Every body and every substance radiates energy. At the same time they show an individual, distinctive characteristic and wavelength.

BioResonance Therapy functions on these qualities. With the help of biophysics it explores electromagnetic fields and energy frequencies, and develops methods in order to utilize the oscillations diagnostically and therapeutically.

Definition of BioResonance

BioResonance is designated as a form of regulative medicine which developed in the middle of the last century, and which is based on physical observations and experiences. With the assistance of a therapy device it converts the patient’s own, and the substance’s own, oscillations into therapy signals.

A Short History of the Origin of BioResonance Therapy

Already in the middle of the last century various devices were developed for the production of electromagnetic fields in order to intervene in the biological control and regulation by means of the resonance principle. Proof of a resonance within the body of the test person was not possible with the measuring technology available at that time. So they were tested with [dowsing] rods and pendulums, which delivered sufficient arguments to opponents of the method for its disparagement.

Figure 1: With the aid of electromagnetic oscillations
certain frequencies can trigger hay fever symptoms
like sneezing. A therapy with corresponding counter
oscillations is possible. (© Digital Vision, Adjusted stage).

Scientific Background

With the progressive development of physics and the development of quantum physics, some theories emerged from the pioneers of “oscillation medicine” putting forward explanations in a new light.

Einstein, Heisenberg and Stromberg

It was known no later than Albert Einstein that matter is nothing other than highly compressed energy. The German physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate (1932) Werner Heisenberg has emphasized over and over again that purely physical-chemical explanations of the living biological processes are not a sufficient description. But according to quantum physics at least one further level yet exists which must be taken into consideration. This corresponds with the hypothesis which the American astronomer and biologist Gustav Stromberg put forward in 1936 that the structure and development of living beings would be bound to certain “systems of immaterial waves”.


Carlo Rubbia, former director (1989-1993) of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in the Geneva Canton of Switzerland and 1984 Nobel Prize Laureate for physics, established that the nucleon-photon relationship is a natural constant and amounts to 1 to 9.74 x 108, so nearly 1 to 1 billion: If we turn only to the material part of the person for consideration, thus the nucleon, we only look at 1 billionth of the reality.


In 1975 the German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp could produce the proof of light emission (biophotons) from living cells. The existence of biophotons theoretically also arises from the general quantum field theory of physicist Burkhard Heim. Body cells communicate together by means of light (biophotons). Light is the best known example of electromagnetic waves.

Because the biophoton level (quantum fields) is of higher importance than matter, and controls it, all life processes run by means of biophotons. In the meantime Popp proved that the DNA is a photon memory and that the light emission of the cells is not a result of reproduction, but rather biophotons control cell division.


The biochemist and Nobel Prize Laureate Albert L. Lehninger mentions in his textbook that some reactions in the living cell run substantially slower when it corresponds to a temperature of 37°C. The explanation seems to lie in the fact that the body controls the chemical reactions through electromagnetic oscillations (biophotons).

Smith, Choy and Monro

Cyril W. Smith (University of Salford, England), R.Y.S. Choy and J.A. Monro proved by means of provocation tests that allergic reactions (e.g. hay fever symptoms like sneezing, tearing- and itchy- eyes) can be caused only with electromagnetic oscillations of certain frequencies. Also these symptoms can again be neutralized with corresponding “counter oscillations”. The investigations of Smith, Choy and Monro also explain the success of BioResonance Therapy for allergy treatment.


Only since the 1950s was it possible to prove the effect of resonance applications on the body with the development of Electro-Acupuncture (see the article Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll by Dr. med. Richard Kraßnigg). Even if what happens in the body could not be described at that time with the existing physical models, even for the skeptics it was clearly seen that something had changed in the organism. Because of these changes in the energy system of the person, observations were also made in the direction of recovery of the test persons. Clearly the system of the person can be stimulated toward self healing by oscillatory electromagnetic fields and can be supported during the healing phase.

BioResonance Therapy (BRT)

BioResonance Therapy started to gain acceptance with the first “electronic BioResonance device” [the MORA-therapy device by Med-Tronik], which was developed by Dr. med. Franz Morell and his son-in-law, the electronics engineer Erich Rasche, and was first marketed in about 1976.

The first great success which appeared with BioResonance was based on successes with the therapy of illnesses in the area of allergies. In the meantime, BioResonance is [now] used worldwide in many different spheres by many doctors, dentists and naturopaths. Veterinarians also work successfully with BioResonance.

Therapy Forms

You can differentiate principally 2 kinds of therapy by means of BioResonance:

  • Therapy with the patient’s own [endogenous] information (oscillations)
  • Therapy with foreign [exogenous] information (Fig. 2)

Patient’s Own Information

For the first form the information is measured from the patients either: with electrodes on the body and it is conducted into the device over a cable; or/and, at an additional device-input bodily secretions (like saliva or for example wound secretions) are supplied into the device. Thus the [patient’s] information field is now available in the device. It is divided by a device component into harmonic and disharmonic oscillations and amplified, or inverted and amplified, before it is again conducted back to the patient as an electromagnetic therapy oscillation field. The device does not store the oscillations taken from the patient at the beginning of the therapy, but rather the patient and the BioResonance device form a cybernetic control circuit. Thereby a maximum therapy effect should be reached (Fig. 2).

The target value of BRT is the reduction and eventually the elimination of pathological oscillation patterns in the body, in order to permit the body’s own regulation strength to be active unhindered.

Foreign Information

The second form of therapy is the work with foreign information. They are used either as a sample of a substance (e.g. a glass vial of birch pollen), as an ampule with the oscillation pattern of a substance, or across a PC in digitalized form.

Here in the case of substances irritating or damaging to the patient the electromagnetic field of the substance can be conducted back as for example an inverted and amplified field so that an immediate reduction from the organism occurs. You can simply envision this as a harmful oscillation pattern which still exists in the body of the patients and which is overlaid with the inverted oscillation in the therapy field, so that the harmful oscillation is neutralized. This seems to enable the body to eliminate both inter- and intracellular burdens. This “detoxification process” clearly has an effect over a therapy time only lasting a few minutes.

For harmonizing or conducive to healing substances, like for example therapeutics, the information can be supplied directly in different [ways] to the patient as useful strengthening. Additionally there also exists the possibility for application of highly diluted substance ampules, where as in homeopathy according to the dilution degree a stimulus is set up to stimulate certain processes in the organism. An example of therapy with ampules is the detoxification of a metal burden, e.g. with an aluminum ampule with an inversion program and the amplified support of the kidney function with a direct program with an ampule of a strong kidney remedy like for example Solidago (golden rod).

Diagnostic Possibilities

During recent years BioResonance has developed more and more clearly from a pure therapy form into a valuable diagnostic tool, so that today it is preferentially spoken of as the BioResonance Method.

Testing with the BioResonance Method

There are BioResonance devices which have already integrated an independent test device (e.g. a unit for Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll) into the device, and devices which exist only as a BioResonance unit. With both device types only the BioResonance part itself can be referred to for the diagnostic findings. *

* [NOTE: This sentence is a true translation from the German and is exactly what the doctor says here. But, clearly the diagnostic portion of the device must be used for diagnostics (or kinesiology, etc. if a diagnostic portion is not integrated as in all MORA devices). The BioResonance portion is primarily for therapy or for the delivery of substance or patient information into the cybernetic system. CLWS]


For testing with BioResonance programs the substances to be tested are presented into the input of the device either taken from the patient or from direct contact. This can be a simple input cup or a so called honeycomb with several drillings for test ampules or a complete test set in a drawer, from which the information (the oscillation pattern) of the substance is transmitted into the device with a measurement electrode over a cable. There these patterns are inverted and supplied to the patient at the output by means of an electrode, a therapy mat [conductive surface electrode] or an acupuncture stylus.

Therapy Field of Anti-Allergens

The patient is thus confronted with his therapy field “anti-allergens”. By way of different test procedures it can now be determined whether this therapy field is good for the patient. If available the therapist can check and evaluate by means of EAV the measuring points previously lying outside of the norm. Without an EAV portion on the device a testing for example by muscle testing or pulse testing is possible.

In the ideal case, the patient for testing is not exposed to the pathogenic fields of the test substances as is often the case for example with pure kinesiological tests. Then with very sensitive allergy sufferers even contact with the palm of the hand by a small glass ampule of the main allergens usually suffices to trigger violent reactions.

Measuring Values Independent of Skin Resistance

There are also devices in existence on the market which grasp and graphically show other measuring values than the skin resistance on acupuncture points, and which carry out also partially computer controlled automatic target value and actual value balancing by running through different programs and frequencies and suggest the optimal therapy program.

Figure 3: Birch pollens represent a highly potent
allergen; their inverse oscillation can neutralize the
harmful oscillation. (© Marcus Obal/Wiki Commons)

Computer Technology

Through development of better and better and more compact test sets, as a rule today no arduous testing out of hundreds of ampules is necessary anymore.

Collective and Leading Ampules

There are different and very good collective [summation] and leading [indicator] ampules, so that it can be clarified within a few minutes whether it concerns for example an allergy to an animal epithelial, a food, a fungus or pollen, or to a viral or bacterial burden of the patient. Afterwards the corresponding group can be tested out quickly in sub-groups.


On the basis of rapid developments in computer technology, an ever stronger trend is observed towards testing by means of special software of digitized and stored away substances on compact data bases. Here nearly no more limits are set on the therapist for the collective and test urges, completely in contrast to the manual testing of substances and ampules and their storage and handling in the practice. Thousands of chemicals, medications, isopathics, homeopathics, essences, etc. can be digitized and made available electronically for testing and therapy (Table 1).

Table 1 BioResonance Therapy with PC Software

Intolerances and Allergies

As early as 1983 the American lady doctor and acupuncturist Devi Nambudripad expressed that allergies and intolerances are often the hidden cause of many illnesses. These intolerances have an effect like a blockage of a single meridian on the energy field of the person and lead to energetic imbalances. Consequently these energy jams can cause different ailments and pathologies.

Unrecognized Allergies

Also the Austrian pediatrician Peter Schumacher described in 1996 the many varied symptoms and serious chronic disease pictures which originate on the basis of allergies.

Table 2 shows a summary of the illnesses and symptoms found in the literature which often have an unrecognized underlying allergy or intolerance. Even with serious and chronic illnesses you find mostly additional complications and impairments of the self regulation by burdens in the viral, metallic/chemical and/or parasite area.

Clarification of the Causes

Of course there are numerous other causes for chronic illnesses, e.g. psychosomatic backgrounds, genetic defects or mechanical causes. For example an esophagitis can originate because of refluxes. In this case a mechanical cause can be a hiatus hernia. But an allergy can also underlie it which affects the vegetative nervous system so that both the lower esophagus sphincter as well as the esophagus peristaltic are weakened in their normal function. Therefore a conscientious investigation and clarification of different causes is also always necessary for BioResonance therapists.

It follows from this understanding of illnesses and their multi-causal causes, that for BioResonance there is a wide operational area, especially since it can easily be combined with many other therapy procedures, be they of school medicine or natural healing orientation.

Allergy Therapy according to Rummel

Particularly in the area of school medicine practices with BioResonance the Allergy Therapy according to Gerhard Rummel (Medical Society for BioResonance) enjoys increasing popularity. This so called medical BioResonance is characterized by a standardized therapy procedure, which is easily integrated into the daily practice, requires only a few tests (as a rule, blood tests for determination of specific titer) and is easily delegated.


Institute for Regulative Medicine Technology

In 2006 the Institute for Regulative Medicine Technology in Gräfelfing allowed various studies on the effectiveness of BioResonance concerning its evidence degrees to be evaluated, and published these results [1]. For the execution of the evaluation of the existing studies Dr. Volker W. Rahlfs, C.Sat. (RSS), leader of the Institute for Data Analysis (Data Analysis & Study Planning) founded in 1966, was commissioned. All clinical studies were carried out without the knowledge of the experts. Also these studies were not commissioned which raises the conclusiveness of the indicated studies.

Especially interesting here is the study on patients with liver cell disturbances, which received the highest evidence degree of 1. Here you see very clearly that BioResonance Therapy has a measurable influence on the laboratory values of the blood for the liver enzyme, and in fact after only a few weeks. Thus there are studies which prove the effectiveness of BioResonance.

Medical Society for BioResonance

Also the Medical Society for BioResonance makes an effort to scientifically understand the numerous individual successes in the therapy with BioResonance, and to standardize the therapy itself and to make it comparable.

Studies in China

In the meantime studies with BioResonance also take place in China which will make an impression on account of the higher patient numbers observed and will surely deliver other interesting tips.

Manufacturing Firms

However the development of BioResonance is essentially pursued internally by the manufacturing firms of the various devices found on the market. There is only a little public research money for scientific investigations at the university level.

Example of a Treatment with the Patient’s Own
and with Foreign Information

The 32 year old female patient comes into the practice with the diagnosis “coccygeal fistula”. The operation is already planned for 4 days later, the preliminary discussion additionally for 2 days later. The appointment for BioResonance Therapy was already set irrespectively before because the patient suffers from allergies and psoriasis. Now in spite of great pain she appears for the arranged appointment.


The anamnesis proves: Tonsillectomy as a child, tympanotomy tube, many leg injuries as a youth through athletics, artificial cruciate ligament from own tendon, meniscus operation, on the right thigh a bone fracture is pinned. Implant in the jaw at 2.3. Many serious urinary tract infections. Hay fever in spring and summer. Allergic to a panthenol-containing ointment. Since age 13 she suffers from psoriasis on the ankle, on the elbow and partially on the neck. In the mouth aphthae often occur.


During testing numerous scar disturbance fields are found in addition to the following burdens:

  • Chemical burden from cortisone and narcotics
  • Metal burden from cadmium, aluminum and mercury
  • Viral burden from varicella-zoster-, herpes-, and papova- viruses
  • Fungal burden from Madurella and Trichophyton
  • Bacterial burden from Bordetella and Campylobacter
  • Allergic burden from milk and egg as well as many inhalation allergens (horse hair, early flowering plants, etc.).
Therapy Course

First Therapy November 2008

Within the framework of this first appointment, clearance of interference of 6 scar disturbance fields occurs. Further an acute program individual for the coccygeal therapy is tested and applied. Finally a therapy for improvement of the lymph flow occurs, in each case with electrodes on the patient, also a therapy with the patient’s own information.

Second Therapy December 2008

Only 14 days later, because the patient was pain free after the first day and the fistula started to heal independently, the operation appointment was dropped. Other scar disturbance and the first reduction therapy of the milk main allergens (only a milk ampule in the input, no patient information). Strengthening and stabilization of lymph, large intestine and liver with ampules.

Third Therapy January 2009

Treatment of the blockages from radiation, narcotics, cortisone.

Fourth Therapy January 2009 through Sixth Therapy March 2009

Treatment of the viral and bacterial burdens, which had partially reduced because the organism of the patient had already begun with the breakdown and detoxification owing to the reduced blockages and strengthening of the overall system itself.

Seventh and Eighth Therapy April 2009

Metal detoxification and additionally in parallel therapy of the fungal burden, reduction therapy of the milk main allergens and stabilization. Up to now for the first time in many years no hay fever symptoms have appeared although no inhalation allergens were treated. Also the skin is continuously better, even though some itching and dry little scales exist.

Ninth Therapy June 2009

Therapy for the burden from Thiomersal (preservative in early vaccines).

Tenth therapy June 2009

After a 3-day period of restriction from milk, therapy for the milk allergy occurs.

Eleventh Therapy August 2009

Up to now the patient has come through the summer hay fever free, the skin improves continuously, the psoriasis is now only seen at the right elbow. Since the treatment beginning no more aphthae appeared in the mouth. Post-testing shows one more burden with Madurella and mercury as well as a light intolerance to egg and horse hair. Now a therapy for fungal and metal burdens occurs.

December 2009

The patient appears because of a flu infection. The coccygeal fistula is completely healed and smooth. The skin looks good, and as a whole it is only a little bit dry. Neither allergies nor intolerances were noted. For the first time since her 13th year, the patient is completely pain free.

Supplement March 2010

In the meantime the patient is married and expects her first child.

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 2011

From a supplement to Erfahrungsheilkunde, 4/2010, Band 59
From the Haug Report | Technical Equipment Procedures
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2010, Dr. -Ing. Muna Bittner, HP/Haug, Würselen, Germany

About the author

NOTE: [Translator’s Comments or alternate translation words are enclosed in this style of bracket and are in italics. Such comments and alternates are provided as clarification of content for easier reading in English, or to show comparable and more accepted English terminology for these aspects. CLWS]


  1. Brügemann H. Gibt es evidenzbasierte Studien zur Wirksamkeit der Bioresonanztherapie? Vortrag gehalten während des Kongresses des Internationalen Medizinischen Arbeitskreises BICOM Resonanz-Therapie (IMA-BRT) vom 28.04.-30.04.2006
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