Technical Diagnostic Support in the
Modern Natural Healing Practice

The increasing burden on earth, water, air and food of synthetic materials (e.g. herbicides or insecticides) results in people coming into contact daily with a huge number of materials foreign to the body (unphysiological). Of course in our daily lives substances which are included in consumer goods (scented materials, preservatives, disinfectants, etc.) are not to be forgotten.

In the course of life these materials are picked up by the body through respiration, skin contact or food and can be accumulated and stored in the tissues. Also individual living conditions play a role with the burden of the tissues. In such a way a regular consumption of social/recreational drugs like for example nicotine, alcohol, coffee, but also a massive consumption of sweets, fat and meat has an unfavorable effect on the metabolism.

The result is an increasing burden on the tissues, i.e. a kind of accumulation of “garbage dumps” in our tissues. This “clogging up of tissues” can result in an increasing acidification of the tissues, as well as in developing storage of the pollutants in the tissues. Eventually the body metabolism is thereby damaged and important life functions, like for example defensive performance is reduced.

What happens in the connective tissue burdened with pollutants or wrong food?

In the tissues of the human body the individual cells are surrounded by a structure, which is called the Ground Substance or Matrix. It forms an environment [or milieu] surrounding the cells which is important for the substance and information exchange between the body cells. The ground substance consists both of rather liquid as well as rather solid components. The basic framework is built up as a kind of network of sugar-protein complexes. Now if waste or by-products are given off by the cells, they must reach through by this network in order to be taken away across the lymph or the lymph vessels.

Besides pollutants a problem for the optimal function of the ground substance is our food products. Through the excessive consumption of meat and white flour products, e.g. from bread rolls, a tissue acidosis develops. In this changed milieu many enzymes can no longer work optimally, i.e. the metabolic processes are impaired in their function. Also the so called “radicals” can no longer be effectively neutralized.

Radicals are especially aggressive oxygen connections which can damage cell walls and even the genotype. The hyperacidity and the free radicals lead eventually to a permanent irritation of the defensive system.

Additionally the permanent sugar surplus results in glucose components which are bound among other things into the structure and network protein components of the ground substance. Thereby the network structure of the ground substance is changed – the network becomes more finely meshed. It is clear that the stronger this network is interwoven, the longer the migration of waste products and pollutants lasts. This causes an even longer length of stay in the tissues. Pollutants, like for example heavy metals, can block important enzyme functions in the tissues. Furthermore a tissue acidification is strengthened.

How can a burden of pollutants in the body be proven?

Besides a specific anamnesis there are various naturopathic diagnostic procedures to determine even burdens with pollutant and poisonous materials. For instance Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) and Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis according to Prof. Vincent (BE-T-A), but also Global Diagnostics belong there. These methods give indications about the illness type and the kind of treatment. Finally, the pollutant burdens can also be proven with various laboratory examinations.

Detoxification Concept with Homeopathic Complex Remedies

With metabolism derailments or disturbances of the detoxified organs, an endogenic detoxification is not, or is no longer, completely guaranteed. The excretory organs are less and less able to fight against the toxic in-flooding, and tissues, fat and nervous tissues (matrix) can store these toxins. The function of the organs is disturbed, and therefore the immune system is often the first burdened. The first signs of toxic burdens are disturbances of the mental state, like for example tiredness, drop in performance, and concentration weakness. Not rarely, increased aggression and depression develops. Therefore the detoxification therapy begins with strengthening the endogenic defense systems and removal of the stored up poisons and pollutants. With special mixtures of homeopathic medications perhaps in combination with herbal remedies, the strongly burdened organs are relieved and slowly regenerated. Consequently the toxins can again be eliminated. There are many possibilities for detoxification. A starting point is a well balanced and healthy nutrition. Furthermore sufficient sleep and a lot of movement can contribute to the detoxification. Very popular detoxification methods are water applications and homeopathic detoxification cures. Nevertheless a sufficient daily liquid supply of at least 30 ml per kilogram of body weight in 24 hours for adults and at least 50 ml per kilogram of body weight in 24 hours for children is not to be forgotten.

The oral 3-Point Therapy with Lymphdiaral Basistropfen, Juniperis Similiaplex and Quassia Similiaplex has especially proven itself. The parenteral intramuscular injection of Lymphdiaral Injektopas, Cholo 2 Injektopas and Pascorenal Injecktopas is especially well suited as an introductory therapy for oral detoxification. In this case a rejection of the burdening materials is affected over a toxic gradient from the inside of the cell across the ground regulations space into the lymph system, the vascular system, the intestine, the kidney and over the skin.

Global Diagnostics

With this new type of measuring system* an absolutely new physical diagnostic and therapy procedure was developed. Energetic structures of patients can be measured and are clearly explained, so that the reaction patters of the patients are given in only eight minutes and are automatically recorded and are evaluated. The evaluation includes more than 560 measurement objects like nerves, muscles, joints, organs, etc. as well as 13 body systems.

Global Diagnostics was developed with the goal of having an automatic bioenergetic test procedure, which functions regardless of the tester. Therefore it can test the patient independently and it excludes sources of mistakes by the tester or in the area surroundings! This data can be evaluated by trained therapists and can be used for an effective therapy.

Clinical Proof

A recently completed university study confirms the agreement of current medical-diagnostic investigative procedures with the measurement results of the Global Diagnostic system.

This study which was carried out at the University Clinic in Graz under Univ.-Prof. Dr. Med. Martie Truschnig-Wilders confirms the measuring results of Global Diagnostics. The goal was to test and compare current orthodox medicine investigative procedures to the diagnosis position with the evaluations of the device. With all patients a reliable agreement between the classical medicine findings and the results of Global Diagnostics was shown.

Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis (BE-T-A)

The founder of BE-T-A was the French hydrologist Prof. Louis-Claude Vincent. He developed the method in the 1960’s to have at his disposal a meaningful and practicable procedure for water quality analysis.

In close collaboration above all with French and German doctors** the measuring method of Prof. Vincent was successfully transferred to the regulation of the biological quality of body fluids. Today this measuring method for the regulation of the Biological Terrain or the biological milieu is used by many natural healing [oriented] physicians and naturopaths as a humoral-pathologically oriented diagnostic method for prevention, and after the manifestation, of illnesses.

Fundamentals and Method

In the Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis (BE-T-A), the physico-chemical or electro-chemical characteristics of pH-, rH- (redox potential) and R- values in the extracellular fluids of saliva, blood and urine are determined. The term “Terrain” designates the extracellular milieu in the person.

The basic purpose of this physico-chemical description of the current milieu situation of the person is a humoral-pathological oriented diagnosis and a humoral-pathological therapy concept based on it. The therapy course can be documented without a great expenditure on a humoral-pathological level and the real biological performance status is determinable at any time.

The intake situation of the open human system is represented by the saliva. It provides the milieu situation in the digestive system.

The milieu of the internal utilization and regulation situation is the blood. It represents the ground regulation system in a grouping of the defensive system.

The milieu of the excretory situation is the urine. The corresponding biological system is the kidney.

  1. pH Value: Measurement of the acidity degree or the H+ Ion concentration or the proton availability in a watery solution.
  2. rH Value (hydrogen potential value): Measurement of the oxidation or reduction state of a watery solution. With a lot of available hydrogen the solution is reduced, with a little available hydrogen the solution is oxidized. The rH value is a measurement for the availability of hydrogen and with it for the availability or the energy resources of the electrons in the watery solution of the living system. The high energy electrons are always transported in the extracellular area of the person by hydrogen, which is taken up by food. In the respiratory chain of the mitochondria the high energy electrons are transferred to oxygen and their energy is used for ATP formation. The redox potential is another measurement for the availability degree of electrons.
  3. R Value (more specifically electrical resistance): Measurement of the total ion strength of a watery solution. A lower R value indicates too many free ions in the solution, a higher R value indicates too few free ions in the solution.

With a multiple measuring electrode which concentrates a pH electrode, an rH electrode, an R electrode, a reference electrode and a temperature sensor into the smallest space, the respective body fluid is measured directly after sampling in a special measurement cuvette.

The result of the measurement indicates which milieu is not in order and therefore which corresponding function cycles (stomach-bowel, ground regulations, defensive, or kidney systems) must be primarily strengthened therapeutically.

Practical Diagnostic Application

Experience shows that naturopathic practitioners apply the method principally within the scope of early diagnosis of chronic illnesses and control of the subsequent course of therapeutic measures. According to the view of naturopaths the milieu condition and with it the ordered condition of the three elementary function cycles is an indicator and a contributory cause for the development and persistence of chronic and chronic degenerative illnesses.

Certain changes of individual characteristics, as well as related changes of several characteristics, are typical milieu conditions for certain illnesses.

According to our current experiential knowledge the main diagnostic focuses lie with the following illnesses or physiological conditions:

  • Bacterial and viral infections
  • Intoxications
  • Disturbances of the acid-base household
  • Mineral nutrient shifts
  • Mycosis burden of the intestine (intestinal dysbiosis)
  • Disturbances of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas
  • Thrombosis inclination
  • Diabetic metabolism situation
  • Hyperglobulia and anemia
  • Oxidative stress
  • Incipient kidney insufficiency

Case Study

Patient: female, born 1959
Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia syndrome, CFS, for many years susceptible to infection (Fig. 1)

Figure 1

Course of Treatment:
First presentation 06.2009

  • Lab no inflammation indications
  • Oxidative burden of the blood
  • and the saliva according to BE-T-A (see Fig. 2 and 3)
  • Toxic burden according to Global Diagnostics (See Fig. 4 and 5)

Figure 2: Evaluation Chart

Figure 4: Toxins before

Figure 3: Oxidative Stress

Figure 5: Toxins after


  1. 3 point therapy 45 drops in 1.5 Lauretana
    Neurapas balance 3 times 2 tablets
    Ardeydorm 2 times 1 tablet
  2. [Acid] Base Therapy (Intra = Gelum and Extra = base tabs)
    Once per week, always on Monday
    7.5 gram Pascorbin and injection of all painful triggers
    1 ampule Allya injektopas
    1 ampule Lymphdiaral and
    1 ampule Cuprum injektopas
    Always on Thursday 1 ampule B6 Injektopas and
    1 ampule B12 injektopas and
    1 ampule Folsäure [folic acid] and on the other side
    1 ampule B1 injektopas, 100 mg

06.2009 First presentation
12.2009 Complaints clearly improved
02.2011 Patient comes for treatment only if necessary

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2011

From an article in Naturheilpraxis, Volume 64, July 2011
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2011, Kay Uwe Kämmerer, Grünberg, Germany

About the author

* Translator’s Note: OIRF recommended instrumentation for the so called “Global Diagnostics”, or rather Segmental Diagnostics, is the AMSAT HC. Please see description with parameters later in this Issue.
** Translator’s Note: particularly Dr. med. Franz Morell]


  1. Infotext Vitatec “Global diagnostics”
  2. Kämmerer, K. U.: Wirkprinzipien der Naturheilkunde Elsevier Verlag München 2009
  3. Galle M.: Die Bio-Elektronische Terrain-Analyse – ein humoralpathologisch orientiertes Diagnoseverfahren aus der Perspektive moderner biophysikalischer Vorstellungen. Der Heilpraktiker & Volksheilkunde 73 (1):24-29, 2006.

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