FAQ:  How Do I Select the Correct Polarity of Oxygen for Therapy?

 Answer:  Diagnosis and selection of ion polarity from CSTronic, Austria

a)  After a clinical evaluation of the vegetative state: With vagotonia 02+ ions are applied, with sympathicotonia O2– ions.
b)  By evaluation of the diseases with respect to their vagotonic or sympathicotonic vegetative state. Rheumatic disease, reactive depression or cancer requires O2+. Stress, sensitiveness to changes in the weather, asthma, diabetes, hypertonia requires O2-.
c)  An empirical testing of the O2+ or O2– polarity by asking of the patient in a not suggestive way for the compatibility of the O2– and O2+.
d) The suitable polarity and especially the tolerability for ions should be tested in the first few minutes of a therapy. The patient should be told to speak out all perceptions concerning the therapy, for example:

  • Is the patient breathing easy or hard?
  • Does he feel head-, breast- or heart- pressure or heartbeat?
  • Did his complaints get better or worse?

The feeling of warmth and increased blood circulation should be taken as a positive effect.
e)  It is best to observe the patient during the entire therapy. If an incompatibility with an unsuitable ion polarity, or even a combination of ions, appears the polarity has to be changed immediately because different diseases react differently to O2– or O2+ ions.
With the treatment of cancerous disease with O2+, Dr. O. Hieber reported the possibility of a suppurating colliquation of tumors, which make surgical removal necessary.

The following are treated mainly with O2– ions (programs 0 or 1):

  • spastic hyperergetic states
  • mainly children and men
  • oxygen deficiency (central-, peripheral-, blood circulation disturbance
  • circulatory disturbance, hypo-, hypertonia
  • allergy, hay fever
  • whooping cough, bronchial asthma
  • diabetes
  • lymphocytic leukemia, lymphogranuloma
  • stress, manager syndrome
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • various manifestions of vegetative dysfunctions
  • weather sensitivity, global sensitivity, and so on

The following are treated mainly with O2+ ions (Program 5 or 9):

  • hypoergetic adynamic states
  • mainly old people and women, especially in climacterium
  • diseases with radical decompensation
  • peripheral-, central-, blood circulation disturbance
  • diseases of rheumatic conditions
  • multiple sclerosis, m. alzheimer
  • premature senile degeneration
  • reactive depressions

Further programs:


Diagnosis Vegetative status Recommended Program
bilat. hypertonia V+    S+ 3 or 7
upper S- tonia Vn    S+ 1
decomp. S- tonia V-    S+ 2 of 8
upper vagotonia V+    Sn 5
normotonia Vn    Sn healthy
lower S-tonia V-    Sn 1
decomp. vagotonia V+    S- 4 or 6
lower V- tonia Vn    S- 5
bilat. hypotonia V-    S- 3 or 7
  • The oxygen flow should be set to a minimum of 4 liter/minute. The increasing of the ion quantity should take place only slowly therapy by therapy by increasing the oxygen flow per minute.
  • The duration of the therapy is pre-programmed to 12 minutes, likewise the composition of the ion combinations according to the programs of the OXYGEN ION 3000 by Dr. Engler.
  • The therapy should take place once or twice a day, two or three times a week according to the status of the patient. A cure consists of approx. 6 to 24 treatments.
  • Annually one or two preventive and/or several therapeutic cures of the O2ITh/Engler should be set up.

An information article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 15, 2006

© Copyright 2006, OIRF, BC Canada

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