The Heart as a Victim of the Spleen
A Case Description

It is regarded as an honorable death if someone is torn out of the fullness of their creative activity by a heart attack. Thus the portion of heart-circulation illnesses is accordingly the highest among our mortality rates, even though so very much is done against it. Lowering the cholesterol and blood pressure is a part of standard therapy for more than 60 years, and is implemented like an internal reflex. Many risk factors are known – today as usual they belong to an incorrect lifestyle. And, nothing can be said against trying to promote people into exercising again, because running would be a prevention and a therapy for many of our civilization illnesses.

However, are such factors identical with causes, with pathogenetic sequences? A fundamental difference exists here between integral and conventional medicine. The latter works on the last link of the chain, disregards the previous links and often confuses cause and effect. Thus cholesterol together with calcium is only one ‘mortar’ by which vessel lesions should be filled and sealed, and which perhaps have another cause such as immunological. More and more, for example, autoaggression steps into the foreground of the discussion. Consequently it is inadequate to accept only one [treatment] course for arteriosclerosis. Table 1 hypothetically shows the two most important possibilities of origin.

Approximately 3,000 years ago the founders of TCM already found that the spleen is an extremely important organ and that the energy flow in the network of meridians occurs from the spleen meridian to the heart meridian. Therefore the spleen would be an offender and the heart a victim. Can we also ascertain this today? A case description is quoted here which indicates this as an example.

The Case Study

A retired 66 year old smoker, with known coronary sclerosis and frequently moving pain in the left thorax. The prognosis for him was the necessary insertion of a stent or a bypass soon.

Method 1: AMSAT-HC®

Segmentary diagnostics with the AMSAT registers the organic level. Figure 1 shows the function of eleven distinguishable systems within the basic measurement. The organs of the head and neck exhibit hyperactivity which means a state of stress. However, the stomach organs are in insufficiency (hypofunction), strongest the spleen.

Figure 1: Functional status of the systems

The method additionally examines the Sol-Gel status of the tissues, also called colloidal status. Figure 2 clearly shows that the stressed organs are thus condensed (pyknotic) in the gel state. Strongest in the sol state is the spleen, which is left locked in an over acidic and irritated state.

Figure 2: Tissue density and pH values in the systems

In the so called phantom pictures you see the strongest pathologically changed organs. Figure 3 shows the heart together with its radiation in the left arm. Therefore, in agreement with the hospital, this is the effected (target) organ.

If you compare the best and the worst measurements, the offender and the victim are shown together. Here in Figure 4 it is the spleen and the heart besides the additional result of the left testicle.

Figure 3: The strongest pathology in the area of the heart (Left)
Figure 4: Spleen and heart combined pathologically changed (Right)

The method introduced here also allows for a medication test (Figure 5). The reactions (upwards / red = negative, downwards / blue = positive) are represented as bars. At the beginning (on the left) you see strong changes by standing and sitting (Schellong Test). This shows the insufficiency of the circulatory performance with only a low burden. The strongest positively responding remedy results from +4.6% Purgatio Drops. The remedy serves to detoxify all the lymph system and thus the spleen.

Figure 5: Medication test with the AMSAT system.

Method 2: Prognos

The meridian diagnosis with Prognos registers the energetic information level by measuring the electrical conductivity of the TCM meridians which corresponds to the life energy of the Qi. In the basic measurement shown in Figure 6 our patient shows the distribution of the 24 meridians. There is a clear deficiency in spleen/pancreas on the left, heart on the left and circulation on the right. The additional result of the gall bladder refers to a fat metabolism disturbance. Again we see the linking of spleen and heart/circulation.

Figure 6: Conductance in the 24 half-meridians: spleen and heart are weak.

Because a single measurement only shows one snapshot, in Figure 7 eight measurements are projected one above the other. The results are identical. Moreover, the tendency towards blockages in the right meridians (except for the circulation) is noticeable. Blockages are a rigidity condition which can correspond to sclerosis.

Figure 7: The network of the meridians after eight measurements

Since the circulation meridian (also called the pericardium corresponding with blood pressure and blood flows) exhibits the strongest deficiency, the reactions to test remedies or medications are of interest (Figure 8). An extreme energy loss is noticeable with the remedy “Autoagression HCC”. This expresses a pathogenesis corresponding to the left column in Table 1 (elevated CRP), after which the patient is in a phase of ambition and high adrenalin.

Figure 8: Energetic changes of the circulatory meridian


The old Chinese perception of a pathogenetic linking with the spleen as the offender and the heart as the victim is confirmed by means of both of two independent methods. It is true that both methods are not “scientifically approved”. However, the epistemological principle is valid, that with agreement of several non-approved methods the likelihood of its correctness rises.

If we go back some millennia in the more western society, in ancient Egypt we find the use of ricinus as a standard therapy for the heart. Consequently [this is] an intestinal cleansing, obviously an elimination of Roemheld Syndrome [gastrocardiac syndrome] where as a result of flatulence the raised diaphragm presses on the heart. In every case it is also for the spleen, which suffers from toxins in the intestinal area (fungus, parasites), a cleansing cure. Additionally there are bitter substances.


From an integral medical view a causally acting heart therapy should begin with the spleen and the intestinal milieu.

This example shows that the healing systems from previous millennia should be considered for today’s symptom signature, and the “final link” concept, and for therapy. Indeed, the heart is very often the victim of the spleen, and detoxifying and bitter substances should be the therapy of choice.

Comments from your Director:

Manfred Doepp, MD is a specialist in nuclear medicine who has worked with alternative diagnostic and therapy methods for many years. I found the following very interesting article in one of my recent German journals. It ties so many things together in a nice neat bundle that I wanted all of you to see his approach. The only thing that bothers me is his use of the Prognos device which is not OIRF recommended instrumentation.

The Canadian Prognos distributor is connected to a doctor in the Netherlands who will teach seminars for him. There is also a nebulous link with Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp. However, for the purposes of this article and because the device has full ISO certifications in Europe, it can be assumed that it is manufactured to the standards of the industry and that it is capable of doing EAV measurements within the published parameters and guidelines. From our standpoint, EAV (or even VEGA-type) measurements can be accomplished with other instrumentation such as the RM-10/S or the diagnostic portions of the MORA devices. And these we know meet and exceed all standards.

Since the Prognos device is based on a Russian design and the TCM meridian concepts, it appears to offer a good possibility for meridian and EAV-style measurements. The remedy and diagnostic software (although very impressive looking) is questionable and at this time pricing factors are not available to us. Our past experiences and contact with this device have not led us to offer any recommendation for its use. CLWS

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From an article in CO’MED, Nr. 11 / 2008
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2008, Dr. Manfred Doepp, Prien, Germany

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