A Special Chronological Report

Biological Medicine Group Tour to Germany
(Oct. 2005, Tour #32) Including the
Baden-Baden “Medicine Week”

Sponsored by:
Occidental Institute Research Foundation (OIRF)
Penticton, British Columbia Canada

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

SUNDAY (October 30/05):  Most of the seventeen tour participants met at our Frankfurt hotel this evening for an informal welcome reception with our three staff members. Many North Americans had to leave on Saturday to get to Germany today, due to North Atlantic flight schedules and losing time zones. Because delegates joined us from different countries, everyone made their own airline arrangements.

Although some of the tour participants came earlier to attend MORA training classes or just plain sightseeing, all of them met here in Frankfurt in order to attend Dr. Hain’s session tomorrow morning. Countries represented were Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the United States. [As in all recent tours, all participants – other than couples – had a single room in Frankfurt, Baden-Baden and Munich at no extra charge.]

MONDAY (October 31/05):  After a great breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant we all headed to a downstairs meeting room to meet our first speaker and our first private English session.

Dr.med. Peter Hain
Dr.med. Peter Hain

A leading physician, Dr. Hain is the medical director of the Neu Wicker Kiniken in Bad Nauheim, Germany. That clinic has developed Bad Nauheim’s traditional heart cure into a holistic treatment with refined diagnostic methods, equipment and treatment, and brought it right up to date in keeping with the spirit of the times. The new clinic philosophy in cardiology, takes a more holistic approach that combines different forms of treatment with Ayurveda as well as general cardiology with a wide range of options, making for an extensive range of cardiology services.

After a great lunch buffet at the hotel we boarded our deluxe chartered bus and headed north mostly by autobahn (freeway) to Königstein/Taunus. In this beautiful old town we visited a very interesting clinic.

It is called the “Migräne-Klinik Königstein” and obviously their specialty is Migraines. The clinic’s director, Dr.med. Joachim Brand, graciously gave us two hours to see the clinic and hear about the broad range of methods they use (including but definitely not limited to allopathy, acupuncture, Kneipp, reflexology, HOT, neural, psychotherapy, homeopathy and MORA Bioresonance therapies). Very interesting . . .

Then, back onto our charter coach, and going (back) in a southwesterly direction about two and a half hours by “Autobahn” we arrived tired but excited at our hotel near Baden-Baden (our home away from home for the next three nights). This was a new hotel for us in this area and we all enjoyed our stay here very much. Again, it is a family run hotel, and although not fancy it is very clean, very pleasant, close to Baden-Baden and the food was GREAT (typical “country” German fare). Supper this evening was in this hotel.

TUESDAY (November 1/05):  After our morning breakfast buffet we met in the meeting room of our hotel for our second private English language session. This one with Dr.med. Richard Kraßnigg [“ß” means a double “s” in German, and thus one could substitute “ss” if necessary].

This presentation from Dr. Kraßnigg was a great honor. He is the current president of the famous EAV society that was originally founded in the 1950’s with Dr. Voll. He lectures frequently and has agreed to stay one extra day after his Med-Week lectures to speak to our group. He was a personal friend of Dr. Walter Sturm and he hopes that we will be able to carry Walter’s work with the EAV method forward in North America.

Dr.med. Richard Kraßnigg

Dr. Kraßnigg is a specialist for general medicine with additional qualifications in homeopathy, body acupuncture, ear acupuncture and (of course) Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll, along with various certifications in the area of unconventional/alternative/complementary medicine. Beyond being president of the International EAV Society, he is a lecturer in the area of doctor education whose main focus is the scientific cause, research and application of “unconventional” medical methods.

Dr. Kraßnigg will speak to us about “Introduction to EAV, special features and the scientific background”.

After lunch, a bus took the delegates to the Congress Hall in Baden-Baden. There, they had the entire afternoon at “Medicine Week” to start their attack on the exhibit stands.

One annual world event stands out concerning natural healing approaches, namely the Baden-Baden “Medicine Week”. Imagine up to 4,000 medical doctors under one roof, all interested in learning more about Biological Medicine or obtaining certification therein (mainly because of patient demand for it!). Add to this 200 exhibit booths on four floors and you’ve got the picture!

At closing time, the bus drove us back to our hotel for our evening meal. During the evening many went for walks (a visit to the local cemetery on All Souls Evening was beautiful and exciting) or relaxed in the hotel’s pub to sample some good German beer, trade tales and adventures from “Med-Week”, study or just plain head off to bed.

WEDNESDAY (November 2/05):  After breakfast, our bus took delegates back to the Congress Hall and “Med-Week” to continue their attack on the exhibit stands. To give them the most flexibility for their own meetings with exhibitors and representatives at Med-Week they were on their own for the rest of that day. [All meals were included in the tour price except for lunch and dinner today and one other evening meal.] Back at the hotel later that evening the “meetings” continued in the hotel’s pub.

THURSDAY (November 3/05):  Right after breakfast our third private session again right in the meeting room of our hotel with the Resolux firm. Mrs. Aina Sylvester-Schimmel will make a short presentation about the history and availability of the Photon Resonance Test unit developed by the late Dr. Helmut Schimmel. Then, Dr. Brian Mac Coy gave us a short demonstration with hints and tips for clinical applications.

After lunch our motor coach took us by “Autobahn” (freeway) back towards Karlsruhe and then in a generally southeasterly direction for about 3 ½ hours to Munich. Upon arrival we checked into our rooms at this beautiful suburban hotel and were served a great supper.

FRIDAY (November 4/05):  Right after breakfast (and this hotel had a great one!) we had our fourth private session in a meeting room right at our hotel.

Dr. Wilfried Schiess, (head of Clinical Research) and Dr. Günter Wenning, (head of Medical Research) for MUCOS Pharma, gave us a lecture on their products. They presented a broad range of applications including cancer that answered many questions, but . . .
Most of you are familiar with WOBENZYMEs made by MUCOS since these products are available in many countries (including Canada and the USA). There have been a lot of problems with effectiveness of the WOBENZYMES sold in the USA over the last year – let’s find out what’s going on.

A quick lunch at the hotel followed this session, and then a new bus company came to “take us away”. This was my special treat for you! A bus with an English speaking guide picked us up at the hotel. We then took a city tour of Munich that included a visit to the Nymphenburg Palace and a walking tour of old Munich that included the (in)famous Hofbräuhaus (ummm, really really good German beer) and the Marienplatz. Although the famous Glockenspiel never did ‘play’ for us we then had free time until our transfer back to the hotel [this evening meal was the only other meal not included in the cost of the tour].

SATURDAY (November 5/05):  After breakfast, our final private session in a meeting room in our hotel. This was the big event, ladies and gentlemen!

Dr.med.Univ. Ivan Engler

Mr. Chris Schörghofer from the MSS Elektronik firm and the great Dr. Ivan Engler from Salzburg, Austria gave us a full day presentation on the uses of Inhaled Ionized Oxygen for the treatment of cancer. Dr. Engler says “He who can heal cancer can heal anything.” We heard about the Monad and Tao of oxygen all the way through to the Extracellular Regulation Basic System (or Matrix) of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Heine and Prof. Dr. Alfred Pischinger. This was an outstanding presentation that brough all of the delegates to their feet at the end of the day. Here’s a picture of Dr.med.Univ. Ivan Engler.

Tonight, our final banquet and closing Certificate ceremonies – a fantastic buffet dinner right in our hotel in their excellent restaurant. That event, with picture taking and a leisurely repast, took several hours (Dr. Engler and Mr. Schörghofer joined us for awhile before driving back to Austria), and then the farewell party continued for those who were already packed and ready to head home.

The tour officially ended after that banquet, as did OIRF’s responsibility for participants. Naturally their hotel room for the night and breakfast the next morning were included in the tour price.

SUNDAY (November 6/05):  The majority of tour participants flew home from Munich this day, and most North Americans even arrived back home that same day due to gaining time zones. [I flew home a day later to give myself time to unwind, pack all my goodies and “stuff”, and have a few last great German meals.]

In conclusion:  That’s it for my special day-to-day report on our thirty-second group tour to Germany. I’ve certainly covered the most important aspects, and thrown in a few personal comments for those of you who haven’t experienced one of our tours yet. Just recounting it for you brought back many good personal memories, but I hope my enthusiasm and excitement for the things that interest us the most comes through.

s/ Carolyn
Carolyn L. Winsor,
Managing Director & CEO

An supplementary article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published February 15, 2006

© Copyright 2006, OIRF Carolyn Winsor, OIRF Staff

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  • Founding director, administrator and executive director of Occidental Institute; the first English language acupuncture “school” in North America founded 1972 which over the years developed into the largest educational and promotional advocate of Biological Medicine until its closing in 2018.
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  • Her passion and insight provide an overall view of the most effective German Biological Medicine diagnostic and therapeutic methods

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