Resonance Therapy was developed by Helmut W. Schimmel, MD, DMD. Dr. Schimmel, probably the most important natural doctor of the last 40 years, contributed much to the better understanding of natural healing methods as well as their diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. His path led him to a critical analysis of natural healing diagnostic methods and finally to the measuring methods of Electro-Acupuncture. He was the inventor of different measuring procedures which he constantly developed and improved. But only the Photon Resonance Test (PRT), his last invention, moved him into position to carry out measurements in the area of the cells and the cell nucleus (!).

In this connection, he worked out the energetic and physiological references of the organs also described in the transformation phases of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Schimmel also incorporated his decades of experience from his practice and called these references pathogenetic resonance chains.

Part 1 Background of Resonance Homeopathy 

 Resonance Homeopathy

 Viral Infections

During approximately the mid 1980’s, Dr. Schimmel increasingly dealt with the therapy for infections from viruses, bacteria and fungi. In this connection, he broke away from the cyclogeny according to Prof. Enderlein. According to Prof. Enderlein all warm blooded organisms are infested by primitive forms of certain micro-organisms. For example, there are colloids of the fungus strains Mucor racemosus fresen and Aspergillus niger van Tieghem with transitions to higher forms. It turns into a problem for the organism if these micro-organisms develop into higher pathogenic fungus forms in the body. This development takes a beginning if an akinetic colloidal protein (defective RNA) settles in the internal part of the cells. Dr. Schimmel determined a further problem in chronic infections with viruses.

According to the research of Dr. Schimmel, on closer examination viral infections go through five different phases:

Infection and Fragmentation Phases of Viral Illnesses

Infection Phase
A healthy immune system is able to neutralize respectively viruses or virus fragments, and eliminate or recycle these in the nucleic acid cycle. However if a reduction of the immune system exists, then the process of the fight of the viruses can get stuck in one of the healing phases.

Phase 1: If a virus penetrates into the organism and reaches as far as the cell wall, the protoplasm, or even into the cell nucleus, then we have the picture of an acute symptomatology. If the virus has reached the nucleus, we know from experience that different possibilities of disease development exist:

  • The virus destroys the cell and the viruses spread and again infect new cells (endogenous attack)
  • The virus settles into the host cell and spreads through the daughter cells, which contain the virus
  • The virus remains situated in the protoplasm and is inactive here until energized by the activity of certain circumstances which are unknown. (These processes probably belong under the concept known as epigenetics.)

Fragmentation Phases
If the virus is attacked by the immune defense system, then it can be shattered into smaller structures in the course of the conflict with the immune defense:

Phase 2: Long chains, infectious viral DNA (It is found mostly in the protoplasm and according to Dr. Schimmel’s experiences can still be tackled and eliminated quite well by their own immune defense system.)

Phase 3: Short chains, infectious viral DNA (It is highly infectious and secretes through the mucus membranes and body fluids. Also these short chain sequences can be deposited in the cell nucleus. It leads to chronic disease stages if the sequences manifest themselves.)

Phase 4: Ultra-short chains, infectious viral DNA (They are also very infectious and settle in the host DNA.)

Phase 5: Viral DNA segments (In this situation it concerns tiny DNA sequences, of which Dr. Schimmel discovered only 2000 with the assistance of the Photon Resonance Test. The sequences likewise settle in the DNA and reprogram the host cell to form daughter cells which contain the virus program.)

According to the properties of the viral DNA one can develop from it:

  • Malignant tumors
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune illnesses
  • Or further degenerative illnesses.

As examples, here illnesses like Parkinson, MS, Lupus erythmatosus or ALS. Also CFS probably has its origin here. It is interesting that he sees fever as the possibility of the body to bring viral infections to complete healing. Through the frequently too fast intervention in this process by means of antibiotics and antipyretics the organism is disturbed in its healing process. “Miasmas burn childhood diseases in fire.”

Miasmas and Pathogenic Information

You can define miasmas as inherited toxic, microbial and parasitic information. A transmission of toxins, viruses, bacteria or parasites is reasonably almost inconceivable. But, it is possible and conceivable that the foreign DNA-single segments that settled into a host cell are passed on further. However, how does it react with spores, bacteria or fungi? In this connection Dr. Schimmel assumed as a consequence that the pathological energetic information can also be stored in the protoplasm and thus can be transmitted. The process of cyclogeny will “take effect” all the better here, the more resonance-readiness exists on the part of the protoplasm. For example a higher resonance-readiness exists for a fungal attack (usually Candida-type) if the information for this is already available in the protoplasm. By the way, Dr. Schimmel made the observation that the recurrence rate for fungus treatments by Nystatin is more than 80%! You can describe the miasma as a constitutional illness which appears in recurrent weaknesses and illnesses or illness inclinations in the organism.

Hahnemann defined three basic kinds of miasmas:

  • Psora
  • Sycosis
  • Syphilosis

After the discoveries which were made with the help of the Photon Resonance Test, he introduced a system of four resonance levels to which the inherited or acquired toxic information was assigned:

Level 1           Organ system/organs, blood, Lymph
Level 2           Protoplasm of the cell (exclusively acquired results)
Level 3           Cell nucleus DNA (external)
Level 4           Cell nucleus DNA (internal part), predominantly genetic
results / the relevant miasma is found here approximately 90% of the time

Chimney Principle of Therapy According to Schimmel

With the help of PRT Dr. Schimmel found mainly the following viruses in Levels 3 and 4:

  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  • Coxsackie
  • Epstein-Barr
  • Flu
  • Hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • Measles
  • Meningitis / Encephalitis viruses
  • Smallpox
  • Polio
  • German measles
  • Chicken pox

The Medications

Actual Line of Thought for the Medications

As a result of his knowledge Dr. Schimmel developed a medication series which is aimed at the above mentioned levels. He called the medications Resoplex. The name Resoplex is derived from the concept of Resonance and Complex, since in this connection it concerns a combination of preparations which stand in resonance respectively with the organs and organ systems or with the microbes and gene sequences contained in it.

He called his medication series “level specific homeopathic remedies” that are capable of cellular medicine, a resonance effect on histological-topographically defined cell parts. Example:

Level 1           Organs/organ system, e.g. Kidney
Level 2           Kidney organ cell with protoplasm
Level 3           Kidney cell nucleus DNA (external part of the double helix)
Level 4           Kidney cell nucleus DNA (internal part of the double helix)

The Resoplex system thus contains medications that affect the organs and the miasmas. For therapy of the miasmas (thus the gene sequences, parasites and their information) Dr. Schimmel used potentized snake venoms whose action spectrum he found out in many years of examinations. While therapy of the organs serves to stimulate the outward direction in Levels 1 and 2, the snake venoms affect Levels 3 and 4. On the other hand, different homeopathics are also available for this.

The importance of the snake venoms lies in their ability to release enzymatic processes. They probably split, repair and join the RNA- and DNA-fragments together (Schimmel). Further, Dr. Schimmel assumed that certain psychological manifestations are likewise due to the intoxication through the viruses.


Dr. Schimmel made the observation as is also described in single remedy homeopathy, that the patients are often burdened with several miasmas. He describes that certain miasmas are sometimes not testable (by means of VRT or Photon Resonance Test), which he explains by certain rhythms of the replication cycles of the DNA. It is known that different tissue types have different replication times. Thus, for instance, the bowel mucosa has a shorter time than those of the central nervous system. This can also explain why certain therapies sometimes simply respond insufficiently. The reason could lie in the fact that they are carried out for too short a time period. In his practice Dr. Schimmel could not observe more than five different miasmas per patient.


Therapy with the medications of Dr. Schimmel gives us the possibility in our hand to penetrate into therapeutic areas which until now were only possible with the help of extremely well executed anti-miasmatic therapy with single remedy homeopathics. Dr. Schimmel saw the main application area of his therapy particularly in the approach of serious chronic illnesses (precancerous conditions). What the effect and therapeutic results are for manifest tumor diseases cannot yet be judged, since no test results are currently available. However, in the future resonance therapeutics in such cases could certainly be an important treatment component within the scope of a holistic beginning.

Disturbance Fields

I do not wish to neglect pointing out factors that can influence a treatment course negatively. Disturbance fields are the overall concept for factors which can have negative effects on physiological processes for the purposes of focus diseases and radiation. Also, Dr. Schimmel pointed over and over again to the fact that such factors are to be eliminated if possible.

Focus diseases / scars:
Foci of inflammation must be treated and eliminated. Think primarily of head focuses (teeth, tonsils, frontal sinus, etc.) but also of the digestive organs. These focuses can usually be eliminated with the Resoplexes. In addition, you can eliminate interference of scars with the usual techniques (neural therapy, acupuncture, etc.).

Cell Phone, ground radiation, etc.
Dr. Schimmel mentions that electromagnetic and geopathic disorders are found in Level 3. Incidentally, with his measurements he also found indications of carcinoma and malignancy in that level. Dr. Banis points out over and over again that he considers electromagnetic and geopathic stress as an essential factor in the formation of cancer events.

In the meantime there are new anti-interference devices. At this time the basis is the physical explanation model of the physicist Burkhard Heim (1925-2001). Heim described the so-called “expanded unified quantum field theory”. His model explains processes which take place within the atomic (and in) the particle area. Heim’s intention was to propose the “unified quantum field theory” sought by A. Einstein. (For this he worked not only with one metron, but extended this by counting on six dimensions. Because these 5th and 6th dimensions are not spatial or temporal, in this situation it must, according to Heim, be a matter of information or the meaning of structures describing “supplied values”.) Therefore according to Heim’s Theory every solid material “physical space” has an information component which is of a non-material nature and which is called “information space”.

Heim’s Theory describes interactions between the “information space” and the “physical space”. The previously mentioned products work exactly here and their effect result is situated in the “information space”, and can therefore only be measured with suitable measuring methods. By bringing information into this “information space” it comes into interaction with the “physical space” and thus into changes. The undesired “information” is virtually circumscribed and thus made harmless for our organism.

By special procedures it is possible to store the effective information of different materials. Therefore the different fields can be neutralized by the devices. Here, the investigations of the “HolisticDiagCenters” by Dr. M. Doepp are convincing. Dr. Doepp produced expert energy-medical reports whose results indicated significant effects for most of the devices!

By the way, Dr. Schimmel himself mentioned the model of Heim in a publication for the “International Research Association for Functional Medicine and Resonance Homeopathy”. In his article “Photons in Natural Healing Methods” he mentioned Heim’s quantum field theory as an explanatory model.

The concept of anti-interference devices is very interesting, and the therapist should tackle this with interest. Since disturbance fields can influence practically all natural healing method intentions (test methods, medications, patients and practitioner), disturbance field elimination is very important in my view.

Photon Resonance Test (PRT)

The PRT represents a profoundly far-reaching test method which Dr. Schimmel developed only a few years ago. Through Dr. Schimmel’s PRT it became possible to test beyond the usual levels (blood, lymph, organs) straight out into the area of the cell plasma, the organelles and the cell nucleus DNA.

The PRT operates according to the principle of Electro-Acupuncture. Nevertheless, it is usually measured on only one single representative acupuncture point. In order to get into the deep-seated levels, Dr. Schimmel incorporated some technical innovations into his measuring instrument. Thus, for instance, strong absorbers, electro-smog free measuring as well as the photon bridge are installed in the equipment. For the tester the PRT should offer a fundamental expansion of the previous possibilities.

See Part 2 in the next issue.

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