Dr. Beilin teaches seminars in Enderleinian microscopy. Having studied and worked for many years in the field, it is the goal of this column to share knowledge and interpretive data concerning fungal mycotoxic involvement in disease etiology. You will find this column a place to compare notes, conclusions and treatment decisions based on the microbe and the terrain as well as a valuable source of practical tips regarding microscopes and techniques.

In my last article I jumped right in to tell you about leukocytic evaluation in the darkfield microscopic arena. The leukocytes, you see, are the policeman to the endobionts. Since this subject involves even a more detailed explanation of how the endobiont is recognized or not recognized by our white cells, I will cover that in the next issue in detail. Now for an interesting next step . . .

Enderlein also held that coloration of sclerotic peripheries of the blood sample leads us to identification of certain underlying situations, possibly related to functional disturbances or miasmatic expression. Since this newsletter is not in color (yet) we cannot demonstrate this here, but perhaps you will see it in the future. Enderlein designated that sclerotic forms which reflect a yellow-red color are pointing towards a paratuberculotoxic situation. This can mean that there is a focal organ which has a designated weakness or vulnerability and so lies victim to bacterial, cystic or focal infection. A pancreatitis can be paratubercular or a nephritis. Based upon this information and clinical data we may select Nigersan as our major remedy. We also think of Utilin (not S) in this case. Please remember that remedies cannot be chosen from the darkfield exam, only utilized with examinations.

In the case where we see a yellow-bluegreen coloration, this was said to be an early degenerative phase. I have made note in my studies that German doctors were always trying to find test methods for very-very early cancer detection, while American doctors were looking for normal cancer detection which was of the normal pathological examinable size. Of course it’s great to find a tumor early and remove it, but just think if someone will get a micromalignancy in 5 years, something can be examined at the micro-micro biological level.

So, then of course we have TB being that steel blue color all of you have seen if you have been looking through your scopes for more than 6 months. These steel blue colorations should have strong red rims which point to TB presence, on a miasmatic-expression basis. This by no means can be taken to mean the person has clinically presentable TB or any permutation thereof, sorry.

TB has long been out of control, it is not any different now, it was just expressed a different way for awhile. A simple blue reflection points to metabolic disturbances which could lead to oxidative changes and therefore degenerative disorders. Don’t forget, these sclerotic forms are the endobiont’s way to preserve itself in a non-optimal milieu.

We can heat these guys up to 300 degrees Celsius and they return with a vengeance. I tried this with my kiln. Something for you advanced esoteric students: Do a distillation to capture and evaporate the soluble salts. Heat them to 300 degree Celsius. Redissolve and do a darkfield examination.

If you have not read Biological Transmutations by Kervran, I suggest you look at the possible interlink between the endobiont and mineral transformations within the body. It may be that we require the endobiont for these transformations. Just like in the theories of ground-regulation (Pischinger, Matrix Regulation) the endobiont may play a key role in the modulation of cell regulative function, being linked to the mineral kingdom which is so intertwined with our predispositions toward carcinogenesis.

This will also bring us to learn about stain techniques with regard to the Enderleinian view. Enderlein used stains, of course. In this way he was able to see more clearly the endobiontic degree of attack. Many of the stain manufacturers (in fact just about all of them) have been destroyed or shut down. Many of the precious lots of dye material was in East Germany, and of course you know what changes they have been through. We have lost some of the primary stain materials.

The Linke stain and the Sklenar stain will be featured in the next Bridge, so please stay tuned! Don’t forget, Mr. Kehlbeck [Sanum] went all over Europe to find the correct stain materials to make the Linke stain. It is not absolutely perfect, but it is accurate enough to make long-range insights into carcinogenesis as concluded by Dr. Linke (I have spent some time with his widow and Dr. Frick). So, until next issue, long live Enderlein.

Dr. Dan

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Published February 1995

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