The Ghost in the Machine

For many years I have wondered about and questioned the basic tenets of energy medicine. What are we really doing? What are we using for treatment? Where do the effects occur? How do they occur? The explanations given at seminars and in conversation with other practitioners made some sense, but there always seemed to be gaps and, in many cases, confusion about what was occurring.

So, let’s start with the basics. The classic definition of energy is that it is the capacity of a physical system to perform work. Note that the term used here is “a physical system”. When we state that we are practicing Energy Medicine, a physicist will ask: What kind of energy are you dealing with? After all, there are many types of energy:

  • Heat
  • Kinetic or mechanical energy
  • Light
  • Electrical
  • And others!

According to the law of conservation of energy, the total energy of a system remains constant, though energy may transform into another form. Therefore, everything is energy. But the other side is equally true: everything is matter. After all, Einstein’s most famous equation, E=mc2, summarizes this very fact.

Furthermore, light exists as both matter and energy, and AT THE SAME TIME. If this is true, what is the nature of human anatomy and physiology? Popp and others have studied the nature of photons in living systems. Voll and his successors have studied the measurement of energy by measuring electrical conductance, which is based on the Oriental model of an energy system in the body.

But, classical physics deals with non-living systems. Most bio-physicists use classical physics as applied to living systems. Using these approaches, what are we measuring in a human being? Is it cellular energy? An energy field produced by the biological system? Part of the communication system of cells?

The basic questions that need to be answered are:

  • What kind of energy are we measuring?
  • What system does it belong to?
  • What kind of energy are we using for therapy?


 The reality is that humans exist as a dual being. We are both a Physical body and an Energy Body®. Each body has its own anatomy, physiology, and personality. They are separate and distinct entities, sharing the same life. We are energy and matter at the same time.

The natural home of the Energy Body is within the Physical body, and they coexist as a dual entity. We truly have a ghost in the machine, and both are me.

Some are surprised by this and unable to grasp the full implications of this situation, but the evidence is all around us. Most religions talk of the “spirit” or “soul”. Esoteric practices speak of the astral body, chakras, and meridians. Chinese and other Eastern medical practices use this knowledge on a regular basis. Voll used the meridian system as the basis of EAV. But the reality is that most practitioners consider the “energy system” to be part of the Physical Body, and not a separate entity.

This dual situation is well recognized in all cultures, although not typically understood. In the popular vernacular, statements like “I’m beside myself”, “I’m out of my head”, and “I’m of two minds” are common. This language is an accurate reflection of our true state.

Based on this fact, the nature of our inquiry changes a bit, but the first question within this context is: what is energy? And, for what body does it apply?

To the Energy Body®, energy and information are interchangeable. They are one and the same. All information is energy, and vice versa.

This leads to the next question: what is the nature of energy and the Energy Body? How does this relate to the Physical Body? The basic tenets are as follows:

  • It is one’s conscious awareness and intent that directs the flow of energy.
  • Health is defined as energy flowing freely and without blockages between the Energy Body® and the Physical Body.
  • Healing can only occur when damage that restricts the flow of energy is reversed, and the communication and interaction of the Energy Body® and Physical Body are restored.
  • The best therapy is that which facilitates the process of communication and interaction, based on each person’s individual needs.
  • The same considerations made when testing and treating the Physical Body must be made when testing and treating the Energy Body ®.


 How do we test the Energy Body®? All testing of an Energy Body® is done by the Energy Body® of the practitioner. Machines act as a bridge between the Energy Body® and the Physical Body, but the results are determined by the Energy Body®. The machines only make the information more available to the Physical body.

In addition, the condition of the practitioner’s Energy Body® will affect the results obtained, and thus determine the accuracy and effectiveness of the treatment.

Just as we would for the Physical Body, for each treatment of the Energy Body® we must consider the parameters of our therapy. These parameters include effects, side effects, dose, duration, and composition of our therapy. The same principles that apply to pharmacology and surgery for the Physical body apply to the treatments for the Energy Body®.

And just as for the Physical Body, we need to know the anatomy and physiology of the Energy Body®. After all, do you expect a surgeon to know the anatomy of the Physical Body prior to doing surgery? In like fashion, what are the different organs of the Energy Body®? Where are the organs located? What function do they serve? How do they relate to the rest of the organs of the Energy Body® and Physical Body? What are the symptoms of each organ when it becomes dysfunctional? If we can’t answer these questions, should we be doing surgery?

Consider the following:

  • Homeopathy can be surgery
  • Homeopathy can be a narcotic
  • Homeopathy can act as a relaxant

As an energetic therapy, these effects take place in the Energy Body®, AND the effects are analogous to the same effects on the Physical Body. That is, surgery on the Energy Body® has the same effects as surgery on the Physical Body. The only difference is that on the Energy Body®, surgery can result in the removal or implantation of information, rather than of physical tissue. This is typically a permanent loss, just the same as it would be when removing an appendix from the Physical Body.

Likewise, an energetic therapy can affect the function of the Energy Body® by slowing it down, speeding it up, or producing a loss of feeling.


 This brings up a basic question: If we are performing surgery on the Energy Body®, do we know what information we are removing, what purpose it serves for the person, and what the long-term effects of removal are? What effects does this surgery have for the future development of the individual? What is the nature of symptoms, and what do they represent? Were there lessons to be learned from this symptom, and that possibility is now lost forever, the lesson never to be learned?

We are now in some deep philosophical issues that have very real consequences. We might very well help a person with a current symptom, only to see that years later the person is now crippled in some way due to the therapy. By helping them now, we have removed the possibility for change at a later time by removing vital information.


 There are non-surgical approaches to health and healing. One such approach is the CHRIS- Technique®. It has been developed by Christine Schenk over the last 30+ years to help those with energetic damage, including those suffering from the side effects of various energetic therapies.

The CHRIS- Technique® is a complete method of diagnosis and intervention for the Energy Body®. It places a great emphasis on the anatomy and physiology of the Energy Body®, as well as the symptoms that can occur during any dysfunction of the Energy Body®.

There are also specific approaches to intervention that are supportive and regulatory, rather than surgical. As such, it is very safe with no side effects. In addition, methods to protect both the provider and the patient from energetic side effects or damage are taught.

Any energetic therapeutic approach can be classified as to the energetic effects it can produce. As noted, some energetic therapies produce surgical effects on the Energy Body®. Thus, they are capable of removing or implanting information. How can the effects of surgery manifest itself?

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. After receiving a Homeopathic medication, a woman states that “Something’s gone”. “I don’t care about my husband and kids like I used to.” These are clear statements that information has been surgically removed, and has affected her in a specific manner.
  2. Likewise, some therapies that have an energetic effect can produce a narcotic effect on the Energy Body®, in the same manner that a narcotic affects the Physical Body. After treating a patient with an energetic therapy, a practitioner becomes confused, sluggish, unable to make decisions in a reasonable time, and has blunted feelings. He is showing signs of being “drugged”, yet no physical agent has been ingested. It is the Energy Body® that has been affected and shows the symptoms.


 In contrast, the CHRIS-Technique® provides a specific approach using talking as the intervention. Speech is the modality through which a person’s consciousness is directed towards areas of energetic damage. Of course, this requires a knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of the reality of Energy Body® anatomy and function. Talk is guided based on this knowledge, the same way that medical therapy is based on knowledge of physical anatomy and physiology.

In this approach, the same questions can have different answers from the Energy Body® and Physical Body. For instance, a woman is in an unsatisfying relationship, and is asked “Who doesn’t love who?”

  • The Physical Body replies that she doesn’t love her husband: “I don’t love my husband.”
  • The Energy Body® replies that she doesn’t love her Physical Body: “I don’t love myself.”

Both of these statements are valid, and exist at the same time. But we are not dealing with just the one relationship of husband and wife. We are dealing with all of the relationships in this situation:

  • The husband’s Energy Body® relationship with his wife’s Energy Body®.
  • The husband’s Energy Body® relationship with his own Physical Body.
  • The husband’s Energy Body® relationship with his wife’s Physical Body
  • The husband’s Physical Body relationship with his wife’s Physical Body.
  • The husband’s Physical Body relationship with his wife’s Energy Body®.
  • And the same goes for his wife.

One can see that this can become a pretty tangled situation. But there is a solution. The emphasis is on each person’s own relationship: that between the persons own Energy Body® and Physical Body. This is the basis of all conflict.

The outside mirrors one’s internal health and well-being. If one’s Energy Body® and Physical Body are in conflict, this will express as “health problems” for the individual, and as conflicts with others. Each individual’s speech will tell what is happening, and what the status of this relationship is.

By approaching this relationship through conversation, a person is able to use the information and guidance to determine how they choose to respond, and how best to arrive at an optimal state of integration of both the Energy Body® and Physical Body needs.

It is not something that the therapist owns or is obligated to “fix”. After all, how does the therapist know what the patient’s best solutions are for their relationship? How does the therapist know what the patient’s Energy Body® tasks and lessons are in this world? Patients ask us to do many things, but is it always in their best interest to do what they ask for?


After working with many energetic therapies and obtaining a fuller understanding of their effects, my approach at the present time is this:

  • It’s best to start with the least invasive therapy possible
  • Those therapies that nourish, balance and regulate are the primary choices
  • Surgery is a last resort
  • And, the best energy medicine just might be talking.
    I encourage everyone to look into the work done by Christine Schenk. If at all possible, attend the seminars and learn the information she has developed about the Energy Body® and energy medicine. It has opened an entirely new way of thinking about medicine for me, and I believe it will have a similar effect for you. I suggest starting with one of her books, Me and Myself – Healing the Marriage Between Energy Body and Physical Body. It provides an excellent overview of this topic.

The material presented is derived from that taught in CHRIS-Technique®, as developed by Christine Schenk Contact Information:

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published February 2011

© Copyright 2010, Dr. Theodore Cole, OH USA

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