On the Death of Dr. med. Dieter Aschoff

Dieter Aschoff, MD was born on 20.10.1918 and passed away on 24.1.2008 after a short illness. His life stood in the service of natural healing therapies. He was a founding member of the Gesellschaft für Erfahrungsheilkunde. Together with Dr. Reinhold Voll in the practice of Dr. Korthals in Wuppertal in the 1950’s he discovered the electro-acupuncture test which Voll later further developed.
Dr. Aschoff was one of the first doctors who learned acupuncture with Dr. Bachmann in Munich. However his main attention lay in the knowledge of geological factors, like for example how water management has health effects.
Dr. Aschoff has been a powerful and strong voice for natural healing methods both in orthodox medicine and in the alternative arena. His work with cancer and subterranean watercourses, nutrition and atherosclerosis has helped many patients and revolutionized the field of medicine.
These comments are taken from an obituary and tribute written by his son, Dr. Jürgen Aschoff, Specialist in General Medicine, and Natural Treatments, Wuppertal, Germany. We send our sympathies to the family for their loss.

In Memory of Dr. George Goodheart

George Joseph Goodheart, DC 1919-2008, founder of Applied Kinesiology died in his home in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, March 6, 2008. A mass was held at the Catholic Church that he attended in his community, and he was given Military Honors for his service in WWII. As Wally Schmitt said in his eulogy, “Dr. Goodheart was a regular person, a great man, a spiritual man and a genius.” He was a physician’s physician who delighted in the challenge of helping people, and often said he was amazed that people paid him for doing what he loved to do. The legacy of his clinical and intuitive genius continues worldwide through the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK), as well as in the fields of TFH, Energy Kinesiology, Energy Psychology and many others. Go with God, Doc.

Happy Birthday Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

Here we have a happy occasion. We send our congratulations to Dr. Popp who celebrated his 70th birthday on May 11 of this year. All of you are familiar with Dr. Popp and his phenomenal work with biophoton theory, and I shouldn’t have to go into detail here. Like Dr. Aschoff, Dr. Popp has dedicated his life to studying and learning about natural methods of healing. Both of these great men have suffered and been persecuted for their scientific and empirical beliefs and all of us owe them a great debt for their perseverance and genius. Dr. Popp has spoken to our Tour Groups on several occasions (as recently as Tour #33), and we take this opportunity to wish him “Happy Birthday – and many more!”

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 2008

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