This is the story of ONDAMED, a medical device. Its father, Rolf Dieter Binder conceptionalized this technology over many years and finally birthed it into this world in 1994. ONDA-MED is a Latin word and stands for Wave-Machine.

This book is the biography of ONDAMED and the impact it has had on millions of people around the globe. The device and if so chosen, the unique biofeedback loop, taps into our cellular communication pathways to stimulate our bodies’ innate wisdom and healing ability to jump-start body regulation. Its fine-tuning ability to what and where repair and regeneration are needed is directed by the patient’s pulse reaction. It is the patient who directs the individualized need for therapy to her or him, not chosen by conscious brain-based decisions, but with help for the autonomic nervous system which cannot be manipulated. It acts like a mirror into the patient’s health journey over their entire life span.

Disease has a pattern, a rhythm, which can be observed by a skillful therapist and brought to the attention of the patient so they may recognize the pattern and offer the chance for the patient to stop it and create a new pattern. This may be supported by the healthcare professional and the use of the ONDAMED which so powerfully and ever so gently recalibrates our cellular vibrations.

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