Three weeks ago I read a very interesting discourse regarding electrons and water, a topic to which I’ve given considerable thought. This past Easter weekend, pondering my accumulated knowledge thereof motivated me to write this paper. Although my memory is very good, unfortunately I cannot recall each and every specific article read over the years in order to give due credit to the individual authors and sources, for which hopefully you (and they) will forgive me.

Everything is electrons – including you! And, you live on electrons from your food, water and air.

Let’s start with water, a subject that I know a lot about due to years of study and research, since the body is around 70% water. Today’s water is extremely low in electrons that destroy disease causing free radicals. Oxygen levels have dropped from almost 40% to as low as 10% today. Because of that, water molecules are now smaller and can not hold the additional donor electrons (from oxygen) needed to make them work. As a result bacteria, viroids and viruses for example are mutating out of con- trol, causing many of the ‘disorders of civilization’ we all know about.

When I give a patient suffering from a “swollen” prostate electron enriched water, the problem goes away immediately, in less than a week. You see, once water molecules are energized (take on additional electrons), they can readily enter the cell membranes carrying nutrients and electrons that destroy free radicals.

Louis Pasteur stated that “We drink 90% of our illnesses”.

This statement is surprisingly astute considering it was made back in the 1870’s. Nonetheless, he was fundamentally mistaken about his supremacy of the ‘microbe’ concept of disease, as opposed to Claude Bernard’s still valid concept of the ‘terrain’ being of utmost importance. [Comment: I’m not a big exponent of Pasteur’s work, nor Virchow’s, both of whom I feel have led modern medicine down the garden path, but that’s another story. WDS].

Most of the practitioners that come to see me at the Institute ask why I do not use vitamins and supplements in my practice, nor advocate a special diet. First of all, not being a clinically trained nutritionist or orthomolecular specialist, I simply do not know enough about it to responsibly advise patients. More importantly, because the water patients normally drink lacks energy (electrons), most vitamin and mineral sup- plements, etc., produce no results. They can’t work because there are not enough donor electrons to make them work.

Patients come to me with bags full of expensive products that were recommended for them by some practitioner, or they themselves decided were necessary. They want me to test them all to see if the products are working for them. Although knowing it’s a waste of my time, since they’re paying the bill I usually concede.

Oh sure, they all may test tolerable and potentially effective, but for several reasons they simply are not “metabolized” enough to become bioavailable, and thus do nothing significant for the underlying problems the patients are taking them for. The same goes for many other health promoting activities and foods.

Worse yet, more and more patients seem to be drinking distilled water, because it is supposedly ultrapure. But distillers boil off the electrons needed to live. It’s dead water, in which fish cannot live, nor can plants watered with it grow. The product of boiled water distillation is in no way the same as nature’s distillation process, where- by water is gently vaporized and then condensed. Glaciers and icebergs after all are fresh water even though they may float in a saline sea.

Distilled water attains its equilibrium by leaching minerals and consuming even more energy (electrons) than say, ordinary potable tap water. After a few years on electron depleted distilled water, many who so fervently believed in it, end up debilitated or even in wheelchairs [these conditions in longtime distilled water users can sometimes be reversed, basically by treating them with highly electron-charged drinking water].

Perhaps you’ve heard of things one can add or do to water to “energize” it, and maybe even assume I do not know about them. Believe me Ive tried it all in my continuing quest for the benefit of patients, and our Affiliates. Unfortunately, there are no potions, additives or devices that can add anything but fleeting electrons to normal drinking water. You simply cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, as the saying goes.

You could of course add a small proportion of highly charged electron-rich water to such a potion in order to help it out. However, that brings us back to the subject at hand, namely charging water with electrons.

Now let us take a quick look at disease, especially degenerative and malignant disorders. This is a subject that I also know something about, at least from the aspect of effective biological (nontoxic) treatment. After initially specializing in environ-mental disorders and diseases of unknown origin, cancer patients now constitute about two thirds of my practice [thanks to a yearlong study of Dr. Heinrich Kremer’s entire pub­lished German language works and my years of experience].

Those readers already familiar with the bio-electronic method of Prof. Vincent and Bernard’s internal terrain concept, know that the upper right-hand quadrant (of the chart as quartered by neutral pH and biological redox potental axes) is very alkaline and highly oxidated. That means it has very few electrons [expressed by redox measurement] and protons [expressed by pH]. A third measurement, namely resistance, indicates the amount of minerals in the sampled water (see below).

This upper right-hand quadrant is referred to as the virus or degenerative zone. Not surprisingly, most of the consequences of civilization are found in that quadrant, such as cancer, cardiovascular and viral diseases. In contrast, the healthy quadrant – which is where we want to get our patients – has lots of electrons and protons.*

Here’s how I enrich drinking water with electrons (and/or protons).

The instrumentation used is an ‘Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy unit’, spe- cifically the “Oxygen Ion 3000” from Austria, which the Institute recommends over all other such instruments, because of its excellent price to effectiveness ratio (bang for the buck), especially at our current low Affiliate’s price of $4,925 US, including shipping. [Comment: This powerful unit sells to doctors in Germany and Austria for the Euro equivalent of $5,972 US, plus sales taxes and shipping. WDS]

The hose that normally connects the unit to the patient’s oxygen mask is disconnected at the mask and inserted into a one to two liter bottle of water, through which the output of the Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy unit is bubbled.

The water I use: Either (1), into a container of good quality ground water, namely our tap water from a nearby glacial runoff fed lake. We first dechlorinate that tap water, due to the mandatory measures taken by our local waterworks, and then process it using a quadruple element Reverse Osmosis filter. This ends us up with almost pure water, measuring at least 18K ohms (W) of electric resistance. That numerically high ohmic measurement means the water contains very few minerals.

Or (2), into the patient’s favorite bottled spring or glacier water (as long as it has a minimum of 6KW resistance, like Volvic® from France).

In both instances, given a high enough ohmic resistivity, the water will hold an effective charge for at least several days; and even non-food grade plastic from the container will not leach into the energized water.

(3) There is another method for producing supercharged electron water. However it is very expensive and produces too little water in a day to be practical, so I won’t go into it in this article.

* Want to learn more about all this and what I’ve told you about water? O.I.R.F. has a transcript of Dr. Morell’s lecture available, titled “The Bio-electronic Method of Prof. Vincent” for $15 US, which includes postage in Canada and the U.S.A.

Then what? It becomes the patient’s drinking water during their course of treat- ment here, refilled as often as needed. When they fly or drive home, their water bottle is given an increased charge to help them overcome the added stress of travel.

Why am I telling you all this now? The ability to charge drinking water with electrons, protons or both, is another important feature of the better Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy units. Regrettably, it is so routine to me that I rarely even mention it to Affiliates, either in my articles or phone conversations. My reflection on water and electrons over the Easter weekend pointed out that oversight of not emphasizing it more, which hopefully I’m hereby rectifying.

A summary of the features of an Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy unit:

Inhaled: (1) Ensuring excellent cellular respiration. As I’ve told you many times previously, at least 90% of your patients have extremely poor cellular respiration. You cannot successfully get them well (or keep them well for long) if their cells are not getting at least an adequate oxygen supply!

(2) Rapidly lowering the redox potential to get the patient out of the oxidated state and into a more biological reduced range with lots of electrons (and protons). The more you can get your patients into a biological reduced and acidified terrain state, the easier they are to treat and the longer they stay well – as I like to say, you then “can tickle them with a feather instead of having to hit them with a therapy sledge hammer”.

Aerosolized: Using an optional aerosolization mask, that has a little container at the bottom into which one can put the contents of normally injected isotonic biological or homeopathic remedy ampules. The liquid is reduced to a fine mist (nebulized) and then carried on a normal inhaled ionized oxygen flow deep into the mucous membranes of the patient’s lungs.

From practitioner experience, aerosolization of the remedy is just as effective as subcutaneous or intravenous injection, perhaps even more so due to its direct and instant absorption into the pulmonary mucous membranes.

Ingested: Energized drinking water charged using negative and/or positive polarity depending on how you want to manipulate the electrons or protons, taken orally as outlined on the previous page.

You can now begin to understand when I say in the title of this article, it’s really all about electrons (and of necessity protons).

An exclusive article for Affiliates
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 19, 2004

© Coyright 2004, OIRF, Penticton, BC Canada

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Thanks to an eidetic memory and a near Mensa level IQ, Dr. Sturm had the ability to research huge quantities of printed materials (in seven languages) and then absorb and correlate the information without error or confusion. A dynamic speaker with an innate talent for teaching, he was able to meticulously share his knowledge and depth of understanding with the participants. Dr. Sturm was able to bring you right up to date with the very latest German discoveries based on his regular attendance at German language Symposia and conferences as well as the most recent German language publications.

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