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By Russel L. Blaylock, MD

Courts in Maryland and the government in New Jersey recently mandated the forced vaccination of their citizens – with threats of imprisonment for those who refuse. I predict that this dictatorial policy will result in thousands of ruined lives.
The controversy over vaccine safety ignores one of the strongest associations to disease and poor health: chronic overactivation of immunity, especially the brain’s special immune system.
Vaccination is dramatically different from getting an infection naturally.
With a natural infection, the body’s immune system is alerted and goes into high gear. It also notifies the brain’s immune system that an attack has occurred, causing it to activate. When the infection stops, the immune activation abruptly stops.
A great number of well-conducted studies have shown that your immune system reacts very differently when you are vaccinated, however.
Vaccines have two main components. One is the germs you are being immunized against (measles virus, bacteria, etc.). The second is a group of compounds called immune adjuvants that boost the immune system into overdrive.
Immune adjuvants include aluminum compounds, mercury, special lipids, and even monosodium glutamate (MSG).
The problem lies in the fact that these substance cause the body’s immune system to remain in overdrive for very long periods of time.
This, in turn, causes the brain’s immune system to also remain in overdrive. In Fact, some studies have shown that a single injection of an immune adjuvant can activate your brain’s defensive cells for more than a year.
One noted immunologist, Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, along with his co-workers, found that people at least 55 years of age who received the flu vaccine each year for five years in succession increased their risk of Alzheimer’s disease by an astounding 1,000 percent.
While most people are concerned about mercury in flu vaccines, the main danger is excessive immune stimulation, primarily by repetitive and prolonged immune activation.
As for children, keep in mind that a small child often receives up to nine injections at once, which is exactly the same as receiving the same number of doses of powerful immune adjuvants at one sitting.
You should confront your doctor with this question: What are the neurological effects of giving multiple vaccines at one time? Then ask him or her about the things you have learned in this article.
You probably will find that your doctor has no answer.

CLW Comment: Is someone really – finally – listening?

An Opinion Paper Taken from NewsMax Magazine
Re-Published In THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF

© Copyright May 2008, Dr. Russell Blaylock, and
NewsMax Magazine

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