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Today through the newest discoveries in Quantum Physics we experience a reunification of that which seemed separated for centuries: body and spirit. In the meantime the energy field of the human is no longer myth. Methods like Bioresonance encourage this enormously. New devices [developed] by space research [scientists] revolutionize current medicine. An exciting time comes to us in which it is possible to recognize and treat illnesses before they can manifest themselves. Also for school [orthodox] medicine it is a time to not be restricted in one’s thinking and to integrate the research results into practice.

“The world which we have created is the product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” (Albert Einstein)


In the Middle Ages the high dignitaries of the Church determined the scientific research so that it was forbidden for example to dissect a human body because of religious taboos. Therefore the practice of medicine was based on vague supposition and interpretations of documents which scholars of antiquity had written.

Only with Rene Descartes (1596-1650) they succeeded in freeing medicine from the church restrictions and consequently started the separation of spirit and body. The body was henceforth released for medical research while the humanities remained within the hands of the Church.

Over the centuries the insides of the human body were investigated into the smallest [part]. Today we know how organs and cells function and what influence the genes exert. Additionally we know many microorganisms like viruses and bacteria which can be responsible for various illnesses.

With the investigation of DNA, medicine has advanced into an area in which the concepts of oscillations, energy and information play an increasingly important role. DNA is not only the carrier of genetic information (genetics) but its individual functionality is also imprinted with environmental factors (epigenetics). Today it is further assumed that it also acts as a so called hollow cavity resonator and can therefore store light. The fact that cells emit light has already been proven (F.A. Popp). Another way is the possibility of communicating together across the cells.

The Dual Aspect of Matter

In Quantum Physics you are dealing with the characteristics of subatomic particles (the so called Elementary Particles). The elementary particle of the electromagnetic fields is the Photon (also: light quantum), which moves with the speed of light and can have particle as well as wave character (wave-particle-dualism).

The fact that matter particles can also have such a dual nature and therefore can also be associated with wave characteristics, was described for the first time by the French [physicist] Louis-Victor de Broglie(a) (Nobel Prize for Physics in 1929).

“Everything Vibrates”

According to Albert Einstein mass and energy are equivalent and therefore everything is energy. Because matter is compressed energy and there is no matter which does not vibrate, every energy also has an oscillation.

The well known remark of Einstein: “Everything vibrates” is generally accepted. The whole universe is an oscillation. Every body, every organ, every cell but also every pathogen and any x-arbitrary substance has quite definite frequencies over a typical spectrum. One also designates this as a characteristic frequency pattern.

If everything “vibrates” then it should also be possible that one oscillation can influence another oscillation.

The many years of research by the Japanese [physician] Dr. Masaru Emoto can make this clear. With his work it showed that the quality of a water could be changed with music, words and pictures. In this case he established connections to the form of the respective ice crystals. According to his theory a water which had been filled into a container marked with positive messages always forms perfect ice crystals. Water which derived from a bottle with negative messages, assumed imperfect crystal forms.

Now if you consider that the human organism consists of up to 80% water, thus you can also easily imagine that certain frequencies can influence the healthy balance in the body. But how does this work?

What is Resonance?

  • According to the [German] Duden Definitions [dictionary] resonance (from the Greek resonatia = resonance) means “resonates, sounds of a body in the vibration of another body”.(b)
  • Physics and technology designate resonance (from the Latin resonare = reverberate) as “resonates amplified, a vibration capable system when it is subject to a chronologically variable effect”.(c)
  • “If we examine matter on its oscillation energy, we will establish that different objects mostly vibrate with different frequency. Some also vibrate with the same or with a similar frequency. We know from the piano: If we strike a note on the piano then all the strings which resonate with the struck note – which recognize the struck note and harmonize with it – are likewise brought into oscillation. The notes may be higher or lower: as long as they are found in resonance, they are brought into oscillation.” (Pierre Franckh, [1]).(d)

What is Bioresonance?

We now know that everything in the universe is vibration capable and consequently in principle can go into resonance. This potential to “resonate” is already created in nature and can therefore also be actively opened up.

Thus the oldest Bioresonance system is the sun. With its radiation energy in the form of warmth, light and color it secures our existence and charges us.

For a long time medicine made use of the fact that the human body produces a current and is also otherwise a completely electrical being. Fine current or micro-current was already employed in therapy for illnesses in 1896. In 1920 Albert Abrams developed the Electronic Reaction of the Abrams Method. He used direct current and combined it with different current resistance to obtain a physical reaction. Today Radionics is established in natural healing. The concept of Bioresonance was shaped only later. The operating principle is still the current.

Kinesiology is also supported by Bioresonance in that it measures physical reactions about the submitted questions through the indicator muscle test.

The Same with the Same Influence

Bioresonance is then based on the assumption that everything up to the smallest physiological level of oscillation results in therapeutic application so that the cells, the organs, the person are only healthy if all characteristic oscillations are in harmonious balance.

If this is not the case, Bioresonance offers an individual treatment with suitable oscillations for every patient. As a result it can concern patient’s own oscillations, electronically generated signals, fine or coarse material oscillations or a combination of these possibilities.

This therapy is directly applied with or without magnetic field support.

The active manner of Bioresonance can be described with two concepts from physics: Inversion and Impulse.


The phenomenon of inversion has been known in audio technology for a long time. By inversion of an oscillation (to reverse [to turn upside down], to mirror) annoying noises are neutralized. The same happens within the scope of Bioresonance application: Annoying oscillations of environmental toxins, parasites, allergens, etc. can thus be made harmless. The oscillation itself is not “deleted” but it no longer burdens the body.


Every movable body can transmit its impulse, possibly with a push process to all or part of another body, or can take this over from other bodies. Also fields can portray impulses through strength effect. On the other hand every oscillation releases an impulse. In Bioresonance we make use of this. The utilized frequency gives an impulse to which the organism can align itself harmoniously.

Examples from the Practice

For many years we have worked with different Bioresonance devices in our group practice. For approximately six years the picture-giving Delta-Scan-System(e) (Non-Linear System Analysis, NLS) is in use and according to experience shows an outstanding success.

Every cell is surrounded by a field, which is registered with the help of the device and can be displayed. As a result a disturbed field is brought into line with a healthy virtual comparison case. Then both curves should run as synchronized as possible. Divergences give an indication of disharmony and therefore of a disturbance. Every food, medication or bacterium contains an information which can change the oscillation field. The goal of the therapist is to determine the respective disturbance factors, to invert and to harmonize the curves. The detected frequencies can be transferred to the patient with the help of the device. It can also “record” the information onto globuli or liquids which the patient receives. Thus the information is evoked daily and the healing chance is strengthened.

Case 1

Mr. M. came into the practice with strong hay fever. By means of the NLS vegetative stress burdens were ascertained. Also the bowel was noticeable.

A probiotic preparation was prescribed, in addition a hay fever complex was transferred and through stimulation of the adrenal gland the cortisol production was stimulated. Afterwards an additional briefly considered autohaemotherapy was no longer considered necessary. After three weeks the hay fever had disappeared. Mr. M. is now hay fever free for three successive years.

Of course the NLS diagnosis is no substitute for a thorough anamnesis with physical examination. It is however a big help in any case.

Case 2

Mrs. K. (63 years old) consulted us approximately three years ago. She suffered for many years from narcolepsy with extremely strong cataplexies. The trigger for this illness was a traumatic experience approximately nine years ago when her home burned down.

At that time Mrs. K. was treated mostly with school medicine, and is [treated] in such a manner up until today.

At the time of the first consultation in our practice Mrs. K. was completely limited in her life. She suffered approximately four to six total cataplexies with complete loss of consciousness. She fell to the ground several times daily and could not leave the house without accompaniment. In her daily routine she had to include at least four sleep phases in her plan, in order to keep herself somewhat awake for the remaining hours. During the first discussions and examinations she fell asleep in the middle of the sentence.

In the first NLS-Scan a strong parasitic burden of the brain ventricles was found. Over the frequency transfer the parasites were inverted until they were finally no longer shown by the control measurements. The traumatic experience was recognized as a so called “Territorial Loss Conflict”, was inverted and therefore resolved. After that the substance “Orexin” was transferred in. At the same time Orexin C30 and C200 were administered in the transfer.

In the meantime the patient no longer suffers cataplexies and allows herself only one small sleep pause between 11 AM and 1 PM. Only in extremely emotional situations she still gets light cataplexies in the mouth area which nevertheless are not recognizable to outsiders. She can again shape her life and also travel again.


With Bioresonance the causes of already manifested illnesses can be ascertained and as a result can be directly repaired. Nevertheless much more interesting is that causal patterns (frequencies) of trouble can already be recognized before the serious consequences involve and settle in the body.

An Exclusive Translated Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 2016

From an article in CO’Med, Volume 21, September 2015
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2015, Ben Brendle, Radolfzell, Germany

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Translator’s Footnotes and Comments:

(a) Prince Louis-Victor-Pierre-Raymond, 7th Duke de Broglie was a French physicist who made groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory. In his 1924 PhD thesis he postulated the wave nature of electrons and suggested that all matter has wave properties

(b) The above is a direct translation from the published German language article. From the English Merriam-Webster dictionary: sound or vibration produced in one object that is caused by the sound or vibration produced in another

(c) The above is a direct translation from the published German language article. From the English Wikipedia site: In physics, resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at a specific preferential frequency

(d) The above is a direct translation from the published German language article. Here is an excerpt from the English version of The DNA Field and the Law of Resonance, Creating Reality through Conscious Thought by Pierre Franckh.
What Really Is Resonance?
Resonantia = Reverberation
Resonance = Echo, Reverberation, Resonate
Through the law of resonance we understand how everything in the universe communicates with one another through vibrations. All objects and living things in our known world, including all organs and cells of our body, possess a unique oscillation. Some oscillate with the same or similar frequencies.
We know this from playing piano: When we hit a note on the piano, all strings that resonate with the struck note are likewise brought into oscillation. The notes could be higher or deeper: As long as they are found in resonance, they are brought into oscillation.
They must and will react to it.
Much like the other strings of the piano which resonate with the struck note, other people, things, or events cannot refuse to resonate when they find themselves on the same resonance level as us.
What is the advantage when others with our energy are brought into resonance?
Similar attracts the similar.
Everything that resonates with us is inevitably drawn into our life. That is not always positive for us. For example, the resonance could be so strong that it destroys matter. An opera singer can, through the sheer sound of his voice, shatter a glass. He leads energy through the room toward the glass. When the transferred energy has the same resonance and the same natural frequency as the molecular structure of the glass, the stress on it can become so great that it shatters the glass.
Although we do not “burst” like a glass, the “negative” resonance energy that we carry within us can bring parts of us into motion that we do not want or bring uncomfortable, even shocking, events into our life.
That is why it is important for us to know exactly in which unique frequency we find ourselves and which resonance field we consciously or unconsciously create.
Order your copy of this English language book through Amazon – it’s only US$14 – Excellent information!

(e) The Delta-Scan-Bioresonance System is definitely not OIRF approved or recommended instrumentation, and successful application varies markedly between practitioners. This device is a general diagnostic scanning unit (based on readings from headphones) which generates a bell-curve statistical type of “diagnosis analysis” primarily based on a searchable data base when given key information of gender, age and (sometimes) weight. Diagnostics based on point and medication testing techniques for example, are much more reliable, individualized and specific.
The so called Bioresonance therapy aspect uses only inversion and/or amplification. Unlike the MORA devices, there is no filter mechanism for separation of harmonious and disharmonious oscillations. For our purposes, this article presents some interesting definitions and concepts that are readily applicable to – or more likely borrowed from – MORA. The successes shown in the described cases however clearly demonstrate the forgiveness, effectiveness and power of BioResonance Therapy especially when based on questionable or unreliable diagnostic criteria. CLW

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