Deciding which is dominant of the MANY possible diagnoses your patient presents with, is of utmost importance for starting treatment! Deciding how to treat the patient and not the disease. Deciding to restore a biochemical balance instead of making it worse. Deciding which modalities you are going to use and which medications will produce the desired results.

Quoting the late Dr. Schimmel from the forward to his book Functional Medicine, “A lot of the knowledge presented here is not yet taught at the universities”. What doctor in their right mind does not want the best possible outcome for their patient? If you are not yet availing yourself of the wealth of information you can gather from the annual or biannual O.I.R.F. Germany Tours, you are missing the opportunity to open new doors to clinically proven outstanding scientific health care wisdom.

Let’s start with the basic diagnostics for the trained professional. In my practice, time and money saving considerations have led me to use the “BEV (BE-T-A)” lab unit. Measurements of pH, redox potential, and resistivity of three separate bodily fluids point me right to the area(s) that I need to focus on. With proper training of an assistant, I have delegated actual specimen collection and handling, leaving me open for review and evaluation of results with the patient. It works! This is just a few brief words on a completely objective test that could radically improve the lives of your patients (not to mention your own).

After review of the BEV results I will likely direct the patient to in-house Vega-style testing using the “MORA-Super” instrument, or Photon Resonance Testing with Dr. Schimmel’s newest device, the “PRT” unit. This again saves time and money, as this type of testing will often afford me the luxury of confirming or negating my diagnostic hypothesis, as well as mapping the causal chain for the many possible avenues the disease process has taken in this individual’s body. At this stage I am often able to tell the patient more about themselves than they had remembered to tell me. This reassures the patient that they can relax because I really do know what is wrong with their health profile, and can probably help them.

When the diagnostic work-up (sometimes including Darkfield microscopy) is completed, I proceed to cross-referencing the dominant (focal) problems and the tolerated effective remedies to resolve those problems. I have seen that many doctors and health professionals will lose track of the desired end result at this stage, because they lose the distinction between treating the patient and treating the disease. Many will get so excited that they have found the “disease” that they’ll pursue treatment plans thenceforth and forget about the patient. Vega-style or PRT testing will help you stay on track. It is possible to differentiate a patient with asthma who will see relief in minutes, for example, from one who will see results in weeks.

Wouldn’t you like to know whether or not the medication you are recommending or sending out the door with the patient is going to make them better (regardless of whether it is going to make them feel better)? But, be careful here to ensure the patient is committed to the process and warned of potential side effects.

Most new patients ask what type of therapies I use when they first call. The answer is always the same – therapy is determined after the testing. One of my favorite therapy modalities is “Inhaled Ionized Oxygen” because I can use an activated form of oxygen (with either positive or negative ionic charge) at the same time as delivering an aerosolized dose of a glandular, herbal or homeopathic preparation. For more information regarding the MSS ‘Oxygen Ion 3000’ unit, please contact Occidental Institute. The inhaled ionized oxygen therapy will often energize the patient, and then I can boost their function even further by applying some of the basic MORA therapy programs such as #103 or #107. Preprogrammed therapy “protocols” allow for auto-hemotherapy using a drop of the patient’s blood in the circuit; aid in amalgam detoxification; hormone balancing; or lymph system support. This portion of the complete treatment approach can last 20 to 30 minutes.

At this stage I can if necessary, progress into very specialized therapy recommendations for the individual. Examples of this are “Bio-Photon Therapy”, further activated oxygen therapy, intravenous medications, oral medications or combinations thereof. Results don’t lie, and as with many clinicians using biological (nontoxic) therapies, my clinic is full of some of the most difficult cases – the vast majority of whom are progressing through the various states of getting well. And that’s what it is all about!

I will take some of the above much further in my next article later this year. (My preced­ing article, entitled “An Introduction to a Biological Medicine Practice” appeared in the July 2003 Affiliates Newsletter.)

In closing, allow me to mention that you can learn more about all of these highly effective approaches and modalities on the Occidental Institute Research Foundation (O.I.R.F.) group tours to Germany. The next one, which includes the biological (nontoxic) treatment of cancer, is scheduled for June 13th through 19th, 2004. Personally, I wouldn’t miss it, so perhaps I’ll see you in Germany!

An exclusive article for Affiliates
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published March 19, 2004

© Coyright 2004, Dr. Brian MacCoy, Post Falls, Idaho USA

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