Selye’s triad of intoxication explains why medical doctors, why all of us make mistakes. Why? Because we are looking in the wrong places for the CAUSE of the disease. Most allopathic treatments and many complementary treatments focus on the end result of illnesses. This is easy. It doesn’t need much brain power. It’s easy to explain to patients. Not complicated. Good for business. However, it doesn’t get our patients cured.

I define HEALTH as being ORGANISED CHAOS. Healthy systems LOOK totally organized. BUT you cannot predict the outcome. Having an infinite number of responses to any situation is very useful for survival. The problem is that everyone in our world wants us to be predictable – a condition I call “disease”. This means, that THEY want us to react in exactly the same way, in every situation we face. Apart from the fact, that no situation is ever exactly the same as any other. Or they call us “liars”, inconsistent, etc.

I define “DISEASE” in exactly the same way I define “DEATH”:


You can predict the outcome of any disease / illness. You may not be able to predict the timing. But if you wait long enough, it’s bound to happen.

That’s why cancer specialists love to criticize people like me. They KNOW the exact outcome of the cancer process. So if they wait long enough, the inevitable progression of the illness will fulfill their expectations. They can now, with absolute certainty, denounce everything that I (Dr. Zenon Gruba) do. Totally ignoring that the fact that their treatments are less effective than the placebo rate, they go out their way to denounce and, with authority, bad mouth anyone who might try to do something different.

Seleye’s Triad of Intoxication:

Ever noticed that people who do all the wrong things, eat the wrong foods, booze, don’t ever seem to get sick? Not fair? Yeah. Here’s why. Hans Selye was a Canadian endocrinologist of Austro-Hungarian origin, who formulated his 3 laws of intoxication in the mid-1900’s.

LAW #1:  ALL POISONS (without exception) MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.

This is useful, but highly deceptive. You need all the energy to get your butt up and out of there. FAST !!!!

But what do you do? You sit there and indulge in more of the poison, because it makes you feel so gooooood.

The MAJOR PROBLEM is that the things that make you really healthy, usually don’t register on your consciousness. Being healthy is a state of being. So the things that make you sick, initially make you feel GREAT. The things that make you feel healthy, simply let you get on with the business of living. I’ve said it before, but God really gives the devil every chance.

So that first cup of coffee, cigarette, glass of alcohol, Darth Vader, ecstasy, dope, speed, junk food, McDonald’s, pinching things from the supermarket, cheating, speeding, doing the yellow traffic light, hang gliding, etc., all give that nice “lift” that you may be looking for.

This is why patients don’t learn from doing the wrong thing.

This is also why I am very wary of the latest brand new super-duper natural supplement. The very problem with being healthy is that you feel absolutely nothing at all. Nothing. You just get on with living. Your body does its good works in the background. But poisons rev your body up. They often make you feel like you are superman. How many of these new fangled products (and they are often inverted pyramid selling vehicles) that have come out, silently disappear, leaving the purveyors wealthier and the patient no better?


As you start using the “nice safe poison” to keep giving you the “lift”, you start needing more and more of it. You start using it earlier and earlier, more and more often. You start using more and more of it. It now starts giving you less and less of a lift.

But it worked before. Didn’t it? Remember???

Increasingly, the dark side of the “lift” starts exerting itself. That “lift” becomes ever more jarring, non-satisfying, irritating. The down-side, the withdrawal effects become ever more painful, intolerable and uncontrollable. The trouble here is that this can take years to show up, e.g. tobacco smoking, alcohol intake, etc.

ADDICTION sets in all without you knowing anything about it at all. Of course, that substance was safe, wasn’t it? After all, the advertisements (they do have your best interest at heart, don’t they), the Heart Foundation, the Cancer Council, etc. (they don’t call themselves the ANTI-Cancer Council anymore) say it’s safe.

What did your good friend – the drug pusher, the natural medicine purveyor tell you? “It’s natural, so it’s safe”; “It’s natural, so it really has to be sooooo good for you“; “After all, I take it every day and it hasn’t harmed me”; ”It’s okay. It’s safe. Don’t be a sissy.” But, it’s so hard not to be part of a crowd.

One year, I gave up alcohol for Lent. I’m a good Catholic boy, you know. Do you have any idea what happened? All my friends got terribly worried that something was wrong. Then they side-lined me until I put that glass of ale back into my hand.

Here’s the hard part:

Because this phase has been around so long,

Because the body has adjusted so well to the poison,

Because all your blood tests, X-rays and your doctor are unable to find
anything wrong with you,

Because this is all pre-clinical,

You, the “victim”, think that everything is okay, normal, “well”, “healthy”, NAD (no abnormality detected). Is that the same as “everything is well and healthy”? I don’t think so.

But please remember – Nature is a “mother”. She has a very long memory. Don’t expect to break her rules and then get away with it forever. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what the rules are. Just break them and you will suffer. For example, try not believing in gravity.


This last phase occurs when your body is no longer able to repair itself. You get sick. You get a named illness, e.g. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, what have you. Often the illness is completely unrelated to the poison. The illness is more often due to the body’s attempts at healing itself. So treating the symptoms of the illness is really trying to stop the body repairing itself. Not such a very good idea.

Patient: “But, doctor, I have never really been sick. I got this yesterday, last week, or last month. Please don’t tell me that everything I did in my previous life could have lead up to this illness. After all, it never hurt me before.”
Doctor/Practitioner: “Of course, this only happened to you yesterday, or last month. How could all those poisonous things you did, harm you. They never hurt you before, How could they? They made you feel good”.
Patient: “Well, doctor, what is the cause of my illness?”
Doctor: “I don’t know. Nobody knows”.
That usually means that no-body is allowed to even try to find out the reason for your illness.

Well, think again.
If the medical profession is right, how come their cure rate is, in many situations, much less than the placebo rate?
How come the drugs, surgery, investigations and X-rays the medical professions use, have so many unfortunate consequences?

This is where so many of the diseases of the 21st century reside.

Law #1: All poisons will initially make you feel good.
Law #2: Tolerance. Addiction
Law #3: Break down, De-compensation, Named obvious clinical disease

This is why I do things the way I do. This is why I use the principles of Physiology as a basis for my medical discipline – to understand how you became sick and how to start getting you better.

But please remember – I still haven’t got it all together yet – but I’m still working hard at it.

An Exclusive Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2008

© Copyright 2008, Dr. Zenon Gruba, Australia

About the author

Dr. Sir Zenon Wl Gruba, MBBS, Victoria, Australia

Graduate Melbourne University 1970, in general, obstetrics, gynecology and family practice through 1984. In private practice 1984 to retirement. I practice wholistic medicine with an emphasis on physiology. I take careful medical anamnesis. I do a careful and exacting physical examination. I design treatments around the patho-physiology of each patient.

I have had formal investigations into my practice carried out by the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria. They found 97% of my patients were their failures, but this time 92% of my patients went into permanent remission. 45% of my cancer patients were still alive 15 years after the completion of their treatment. The Medical Board has never ever found any fault with my medicine. What they find fault with is my intolerance to people who do not do what I ask of them and who then criticize me for their lack of progress in returning to health.

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