An Introduction to the
MORA and BioResonance Workshop

Friday June 10 and Saturday, June 11, 2011 *

Penticton, BC Canada

Dr. Brian L. MacCoy, NMD

* This seminar was postponed after Dr. MacCoy’s sudden passing
and was later presented by Dr. S. Craig Wagstaff.

Pre-diagnostic concepts

Chronic degenerative diseases clearly dominate the percentage of patients seen by the biological medicine professional. The inevitable onset of degenerative disease associated with a lifestyle of AMA monopolized synthetic health care should catch no one by surprise. Degenerative processes in humans have catapulted forward due to over prescribed petro-chemical based medications, high stress lifestyles, synthetically produced and/or processed foodstuffs (GMO’s), and chemical pollutants in our water, air, and animals/food crops. These “environmental pollutants” lodge themselves in the deep mesenchymal structures of the body, causing disruption of the healthy metabolic functions of the cells. Accumulation of these wastes creates local and eventually widespread hyperacidity inside the cell and eventually of the whole body. In so many cases the entire mesenchymal regulation system has been compromised at best, and forcibly abused or destroyed at worst.

In a study to show the longevity of American’s (no doubt so we could boast about how medically advanced we are!), America spends more money than the combined top three industrialized nations of the world, topping out at over three trillion dollars annually just for health-care. Yet in 1994 there were 13 other industrialized nations whose people lived longer than Americans. The study was repeated in 2005 and longevity for Americans had dropped (remember, we were still outspending the rest of world for health-care) so that there were 27 nations whose populations were living longer than Americans. Without going into a long exposé of the politics of medicine I believe the dominant factor here is that the rest of the world is enlightened to, and embraces the use of, natural therapies which contain more benefits than side effects while the American medical model is trying to reinvent the wheel.

The model that American medicine is trying to “enforce” on the rest of the world fails to take into account that the patient has a disease, not the disease having a patient. All ailments that fall into a certain category are treated the same. In Biological Medicine, the person is treated as an individual, thus the benefits received and observed (and sought after) using MORA therapy.

MORA Basic Therapy

Preparation for MORA basic therapy includes removal of all magnets and batteries from the patient. Quadrant measurement is begun and recorded, using two hand electrodes and the dual foot plate electrodes. Programs 101 to 106 or 108 to 114 are selected according to your clinical assessment, and pre-diagnostic treatment is begun and completed, allowing a more accurate assessment of the patient in the testing and treatment plan to follow. MORA basic preparatory programs will balance recent stresses to the physiological organism and allow clearer access to understanding the deeper mesenchymal stressors seen in chronic degenerative disease. Use of basic preparatory MORA therapy will act to rebalance the body’s energetic processes and is generally thought to be readily achievable. Chronic deep-mesenchymal energy balance disturbances are more difficult to resolve or improve.

For over 50 years biological medicine has told the rest of the medical community that there is a microbial factor associated with and perhaps causing the cancer condition. Needless to say the proper treatment of the terrain (adjusting the pH in these cases) through balanced mineral and enzyme supplementation as well as base powder(s) will help resolve the surface issues.

However, stresses of the soul (mind, will, and emotions – all energy issues) will make the body/cells once again acidic and burdened by free radicals unless the soul issues are effectively dealt with. “There are nine kinds of fear and each is associated with an organ, so matching organ specific remedies with the patient’s mental state (excerpted from “Disturbed Psychological Terrain” by Alexander Wood, DC, ND) will create an environment of relaxation and release for the beginning of the total person healing to take place.


Testing is a very simple 40 ting point testing of hands and feet at the nail bed crease (EAP test on MORA Super). Taking into account the recommendations of Gottfried Cornelissen, DMD, I make allowances with the results achieved for the basic thin (asthenic – potentially considered YIN – chronic) versus stocky (sthenic – potentially considered YANG – acute) body types. The “thin” results will tend to be lower, and the “thick” will tend to be higher. This measuring system gives more of a comparison value for the patient in my practice than an indicator of areas to start or focus treatment. In a short period of time (three to six weeks) a patient who has predominantly high readings (..itis) or low readings (..osis) will see that the values will return to normal or near normal ranges through proper therapy.

This testing is also a rather quick reassessment (10 to 15 minutes with assistant) to assure both physician and patient that the therapy plan is proceeding in a positive manner. Again, this assessment is done utilizing the multiple diagnostic and therapeutic features of the MORA Super.

Organ testing using ELH

I now move on to pinning down the primary affected organs using the Med-Base ELH computer program connected to the MORA Super. Here, the “one-point” testing method of Dr’s. Cornelissen and Schimmel is used – quickly and efficiently. Lu-10b or Cir-9 points have proven favorable for ease in testing. The setting on the LED panel of the MORA Super is scrolled to “med test”, push enter, and scroll through the various test sets available to Wala organ preparations (Universal Test Set) or the Test Set according to Dr. G. Cornelissen (Cornelissen Test Set). When testing the patient, an organ preparation that signifies that organ is stressed will respond with a meter drop, perhaps indicating this organ is pathological. All organs that indicate stress are recorded. According to Dr. Cornelissen the five most common overlooked factors in diagnosis are adrenal insufficiency, hypoglycemia, hypothyroid, pancreatic insufficiency, and systemic mycosis.

At this point I switch my testing from the MORA Super Med-Base Electronic Test Sets program. Further details and the “rest of the story” will be covered in the June workshop:

  • Dental testing
  • Therapy testing and determination
  • MORA therapy
  • Energetic rebalancing
  • Intravenous Vitamin C, trace minerals, glutathione, colloidal silver, amino acids
  • Oral colloidal trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, base powders using MORA programs

A Seminar Announcement for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 2011

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About the author

Dr. MacCoy received his degree from the National College of Naturopathic medicine in 1976 after receiving his BA and BS degrees from Portland State University in 1971. Dr. MacCoy also received an “Appointment at Large” from the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland as well as completing Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps training. Dr. MacCoy’s professional affiliations include Occidental Institute Research Foundation (Board of Directors since 1990), the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Naturopathic Medical Education Institute, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, American Naturopathic Medical Association, Southern Medical Association, and previously Portland Teen Challenge (volunteer 1994-1998). Dr. MacCoy has been in private and professional practice since 1976 and in Post Falls, Idaho since 1999 as well as working in Educational Administration. He was the Chief Administrative Officer for two years at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine directing all aspects of clinical and college daily activities.

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