If a Bird Flu Pandemic Materializes
 – Be Ready –

There currently exists in the Western world a great disparity between the influence of biochemical medicine and energetic medicine. In many government-sponsored, academic medical centers, the concept of the human patient as an energetic being with a defined energetic physiology and anatomy (besides EEG, EMG and EKG) is often scoffed at, or at best, disregarded. This bias has hardly changed with 30 years of evidence of EAV helping patients or 3000 years of the demonstrated effectiveness of Chinese Medicine. A dramatic event, like a pandemic, could change that.

Human nature and behavior can be quite predictable. Even in the face of evidence that an understanding or a behavior can be shown to be incorrect, that behavior will often be persisted in just because it is familiar. The resistance of both individuals and groups of people to change can be reinforced by ignorance – though not excused. Ignorance can be perpetuated by a convenient lack of interest in investigating something that challenges the assumptions you use to base your actions upon. The high speed information age makes it harder to remain unaware of new thoughts and information. Infectious disease can also now have a sudden global exposure and impact due to high speed global travel.

I would like to suggest that a pandemic could now create as great an opportunity to bring about an awakening to the potential power of using energetic treatments for illness as it might create a potential for huge suffering. There is a large amount of public health data available that demonstrates the effectiveness of energetic medicine in past pandemics. Unfortunately, this data is historical and largely ignored.

The last great pandemic occurred in 1917 and was called the Spanish Flu. Approximately 50 million people died in this pandemic. In 1917, the mortality rate was particularly high in middle aged victims and could reach as high as 70% of those contracting the disease. For some reason, the mortality rate was lower in the elderly and young. A little reported fact is that tens of thousands of patients were treated in 1917 at the remaining homeopathic hospitals in the United States with average death rates of 2% to 3%. In addition, those patients treated in the homeopathic hospitals did not suffer the chronic or disabling sequelae associated with the allopathically treated patients.

To treat the majority of patients homeopathically in 1917, only four remedies were needed. In the face of a pandemic, it should only take a short time to find the indicated remedies. In epidemic disease, most patients will exhibit similar symptoms at the various stages of the disease. Early stage or prodromal symptoms will likely need a different remedy than patients seen at a later time in the course of the disease. Communication sources available today can easily and rapidly disseminate this information.

Energetic medicine holds a huge advantage in pandemics, in that the supply and production of remedies is relatively inexpensive and inexhaustible. Even one dose of a remedy can be multiplied continually through dilution and succession to make it available to all who may need it. The pharmacy process, in an emergency situation, can be accomplished quite easily.

Once a “simillimum” is determined, based on the symptoms of the epidemic, that remedy should also function quite nicely as a prophylactic to prevent infection in those not already exposed. Again there is good historical data for the effectiveness of a well matched remedy as a preventative in previous epidemics, such as the use of variolinum in smallpox epidemics.

As a last resort, in the case where no remedies are available, the use of body fluids presents an opportunity for treatment. Potentizing body fluids also has historical precedents (remedies such as carcinosin, staphylococcinum or tuberculinum).

It is speculative at this point as to what the most useful remedies will be in the treatment of a new pandemic. One remedy you might consider having available is oscillococcinum. It is a well known flu remedy made from the heart and liver of a duck (as fowl often carry viruses related to flu). A tube of oscillococcinum is inexpensive and has probably more than a hundred pellets in it. Each pellet has the entire power of the remedy and if diluted and stirred in a glass of water, each drop of the liquid contains an effective dose of the remedy.

The call to action will hopefully never come, but if it does, be a Good Samaritan. Share your knowledge and expertise. Help all those who need it and you will benefit greatly as will the profession. This potential challenge would be a call to arms for all energetic practitioners.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 15, 2006

© Copyright 2006, Dr. Leonard J. Torok, Ohio USA

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