Healing With Oscillations

How BioResonance Therapy
Helps in Metabolic Disorder

Metabolic illnesses or disorders comprise the most frequent problems which lead patients to the physician or naturopath. BioResonance Therapy offers a comprehensive approach to again bring the carbohydrate, fat, protein and mineral metabolism into balance and to relieve symptoms such as digestive problems, overweight, skin illnesses, sleep disturbances, diabetes mellitus or thyroid gland illnesses.

Everything in the universe oscillates – also our cells. Every organ has its own oscillation frequency and generates an electromagnetic field. According to the biophysicist Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp an overriding electromagnetic oscillation field steers all metabolic processes through so called biophotons.

Each cell filters the information matching to it out of innumerable information oscillations by working in resonance with the corresponding oscillation. Tens of thousands of biochemical metabolic processes are thus set in motion in every cell per second.

What is BioResonance?

There are complex interactions between the electromagnetic fields of people, or also animals, and the electromagnetic radiations in their environment. In his best seller “The Wisdom of Your Cells”, cell biologist Bruce Lipton writes: “In the last fifty years hundreds of scientific studies have identified that these invisible forces from the electromagnetic spectrum have a profound effect on all biological control systems.

BioResonance therapists take advantage of this knowledge and lead the oscillations of the ill body regions of their patients through the electrodes into the BioResonance device. With the help of the apparatus the therapist can now deliberately change the disharmonic oscillation which makes the patient ill and for example strengthen or weaken it.

The new electromagnetic information is then transmitted to the patient through for example a modulations mat on the back. “The body receives a stimulus when it goes into resonance with this healing oscillation”, explains the general physician and BioResonance expert Dr. Jürgen Hennecke. “In this way the diseased disturbed oscillations can be weakened or cancelled, and also the heathy oscillations are supported and amplified. The change in the oscillation information in the body now influences the biochemical reactions at the metabolic level.

Holistic Search for the Cause

BioResonance therapists consider their patients holistically and especially look for the cause of an illness. Thus numerous metabolic disorders are in connection with weakened detoxification organs otherwise burdened by heavy metals, bacteria or viruses. The focused support of endogenic detoxification processes activates the metabolism and stimulates the self-regulative forces in the organism of the patients.

Sabine Rauch, MD specialist in BioResonance, introduces physicians and naturopaths into the basics and intricacies of “BRT” in worldwide continuing education courses. Besides diagnosis and therapy with the help of the BioResonance device, the consultation with the patients about their experiences plays a great role for the therapy success: “We want to help the patients at all levels. It also takes a lot to provide him with an insight about how important healthy nutrition and life-style are and that he must change something in his life if he would like to become healthy.

For example, diabetes mellitus is thus often accompanied by a high consumption of sugar and carbohydrate containing foods like wheat. Gout, also designated as a “prosperity disease” of the uric acid metabolism, can among other things be attributed to a strong meat consumption.

Perhaps less well known is that thyroid gland dysfunctions, especially Hashimoto-thyroiditis, an autoimmune illness of the thyroid gland, can be worsened by the consumption of gluten”, explains Dr. Rauch. “As a protein gluten has a similarity with the endogenic thyroid cells and every time when we consume gluten the body attacks its own thyroid cells.

Figure 1: The BioResonance device converts the oscillations which come through electrodes from the ill body regions of the patients. For example, it can thus strengthen or weaken them. However, a passive treatment of the patients alone is not sufficient in order to achieve a healing success. [Alternate image shown.]

BRT – The Basic Procedure

First the BioResonance therapist carries out a detailed anamnesis and then verifies the energetic basic status of the patients with kinesiology, with the help of Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) or with the Biotensor, especially the functionality of the classical detoxification organs liver, gall bladder, bowel, kidney and bladder, lungs and skin. The lymphatic system is also considered because this plays an essential role in detoxification.

In the next step the therapist looks for further energetic blockages in the organism, for example in the vertebral or jaw areas, in the teeth or in scars. He additionally checks for geopathic burdens such as electrosmog or water veins. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with its meridian system or Ayurvedic Medicine with its Chakra system also offer the possibility to recognize and classify energetic blockages.

The strength which I see in the [BioResonance] device is that we use the patient’s own frequencies which we purposefully convert and then transfer not only the standardized frequencies as is widely used by some suppliers”, clarifies Dr. Rauch. “The possibility to fine-tune the frequencies individually for the patients in my experience makes the therapy especially efficient and lacking in side effects.

In the third step the therapist checks for incompatible foods, for example through samples brought [by the patient] or through ampules which contain frequency information for certain foods.

To support the diagnosis, use both the programs in the BioResonance device as well as the [homeopathic] test ampules which for example contain frequencies of allergens, pathogens or chemical burdens such as amalgam.

Even when the BioResonance is tuned individually to the patients, an indisputable component of the therapy is the test of the so called basic allergens like wheat, gluten, sugar, cow’s milk protein or lactose, chicken protein and chicken egg-yellow. “These are the basic foods which we designate as the greatest central allergens,” explains Dr. Rauch. “If you have an intolerance here, this disturbs the metabolism which can lead to a variety of physical complaints and even up to illnesses.

Examples from the Practice: Hormones

Metabolic problems can manifest in troublesome digestion problems with flatulence, abdominal fullness or diarrhea, which can be repaired relatively easily with the strengthening of the detoxification organs, a detoxification and the renunciation of the burdening foods.

For example, chronic thyroid illnesses or combined hormone and metabolic disorders are more complicated to treat. “Nevertheless, here also BioResonance can report successes in that often the symptomatology of the patient improves and every now and then the medication dosages can be reduced,” states Dr. Rauch.

Skin problems are holistically considered as a sign for the fact that other detoxification organs only function restrictedly. BioResonance therapists identify the burden and then purposefully treat it.

According to Dr. Rauch’s observations stress is one of the biggest disturbance factors for health: “With long-term stress the adrenal gland is always weaker and the endogenic cortisol production decreases. Cortisol has important effects on the immune system and also on other areas like for example the carbohydrate metabolism.

At the same time, besides accompanying discussions and recommendation, special programs in the BioResonance Therapy can support the organism to harmonize its hormone system or to activate the adrenal glands.

Example from the Practice: Blood Sugar Level

Ursula Gerhard DVM also observes how frequent stress tips the scales between health and illness. In 2004 the veterinarian treated the first cats with BioResonance. As more and more patients asked her for a treatment themselves, she completed her naturopathic license and soon opened her own naturopathic practice for people and animals with the main focus on BioResonance.

We nearly all have a high adrenalin distribution and thus a high blood sugar, but do not have the possibility of reducing the sugar level through self defense or running away like our ancestors the hunters and gatherers.” In addition to the recommendation of easy relaxation exercises which can be built into everyday office life, Dr. Gerhard for example also gives her patients nutrition tips about bringing the carbohydrate metabolism or the acid-base-household into order again.

The therapist takes two drops of blood from the fingertip of her patients and with the help of the [BioResonance] device and well-chosen test sets, tests which test ampule the patient reacts to. During the anamnesis she also considers the school medicine diagnosis and which medications the patient is taking.

The test and treatment possibilities are varied. Dr. Gerhard then uses specific programs for carbohydrates, proteins and fats especially when she already has the suspicion of a metabolic disorder. “The fat metabolism is often disturbed in overweight patients, because waste materials and toxins [from the digestive system] also accumulate in the fatty tissues. If I know that they eat a lot of wheat and sugar, at the same time I look at the distinctive features in the blood count, for example for a pancreas disorder.

The indications of an imbalance of the liver and with it an imbalance of the protein metabolism, are found among other things subject to the energetic laws of TCM: “According to the Five Elements the “Spirit Poisons” of fury, annoyance and rage point to an imbalance in the Wood Element.

In addition to the focused oscillation therapy, for example with ear acupuncture by which the BioResonance device is connected to the ear with an attachment, Dr. Gerhard supports her patients with herbal mixtures self-made according to the Five Elements, with Bach Flower [essences] or with homeopathic remedies. Also sleep disturbances during the night between 1:00 and 3:00 AM according to the organ clock of TCM point to a liver burden and a disturbance of the protein metabolism.

If the liver is energetically disturbed in its function, this by no means says that school-medically viewed an illness is present,” emphasizes the naturopath. As a rule the effect of the relief of the liver with the help of BioResonance Therapy is very pleasant for the patient, who can then for example again sleep better through [the night] and emotionally viewed also feels well balanced.

Effect on Weight

Even if an ailment with disease values leads most patients into the practice, falling pounds are often a pleasant side effect which accompanies the detoxification of the organism and the regulation of the metabolism.

However, weight problems as well as sleep disturbances, increased sweating, lighter growing hair, skin rashes and gastrointestinal problems can also point to a metabolism problem. “Many patients increase [weight] because with everyday stress they eat irregularly or incorrectly, for example fast food,” observes Dr. Gerhard. “Often then the metabolism is already in a hunger state. Even if they maintain a two-month long diet and then again eat normally, they automatically increase.” A yeast infection in the gastrointestinal tract as a result of excessive sugar consumption can also impair the absorption of vitamin and mineral substances with unpleasant side effects such as skin rashes, diarrhea and concentration problems, and thus indirectly influences the body weight: “Then they can eat the best organic fruits and starve with full pots. They become fatter and fatter and more and more slagged [filled with waste products], but still they are malnourished with the vital substances.”

According to Dr. Gerhard’s experience other factors that affect the body weight are change processes during menopause, thyroid gland problems and food intolerances. With obesity patients he supports the therapy success with close supervision. A massive weight loss, for example 10 of a planned 40 kilograms should be monitored professionally. Then possibly the dosage for blood pressure reduction or Thyroxin shortly no longer fits. Dr. Gerhard recommends with suitable suspicion, to visit their treating doctor to check and if necessary newly adjust the dose.

A huge advantage of the metabolism cures with the help of BioResonance Therapy in comparison to the methods in which drugs, homeopathic remedies, hormones or food supplement remedies are injected or are taken, the naturopath in that respect sees that BioResonance is a gentle method by which the point is leaving something out. As a result, the accompanying stimulation of the acupuncture points or the focused strengthening of the protein, fat, carbohydrate or mineral metabolisms with the help of well-chosen remedial oscillations supports the organism to find a new balance. Dr. Gerhard seldom observes the famous yo-yo effect: “If the metabolism again functions well, in winter we can also take a few more biscuits and simply enjoy the tasty buffet during the party of our best friend.


Complementary to school medicine the BioResonance Therapy thus offers a variety of possibilities to individually treat metabolic disorders. The health-supporting effect is so much stronger the more the patient is aware of the fact that it is not enough to be passively connected to the device and he also takes to heart the nutrition recommendations.

At the same time the device does not substitute for the therapist whose specialized knowledge combines with a holistic perspective of the patient, which makes the BioResonance Therapy a gentle, side effect free and long-lasting therapy method which offers solutions for many clinical pictures.

An Exclusive Translated Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published March 2018

From an article in CO’Med, Volume 24, January 2018
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2017, Irisa S. Abouzari, Planegg, Germany

About the author

As an active singer (among other things during several years in an A-Capella Quintet) her consciousness was awakened to the healing strength of oscillations. She was so fascinated by all that that she finished continuing education for Associated Kinesiology (BK), for Feng Shui consultant and for Healing Singing Practitioner.

For many years she is active as a journalist in the areas of holistic health, life help and spirituality and at the same time as a kinesiologist and holistic health consultant.


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