An Overview for Patients & Doctors

By Dr. Med. Univ. Ivan Engler

In the article “Oxygen Therapies? Yes! But with which Oxygen?” more than five different oxygen forms were reported (OM & Ernährung 2006/Nr. 117, The Bridge, Volume 4, Issue #2). We speak about oxygen, but there are five oxygen forms.

Table 1: Five Oxygen forms
(regarding IO2Th/Engler see Table 4)

Molecular, medical oxygen = O2
Ozone = O3
Positively ionized oxygen = O2+
Negatively ionized oxygen = O2-
Singlet oxygen = 1O2

These five oxygen forms are energetically produced differently, and therefore are also different in their biological effect. With normal ecological proportions in nature, also in the healthy body, they all seem to be working in well balanced, probiotic (= biologically favorable) quantities.

Intensive care medicine exclusively uses only medical oxygen (O2) by inhalation or artificial respiration as an important adjuvant therapy for acute anoxia (= absence of oxygen) or hypoxia (= too little oxygen), for traumatic or toxic shock, or unconsciousness or coma, and furthermore for acute or chronic heart- lung- insufficiency. Oxygen is vital for the energy supply in the power stations of the cells, the so called mitochondria, and thus for all organ functions (e.g. of the immune system, the heart, the brain, etc.).

IO2Th/Engler (see Table 4) which uses all 5 oxygen forms was scientifically proven more effective biologically and therapeutically than only medical oxygen (O2) alone, or than the application of the Oxygen Multi-step Therapy according to von Ardenne where additionally besides the inhalation of medical oxygen (O2) circulation and lung stimulation through movement and medications are used (Ref. 1, Chapter 5.1.3, respectively Ref. 4).

Ionization means the molecules of the oxygen (O2) energetically enrich an electron (O2- = electrically negatively charged ionized oxygen) or energetically extracts from an electron (O2+ = electrically positively charged ionized oxygen). Only electrically charged oxygen ions (O2+ and O2-) further build up for example radioactively damaged cell membrane potential, or selectively destroy cancer cells in vitro. These effects do not show up with non-ionized medical oxygen (O2) (Ref. 1, Chapter 10.1 or 12.2).

In the future intensive care medicine will probably also make use of the partial ionized oxygen forms (IO2Th/Engler) because it gives rise, for example, to fewer spasms of the cerebral vessels, or it results in a better displacement of toxins from the deadly carbon monoxide (CO) to the carbon monoxide hemoglobin connection (COHb) in smokers or in poisoning from CO – as it was proven experimentally (Ref. 4).

One notices oxygen if it is missing! Through different stressors and particularly with advancing old age (through lung-heart-circulation changes) the oxygen supply of the cells and organs sinks (Figure 2). From this fateful O2 and energy deficiency different vegetative disturbances, complaints, drops in performance and later chronically progressive diseases can result. Too little oxygen in the body leads namely to excessive formation of oxygen radicals, which materials in the tissues can have an aggressive effect forming disease (Table 3).


O2 deficiency
Akinesia (lack of motion)
Protein storage
Immune suppressing therapies
Physical and mental over fatigue
Electrical field disorders

Figure 2: Dependence of the oxygen supply of the
human body with regard to age and various stressors.

Although through expensive medical-hygienic measures people live longer than ever before – however his real quality of life strongly suffers. As an adjuvant, additionally with other therapeutic measures, the active physical method of IO2Th/Engler has an effect here through measurable re-oxygenation – increase of oxygenation to the cells and through a temporal individual delayed effect concerning symptoms and the general condition, which then however over a longer time stop. That is why the ionized oxygen forms are also called “air vitamins” (see Table 2).

Table 2: The Five “R” Mechanisms of the IO2Th/Engler

The IO2Th/Engler works holistically, supports a healthy lifestyle and all [other] therapy methods, or reduces their undesirable side effects by the five “R” mechanisms:

  • Re-oxygenation, by increasing the oxygen supply in the cells, (Figure 4)
  • Reduction of illness forming radicals
    (Table 3)
  • Regulation of the vegetative, regulatory situation (Table 5)
  • Re-hydration by drinking the so called oxygenated-ionized water (Ref. 2)
  • Revitalization of the organism, the improvement of the biological age (Ref. 3)

Two thirds of the population suffers from chronic hidden oxygen deficiency, the so called hypoxia (L. Fodor in Ref. 1, Page 54). These people often have an outdated appearance, suffer from fatigue, insomnia, achievement and concentration deterioration, forgetfulness, vertigo, tinnitus, headaches, heart complaints and particularly lean towards or are already affected by diseases caused by radicals (see Table 3).

Table 3: Diseases which are caused/accompanied by radicals:

Excessive bleeding
M. Alzheimer

Bacterial infection

Stomach ulcers
Parasite infection
Smokers consequences
Virus infection
Multiple Sclerosis
Apolpexy, etc.

Can you influence this chronic oxygen deficiency in a simple way?

We have proven with 980 seniors that with the application of IO2Th/Engler the measurable oxygen supply value, several important laboratory parameters, the psychological and motor achievement, as well as appearance and quality of life were improved by about 5-10 years, and thus so to speak had been “rejuvenated” (Ref. 1, Chapter 11.5, 24.5, the so called Anti-Aging & Geriatric Program).

In air burdened by pollution the oxygen forms are changed unnaturally in regards to their quantity (e.g. too much ozone and unfortunately too little ionized oxygen forms) which has an abiotic (= biologically unfavorable) effect (e.g. chronic inflammations of the respiratory system, bronchial asthma, conjunctivitis, numerous vegetative-regulatory disorders, etc.).

Figure 3: The dirty air with imbalance of probiotic oxygen forms.

Disbalance of Probiotic Oxygen Forms

  • Today the well balanced probiotic oxygen forms are missing.
  • The “air” has become a rather toxic radical broth of NOx, SOx, COx, CO2, O3, waste gases, dust, carcinogens and allergens.
  • Complaints and diseases spread.

More than approximately half the population suffers from oxygen ion deficiency (particularly O2-), which we can observe by the “stale” air in a closed space. This causes some troublesome vegetative complaints like nausea, sweating, tinnitus, emotional disturbances, fatigue, headaches, performance decrease, increased/reduced pulse rate and/or blood pressure, depression or aggression, digestive or respiratory disorders, etc. although all medical examinations including laboratory values for those are not very noticeable! (Ref. 1, Chapter 5.2.6)

IO2Th/Engler with probiotic, naturally balanced oxygen forms helps in a natural way against all consequences of an oxygen ion deficiency and also with air pollution of the respiratory system. According to the reports on some thousand patients with bronchial asthma including child asthmatics, negatively ionized oxygen (IO2-) works excellently with it (Ref. 1, Page 78).

Radicals (R•) from the electron situation are dependent aggressive molecules which are mostly derived from Oxygen (O2, e.g. O2+ or O2-) which carry out important functions in the body (e.g. for energy production, in chemical reactions, for defense, for removal of dead cells, etc.). The radicals are held in balance in the body by the so called “Radical Scavengers” (e.g. relevant enzymes, Vitamins C, A and E, water, ionized oxygen itself, etc.).

With stress, with the oxygen (O2) deficiency, and with the weakness of the scavengers comes a strong formation, an avalanche, of radicals. This leads to different complaints (see symptoms of chronic hypoxia), and later to different diseases from the radicals (Table 3).

Why does the IO2Th/Engler use the oxygen ions (O2- and O2+) for the radicals (which can however also neutralize radicals) if people today are threatened anyway by general environmental burdening and many-sided stress?

In the IO2Th concentrations of approximately 100,000 oxygen ions per cubic centimeter are used, which lie in the pico- or femto- range. According to the reversal effect of Schultze, respectively according to the experimentally proven Hormesis Theory of B. Cohen (Ref. 1, Page 108-110), toxic medicines (e.g. radon or oxygen radicals) applied in minimal concentrations have an effect as an antidote. This reminds us of a vaccination.

The IO2Th/Engler with O2+ as a “radical scavenger” has an effect (e.g. with the significant two year clinical application against Multiple Sclerosis, or with older patients with severe circulatory disturbances of the brain) where the aggressive radical is regarded as a cause (Ref. 1, Chapter 1 or Chapter 24.4, respectively see Adjuvant Anti-Radical program).

Adjuvant IO2Th/Engler helps with Re-oxygenation, Radical Reduction, Re-hydration, Regulation and Revitalization

Figure 4: Indications for medical oxygen (apart from the emergency
medicine indications, see the introductory paragraph)

(According to L. Fodor)

Preventive applications:

  • General condition weakness
  • General defense weakness
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Sleep disorders
  • General stress syndrome
  • Orthostatic circulation disturbances
  • General roborant measures

Curative applications:

  • Chronic-obstructive ventilation disturbances
  • Restrictive ventilation disturbances
  • Cor pulmonale
  • Cardiac failure
  • Coronary insufficiency
  • Cerebrovascular insufficiency
  • Peripheral circulatory disturbances
  • Tinnitus
  • Pre-operative preparation
  • Post-operative aftercare
  • Additional therapeutic for malignant tumors

Ionized oxygen in the context of IO2Th/Engler is energetically and biologically more effective than only medical oxygen alone: it has an effect for example vegatatively/regulatory or as a radical scavenger which substantially supplements the indications shown for medical oxygen (O2) in Figure 4 (additionally see Table 2 and Table 3).Why is this so?

In nature or in a healthy body roughly <5% of the oxygen (O2) is energized, ionized (e.g. through lightning, ocean surf, leaves or needles of trees or through the enzymes of the respiration chain, etc.). Ionized oxygen (O2+, O2-) is electrically positively or negatively charged, emits the biologically informative active photons, and thus in the context of the IO2Th/Engler influences, e.g. the cell membrane charge after radioactive damage or selective destruction of cancer cells in vitro probiotically (Ref. 1, Chapter 10.1 as well as Chapter 12.2).

The medical oxygen (O2) is electrically neutral, emits no photons and does not possess the above named biological advantages, like the partially ionized oxygen in the IO2Th/Engler. In our experiments medical oxygen (O2) influenced the damaged cell membranes in no cases, and behaved passively toward the cancer cells (Ref. 4).

Within the context of ionized oxygen therapy (IO2Th/Engler) the biologically slow acting medical oxygen (O2 from the steel bottle or from an air concentrator) similarly as in nature by lightning becomes energized and ionized in a technically developed high voltage plasma field in the ionization equipment, the Oxygen Ion 3000 / by Dr. Engler,.

Figure 5: Ionizer of medical oxygen within the context of the IO2Th/Engler,
called the “Oxygen Ion 3000 / by Dr. Engler” (device shown below)

The patient inhales all five oxygen forms in a biologically natural well balanced amount, or is treated with it holistically (see Table 6):

Table 4: Probiotic oxygen mixtures through the IO2Th/Engler:

  1. Medical O2 as the carrier mass at 6 liters flow/minute
  2. Traces of O3 like in pure natural air
  3. Traces of 1O2 like in pure natural air
  4. Oxygen ions, so called “Air Vitamins” O2+ 100,000/cc O2
  5. Oxygen ions, so called “Air Vitamins” O2 100,000/cc O2
    (4. or 5. are selected according to the vegetative regulatory situation)

The oxygen forms mentioned in Table 4 are generated together in a natural probiotic active oxygen mixture by the plasma ionizer “Oxygen Ion 3000 / by Dr. Engler”. No other oxygen therapies can offer that except the IO2Th/Engler!

Table 5: Vegetative effect of the ionized oxygen

O2+ has an effect on the sympathicotonic (Yang energetically building-up effect, e.g. effective with hypotension, immune deficiency or support for cancer)

O2– has an effect on vagotonic (Yin energetically calming effect, e.g. effective with hypertension, bronchial asthma, etc.).

Our regulatory, vegetative nervous system (VNS) which steers all processes independent of the will (e.g. heart activity, blood pressure, digestion, defense, sweating, etc.) is harmonized by the oxygen ions. So, the IO2Th/Engler substantially supports all therapeutic methods, also nutrition, lifestyle or geriatric optimization. No other oxygen therapies carry out this important vegetative effect, because they do not use the ionized oxygen forms.

The choice of vitamins similar to oxygen ions (O2+ or O2-) is determined according to the clinical picture of the vegetative regulatory situation (VRL) of the vegetative nervous system or simply and objectively by the diagnostic equipment “VNS Diagnosis 3000 / by Dr. Engler” (V = Vagotonic, N = Normotonic and S = Sympathicotonic). In Fig. 5 the upper device with the gold electrodes measures the electrical skin resistance (in kΩ) and the electrical skin conductivity (in µ Farad) on the palms, which determines one of the 9 possible VRL test possibilities.

We will report about the determination of the vegetative regulation situation important for health, lifestyle, disease prognosis, control of therapy or choice of oxygen ions (O2+ or O2-) in another issue.

Table 6: Application methods of the IO2Th/Engler

  1. Inhalation at 6 liters O2 flow, 12-20 minutes duration, 6-12 treatments = 1 cure
  2. Aerosol inhalation (with special addition of aerosols)
  3. Inhalation with bicycle ergometry
  4. Vaginal insufflation (with a very careful technique!!)
  5. Rectal insufflation (also with a very careful technique!!)
  6. Drinking of ¼ liter, ½ minute ionized oxygen water (IO2H2O)
  7. Ionized oxygen i.m. application
  8. m. IO2 autohemotherapy
  9. c. injections of the IO2 in trigger or acupuncture points
  10. IO2 autonosode
  11. IO2 skin irrigation with a bag
  12. IO2 Olive oil or an IO2 ointment
  13. “Mouth slurping” [swish and spit] with IO2 olive oil as a detoxification
  14. IO2 apple vinegar application (drinking or in a compress)

Worldwide during the last 30 years clinicians, doctors, naturopaths, but especially patients and health conscious people, as well as seniors are asking always more and more about energized, ionized oxygen, and thus about IO2Th/Engler. We are also organizing relevant courses.

Please follow this link to see Dr. Engler’s previous article on Oxygen Therapies.

A Confidential Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published June 2008

From an article in OM & Ernährung, 2007/Nr. 118
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2007, Prof. Dr. Ivan Engler, Salzburg, Austria

About the author

Former Ordinarius for Traumatology at the Pediatric University Clinic of the Medical School in Bratislava.

He has worked in leading surgical positions in his country and abroad, among other things as Captain Chief Surgeon at the UN Field Hospital in Cyprus. He was awarded the UN Peace Medal and the Collective Nobel Prize for Peace of the UN Troops in the Middle East.

In 1980, Dr. Engler established the Ionized Oxygen Therapy (IO2Th / Engler), which has become known and accepted throughout the world.

In his former consulting office, tens of thousands of patients, among them some famous personalities, were treated successfully with this method.

Dr. Ivan Engler has published 10 monographs, 70 scientific publications and holds international lectures and courses.

He takes part in lectures and research projects at several national and foreign universities.


  1. Engler, I.: Handbuch Ionisierter Sauerstoff Therapie im Spiegel der Ganzheitsmedizin. Prävention und adjuvante Behandlung der chronischen zivilisatorischen Krankheiten, besonders von Alterskrankheiten und Krebs. Spurbuchverlag. Baunach, 2004, 250 S.
  2. Engler, I.: Strategie für ein gesundes, langes Leben. Spurbuchverlag, Baunach, 1999, 168 S.
  3. Engler, I.: Wasser und Sauerstoff Energetisierung. Ihre Bedeutung für biologische Systeme. Spurbuch Verlag, Baunach, 1999, 400 S.
  4. Engler, I.: Wissenschaftliche Begründung der Ionisierter Sauerstoff Therapie. Dissertation für PhD. Medizinische Fakultät der Universität Kosice, Slowakei, 2006

Books Available in English:

  1. Handbook of Ionized Oxygen Therapy in Light of Holistic Medicine, by Ivan Engler, Austria.
    This important book has been translated into English and privately published. Some of the topics covered in this book include Biotonometry of Reaction, Reoxygenation, Reduction of Radicals, Rehydration, Regulation, Revitalization, and Optimizing all Methods of Treatment. Dr. Engler starts with discussions on Electrons and Photons, Radicals and Scavengers and goes on to detailed explanations of Oxygen as Therapy, Aging and Anti-aging, Holistic Reflections about Cancer, Anti-Cancer Strategy, Water Oscillations and Structures, the Extracellular Regulative Basic System (Pischinger-Heine), Stress, and Adjuvant Holistic Programs. In his forward to this book, Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp says: “This work belongs in the hands of every young medical student, therapist or scientist who wants to acquaint himself with the modern situation of research and development or who even wants to contribute to further development. It is a “bible” of modern holistic medicine. 199-page trade paperback.
    Supplied with the previous book:
    > Ionised Oxygen Therapy, IO2Th/Engler, Its Scientific Fundamentals, Dissertation submitted for the PhD Degree at the Medical Faculty of the P.J. Š. University in Košice, Slovakia. 23 page booklet with illustrations
    > The Importance of Water as an Information Carrier and as the Biological Partner of Oxygen within the Organism by Ivan Engler and Wolfgang Hainschwang. 29 page report with illustrations and diagrams.
    Books sometimes available through Amazon.

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