Oxygen Therapies? Yes!

But with which oxygen?

Physical and biological characteristics of the oxygen forms and their therapeutic applications

The atmospheric air in which scavengers of aerobic organisms – thus also of humans – has adapted in the course of millions of years, and up to 50 years ago was still a pure gas mixture made above all from nitrogen and the five forms of oxygen (O2, O2•-, O2•+, 1O2, O3), the so called 21% NITROX. The air of today is burdened in many ways  (SOx, NOx, >COx, >O3, pollen, PM10, soot . . .). Besides the O2•-, O2•+, it lacks the so called regulating air vitamins.

Molecular (medical) oxygen

O2 is a biological electron carrier, a basic material for four energizing O2 forms (O2•-, O2•+, 1O2, O3). Already in the energetically lowest basic state of electrons oxygen is a bi-radical (R•). O2 possesses a parallel spin of the electrons. O2 has a triplet spin configuration (↑↑, ↑↑ + ↓↓, ↓↓ ) and a paramagnetic behavior. O2 is 200 times more magnetic than H2O. Because of the balance of 2 x 8 electrons and also the protons, O2 is electrically neutral. However, H2O is 100 times more electrically bipolar.

The Activation of Oxygen O2 can occur differently

  1. Biologically, according to evolution, for fixed energization of oxygen a minimum ionization energy of 13.6 eV is necessary (ditto with the water molecule, H). The ionization in the air results from UV-, cosmic- or radioactive radiation, by lightning discharge, sea surf, waterfall.
  2. The four reactive oxygen forms (ROF = O2•-, O2•+, 1O2, O3) originate from O2 in the cells of the body through the mitochondrials, or the extra-mitochondrial enzymes, if these are not disturbed by the so called PED [pathologic energetic deficit] (see Table 1)! During work or sports the O2 ionization, thus the ROF, is increased in the body through better blood circulation and the supply of bigger oxygen amounts.
  3. In an artificial way O2 ionization is carried out with the help of ionization devices (radioactive, UV-radiation, high voltage discharge, etc.). The IO2Th uses a “plasma” oxygen ionizer, the “Oxygen Ion 3000”. It donates all 4 ROF in a well balanced relationship and a probiotic dose with an O2 flow of 4-8 liters per minute.
    It is worth considering that since all molecules of the cell reactions are found in a singlet state (spin ↑ or ↓), the medical oxygen O2 (in triplet condition and with spin prohibition) cannot rule over these molecules until it is energized or activated. Further reactions run off spontaneously and under free development of energy and photons only after cancellation of the spin prohibition brakes of the oxygen electrons. (M. Saran in E. F. Elstner, et. al., 1986)

In spite of the above mentioned facts, still today the medically, physically and biologically “inert” oxygen O2 is predominantly used therapeutically.

  1. Short-term or Long-term O2 Therapy (Intensive medicine, pneumo-cardiology)
  2. Hyperbaric O2 Therapy ( Boerema)
  3. Intravenous O2 Insufflation (H. S. Regelsberger)
  4. Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy (SMT/M. von Ardenne = O2 Inhalation, Motion, Pre-medication)
  5. Peroral O2 Therapy with oxygenated water (A. Pakdaman)
  6. Ionized Oxygen Therapy (IO2Th/Engler) uses O2 with a flow of 4-8 liters/min. as a carrier for four more highly activated oxygen forms.

The Four Reactive Oxygen Forms (ROF)

1. Negatively ionized oxygen O2 (so called oxygen anion, superoxide)
It possesses one more electron and electrically is negatively charged. It has the wrong (antiparallel) spin. It is a strong radical (R•):
E ⇒ 2O2 ⇔ O2•- ⇔ O2•+

2. Positively ionized oxygen O2+ (so called oxygen cation)
It possesses one electron less (because it hands this over to the O2•-), and is therefore electrically positively charged. It has an antiparallel spin, is paramagnetic and a radical (R•). Ionized oxygen (predominantly O2•- or O2•+) is successfully used therapeutically with different complaints and diseases:

  1. Therapy with ionized air (ionizer with the corona discharge principle)
  2. Ionized oxygen therapy (IO2Th/Engler) with one ionizer, the “Oxygen Ion 3000”, which works according to the pressurized plasma principle.
  3. In Balneology, with radon ionized air in a tunnel – used especially with asthma, rheumatism and pain conditions.

3. Singlet oxygen 1O2
Originates in traces with the ionization, and its two forms have a very short life span. It possesses an antiparallel spin, has no radical, is electrically neutral and is dia-magnetic (i.e. non-magnetic). The therapies involved with 1O2 are the following:

  1. Hematogenic Oxidative Therapy, i.m. application, so called HOT (F. Wehrli)
  2. Intravenous 1O2 Therapy
  3. Photo-biological Therapy (FB Th) of malignant tumors (see Reference 1, Chapter 10.2.)
  4. Laser Therapy (Photons as a biological stressor produce oxygen radicals)
  5. Acupuncture (The needle stick leads to cell necrosis, to phagocytosis and to the formation of 1O2).

4. Ozone O3, O=O=O
It is electrically neutral and dia-magnetic. It is a strong oxidant. Application: Sterilization and disinfection, particularly water. As therapy O3 is used:

  1. Normo- or Hyperbaric Oxygen – Ozone Therapy (A. Wolf or Kief) with a few indications and applications

Pathological energetic deficit (PED) from hypoxia causes the radical cascades (R• escalation).
Without oxygen (thus without R•) the aerobic organism of a person dies after approximately 4 minutes. With age the oxygen parameter sinks into the critical ranges of the PED (see the following Table 1). Each stress, even the psychological, uses more O2, the O2η. Use is lowered and the R• is increased. Hence about 2/3 of the variously stressed population suffers from PED and R• escalation.

Table 1: The consequences of a pathological energetic
deficit (PED) from hypoxia and by R• escalation:

Heart rate ↑  Enzymes ↓  O2η ↓  ATP ↓
Membrane-Potential ↓
Lysosomes ↑  Anaerobic glycolysis ↑
Acidosis ↑  ADH ↓  H2O retention ↑
Endothelial edema ↑  Hematocrit ↑
Angiotensins ↑  Renin ↑
Erythropoietin ↑  Peripheral resistance ↑
Blood pressure ↑  Circulation regulator ↓
Vital functions ↓
Organic lesions ↑  Mutations ↑

IO2Th raises the oxygen status higher, faster and more long term than only medical O2 alone. The amount of O2 used and the time of application is clearly shortened. Ionized O2 needs no moistening with water.

Oxygen Radicals

Oxygen radicals (O2 R•) necessarily develop biologically and permanently in the body (see activations of the O2). With an insufficiency of the R• scavenger (see O2 parameters) some clinical images can occur by which the effect of oxygen radicals is assumed (Table 2). Also a longer persisting hyperoxia (e.g. the breathing of more than 95% oxygen during > 17 hours), through the oxygen radicals (R•) causes the release of fibronectin and growth factor from the alveolar macrophages, which burdens the alveolar capillary membranes. This can even lead to a fibrosis of the alveoli, etc.

Table 2: The diseases caused by the radicals (R•)

Autoimmune illnesses
> Ischemia

> Consequences of smoking

Myocardial infarction
> Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

> Pancreatitis

M. Parkinson
> M. Alzheimer

Multiple sclerosis
> Rheumatism

Ageing, Apoptosis, etc.
> Cancer

O2 Parameters

During the course of each hypoxia or each oxygen therapy a control of the following parameters is recommended as a prevention due to the possible escalation of the radicals:

  • The objective and subjective state of the patient, with respect to the disease process
  • The oxygen status (pressure O2 arterial, pressure O2 venous, arterial-venous O2 difference, O2 utilization = O2η, saturation O2).
  • The native [natural] microscopy of the blood in dark field.
  • Hemolytic kinetics or deformity of the erythrocytes.
  • Regulation of the scavenger (SOD, CAT, GAD) or the antioxidants (e.g. vitamin C)
  • The Biotonometrie e.g. with the “VNS Diagnosis 3000”

Ionized Oxygen Therapy (IO2Th/Engler)

Ionized oxygen therapy (IO2Th/Engler) is a physical, adjuvant, brief medical application of the partially ionized oxygen, thus with all five oxygen forms (O2, O2•-, O2•+, 1O2, O3). It is applied especially as an inhalation, but also by vaginal, rectal, injections, or as a drinking cure (<25 mg O2/liter in H2O! See Reference 1, Chapter 15.2.), with different complaints or diseases, preventively or therapeutically.

Why does the IO2Th use traces of ambivalent radicals? According to the theory of hormesis (in Reference 1, Chapter 10.3.) even the smallest dose of radicals works therapeutically against the radical escalation (see Table 1, 2).

R• dose by IO2Th = 1 mol O2•- or O2•+ : 100 Billion O2 mol =
pico-femto dose = 10-12-10-15 = D12 – D15
O3 by IO2Th = <0.03 ppm (O3 maximum workplace concentration = 0.1 ppm!)

Experimental Verification of IO2Th

  1. Through approximately 10,000 measurements of the trans-membrane rest potentials (TMRP) in fibroblast cultures which were burdened with Radon 222 and were treated with the different oxygen forms: In the process the ionized oxygen of the IO2Th proved to be radio protective. The medical oxygen O2 showed no effect.
  2. In the cultures of embryonic lung fibroblasts which were transformed by monkey virus into cancer cells, the positively ionized oxygen O2•+ proved to be selectively cancer destroying. The medical oxygen O2 showed no effect.
  3. With the influence of the hematolytic kinetics, with CO displacement of the HbCO or the photon emission of cucumber sprouts, the ionized oxygen proved significant advantages compared with the medical O2.

Clinical Verification of IO2Th

  1. The VNS Regulation: The Extra-cellular Regulative Ground System (ERGS) plays a prominent role not only with the regularization, but also with the emergence of complaints, the illness and with its healing. You can objectify a clinical determination of the Vegetative Regulative Situation (VRS) through the simultaneous measurement of the skin resistance (R) and the electrical conduction capacity (C) – the so called Biotonometrie. With the “VNS Diagnosis 3000” the author introduced an improved technology for Biotonometrie. This method helps in the choice of the ion polarity (relationship of the O2•- : O2•+ ions) in the IO2Th, and additionally as a control of the therapy effect or with the prognosis of an illness (including a cancer illness).
    IO2Th works opposite to medical oxygen, vegetatively regulating: O2•- works vagotonic (e.g. against hypertension, allergy, asthma . . .), O2•+ works sympathicotonic (e.g. against hypotension, depression, immune infirmity . . .).
  2. 60 doctors commented very positively about IO2Th in a field study (approximately 75,000 treatments for numerous indications with approximately 3,500 patients). Only 8 times there was a momentary mild undesirable side effect which was caused by a mismatching of ion polarity. The “VNS Diagnosis 3000” connected with the O2 ionizer “Oxygen Ion 3000” selects the best therapy program.
  3. L. Fodor reports on the advantages of ionized oxygen compared with medical oxygen with 12 pathological laboratory parameters including the improvement of the performance and lowering of the lactates in an ergometric double-blind study with significance. This observation can bring the IO2Th into recollection as a non-doping method with competitive sports.
  4. P. Pohl reports on the favorable effect of the long term IO2Th in a neurological clinic with geriatric patients suffering from severe brain blood circulation disorders. IO2Th is a preventive and therapeutic method suitable to be used in geriatrics.
  5. P. Pohl reports on the significantly advantageous effect of long term IO2Th in patients with severe, progressive multiple sclerosis. This study confirms the effect of the IO2Th as a suitable method against the complaints and illnesses caused by radicals (R•) or with PED (respectively see Table 1 or 2).

IO2Th is scientifically verified and has an effect on the “5 x R”: Re-oxygenation, radical reduction, re-hydration, revitalization, and regularization, which is good for many complaints and illnesses. IO2Th optimizes the effect from all medical methods, or other oxygen therapies. IO2Th is used ever more and more successfully worldwide.

Please follow this link to see Dr. Engler’s next article on Ionized Oxygen Therapy

A Confidential Translated Article for Members
From THE  BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 2008

From an article in OM & Ernährung, 2006/Nr. 117
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2006, Prof. Dr. Ivan Engler, Slazburg, Austria

About the author

Former Ordinarius for Traumatology at the Pediatric University Clinic of the Medical School in Bratislava.

He has worked in leading surgical positions in his country and abroad, among other things as Captain Chief Surgeon at the UN Field Hospital in Cyprus. He was awarded the UN Peace Medal and the Collective Nobel Prize for Peace of the UN Troops in the Middle East.

In 1980, Dr. Engler established the Ionized Oxygen Therapy (IO2Th / Engler), which has become known and accepted throughout the world.

In his former consulting office, tens of thousands of patients, among them some famous personalities, were treated successfully with this method.

Dr. Ivan Engler has published 10 monographs, 70 scientific publications and holds international lectures and courses.

He takes part in lectures and research projects at several national and foreign universities.


  1. Engler, : Handbuch Ionisierter Sauerstoff-Therapie (IO2Th/Engler) im Spiegel der Ganzheitsmedizin Prevention und adjuvante Behandlung der chronischen-zivilisatorischen Krankheiten besonders des Alters und des Krebses. Spurbuchverlag, Baunach, 2004, 250 S.
  2. Engler, : Ionisierter Sauerstoff Therapie-die Wissenschaftliche Belegung durch eine PhD Arbeit. Ärzteforschung für Naturheilverfahren, Salzburg, 2005, 32 S.
  3. Engler, : Strategie für ein gesundes, langes Leben. Spurbuchverlag, 4 Auflage, Baunach, 1999, 168 S.

Books Available in English:

  1. Handbook of Ionized Oxygen Therapy in Light of Holistic Medicine, by Dr.med.Univ. Ivan Engler, Austria.
    This important book has been translated into English and privately published. Some of the topics covered in this book include Biotonometry of Reaction, Reoxygenation, Reduction of Radicals, Rehydration, Regulation, Revitalization, and Optimizing all Methods of Treatment. Dr. Engler starts with discussions on Electrons and Photons, Radicals and Scavengers and goes on to detailed explanations of Oxygen as Therapy, Aging and Anti-aging, Holistic Reflections about Cancer, Anti-Cancer Strategy, Water Oscillations and Structures, the Extracellular Regulative Basic System (Pischinger-Heine), Stress, and Adjuvant Holistic Programs. In his forward to this book, Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp says: “This work belongs in the hands of every young medical student, therapist or scientist who wants to acquaint himself with the modern situation of research and development or who even wants to contribute to further development. It is a “bible” of modern holistic medicine. 199-page trade paperback.
    Supplied with the previous book:
    > Ionised Oxygen Therapy, IO2Th/Engler, Its Scientific Fundamentals, Dissertation submitted for the PhD Degree at the Medical Faculty of the P.J. Š. University in Košice, Slovakia. 23 page booklet with illustrations
    > The Importance of Water as an Information Carrier and as the Biological Partner of Oxygen within the Organism by Ivan Engler and Wolfgang Hainschwang. 29 page report with illustrations and diagrams.
    Books sometimes available through Amazon.

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