusive Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2011

© Copyright 2011, Dr. Sir Zenon Gruba, Australia

About the author

Dr. Sir Zenon Wl Gruba, MBBS, Victoria, Australia

Graduate Melbourne University 1970, in general, obstetrics, gynecology and family practice through 1984. In private practice 1984 to retirement. I practice wholistic medicine with an emphasis on physiology. I take careful medical anamnesis. I do a careful and exacting physical examination. I design treatments around the patho-physiology of each patient.

I have had formal investigations into my practice carried out by the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria. They found 97% of my patients were their failures, but this time 92% of my patients went into permanent remission. 45% of my cancer patients were still alive 15 years after the completion of their treatment. The Medical Board has never ever found any fault with my medicine. What they find fault with is my intolerance to people who do not do what I ask of them and who then criticize me for their lack of progress in returning to health.

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