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The human being designates himself as the “crown of creation”. This implies a high sense of responsibility compared with the creation to which he belongs. Even so however this eminently important feeling appears to be missing.

In August 1883 the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia erupted with incredible force; enormous amounts of ash were sent into the atmosphere. This catastrophe had huge consequences for the whole northern hemisphere of the earth in the form of rainy and cold summers, very bad harvests and famines. All the poisons delivered into the environment since the beginning of industrialization fall back onto us and stealthily make us ill.

  • We should assume that the nuclear disasters of Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011 give a reason for reflection and for a demand for a change in course.
  • Who remembers still today the scandal around Contergan* and around the consequences of DDT? Even today both products are still in use.
  • Years ago we have already measured the values of pesticides “at the highest point”** which is twenty times higher than is allowed. How is this possible? That which the farmer distributes over his fields evaporates within 48 hours by approximately 90 percent, and then distributes itself over the airflows in all directions.
  • The industrial exhaust gases of the USA, Great Britain, Germany and other countries come back to the earth again as acid rain far from the causing countries and degrade [the quality of] the ground and the food growing on it.

Even today – about 30 years after Chernobyl – wild boars shot in the Allgäu are detoxified as hazardous waste. You had better not consume mushrooms from this and other polluted regions according to the information of the foresters on the site.

In October 2014 “Der Spiegel” reported: “After years of use, for example, the residues in the exhaust gas filters of a crematorium were highly toxic. The mixture of dioxins, mercury, antibiotics or cytostatics accumulated at the end of life in the body, or that originate with the combustion of the body, must be permanently disposed of in a salt dome.

How many other “quiet” scandals are there about which we know nothing but to which we are all exposed?

In the last 20 to 30 years we experienced a massive increase in allergic illnesses; is this also a consequence of environmental pollution?

In the book “Ernährung und Psyche” [“Nutrition and Psyche”] by Anne Calatin which already appeared in 1992, the consequences of environmental pollution on the mental-physical health of a person from the viewpoint of clinical ecology and orthomolecular psychiatry were summarized. We cannot uncouple the psyche from the body, even if this unfortunately still happens much too often. Also all poisonous pollution always has a darkening effect on the psyche across the neural and hormone systems. The sprays which farmers distribute for “protection” of the plants can have a massive effect on the people who live in the neighborhood of the fields. Vice versa, all mental burdens have an effect on physical conditions.

Therefore, for many years my question has been: Why are the so called psychically ill people first of all not detoxified? Why is their metabolism not cleaned up? Because it is only then it becomes clear whether the psychic illness really has its cause in the psyche.

Already about 80 years ago Dr. Walter Honekamp could help many people by detoxification and nutrition, which he explained in his work Die Heilung der Geisterkrankheiten durch Sanierung des endokrin-vegetative Systems [“The Healing of Insanities by Redeveloping [Cleaning Up] the Endocrine-Vegetative Systems”]. This book was burned by the Third Reich because such approaches did not fit into the body of thought of that time. However also today they do not yet seem to be welcome, because it is not asked about the source, but rather usually only “What can we do against it?”

Causes of Today’s Pollution of People and the Environment

  • Environmental and Agrarian Poisons of All Kinds
    • Heavy metals and metals like for example mercury, lead, copper, aluminum (highly toxic), iron or chemical waste.
      For the metals especially mercury, lead and aluminum are to be considered. Here, besides the physical symptoms it can also come to severe psychic changes such as hyperactivity, disturbance of movement coordination, epilepsy, hearing and speech disturbances, lack of energy, insomnia, psychoses or hallucinations. In late stages acute spiritual and emotional disturbances up to full spiritual mental derangement can occur. Then for such a person death is really a deliverance.
      There are even clear connections between lead burdens and intelligence. After severe physical impairment especially in the neural range, personality changes, nervousness, increased irritability, loss of short-term memory and even depression or Alzheimer illness can be the consequences. With many schizophrenic patients an elevated copper level in the blood can be determined. An excessively raised supply of iron can lead to depression. This means that a unilateral supply of one certain element can have a negative effect if the necessary “partners” are absent in the organism and are not integrated harmoniously.
    • Herbicides, insecticides, currently especially glyphosate*** with its strong effect on the nervous and hormone systems; moreover it is carcinogenic.
  • Food additives or taste amplifiers like glutamate and aspartame.
  • Cosmetics, deodorants, suntan lotions: These products often contain toxic aluminum.
  • Radiation pollution and electro-smog: especially through mobile phone radiation by which the blood-brain barrier is opened.
  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs
  • Allopathic drugs: In this connection, the side effects can be regarded as the expression of their toxicity. In the Western world drugs are the third most frequent cause of death after heart diseases and cancerous ailments. According to “ZeitenSchrift (No. 82/2015) in Germany approximately 50,000 people annually lose their lives from drugs. In 2011 the EU Commission published an estimate that the side effects of allopathic medications would kill approximately 197,000 people within the EU (“HP-Naturheilkunde, Heft 6-7/2011). Is the school-medicine saying “No effect without side effect” really true?

Everybody takes a big yearly cocktail of poisons of all kinds into their bodies through polluted drinking water, through devalued and polluted food and in the form of medications. In whom today do kidneys and/or bowels still work optimally? For most people the excretory organs are burdened by incorrect food and lifestyle and by damaging therapies. Now that which the body can no longer eliminate is deposited into the connective tissue. The poison effect accumulates during the course of life. It begins with skin problems, indigestion and headaches and sometimes can also appear as muscle and joint pains. If the organism is further overloaded by the supply of toxic substances, in addition it can come more and more to psychic problems such as manias, depression (today four million Germans suffer from depression, Source: “Focus”, Heft 11/2015) and hallucinations. The burden escalates finally into fear and aggression outbreaks or into memory loss and mindlessness.

In the meantime the problem of age dementia is recognized more and more clearly. According to new statistics from what is known as the “ADI Report” of the International Alzheimer Society (Alzheimer Disease International / ADI which was published in December 2013) 44 million people worldwide (of those 1.4 million in Germany) are affected. Every 20 years the number doubles, until 2050 there should be 135 million dementia patients worldwide. In the meantime this illness is a global phenomenon.

The number of senior citizens increases worldwide more and more. Thus also the prevalence of such illnesses may rise. Nevertheless, the increase in massive psychic disturbances even up to dementia clearly surpasses beyond the “normal” expectation. Does the phenomenon come to light in whole extent here because people are simply becoming older? Or both?

Naturopathic Therapies

What do we as therapists have in hand as possibilities “against” Alzheimer, MS and many other illnesses which are primarily the result of an extremely polluted environment and lifestyle? The famous saying of Emanuel Felke is valid over and over again: “Cleansing is called healing”.

In my everyday practice three therapy components have especially proven themselves a lot:

  • Colon Hydro-Therapy (CHT) serves me in the practice also for general detoxification, so to speak the “coarse cleansing” not only of the large intestine but also of the organism altogether. Of course this is superficial, to bring the old excrement masses – in extreme cases up to 15 pounds – for removal. At the same time the whole organism is positively influenced through the system of the bodily humors and through the reflex zones.
    In the meantime it is discussed whether Morbus Parkinson has its origin in the bowel. The insight of Paracelsus that “death sits in the bowel” finds its acknowledgement over and over again. An ill bowel is always a massive burden for the whole organism.
  • MORA® BioResonance Therapy dissolves the poisons and activates their removal. Here Franz Morell combined the concepts of Chinese medicine with those of Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll and with those of homeopathy. Within the framework of this therapy the electro-magnetic connections of the toxins are dissolved and the body’s own regulation is put into operation.
  • REGENA Therapy extensively cleans up the entire biological system “person” and is determined by a triad:
    1. Opening the excretory pathways: Kidneys, bowel and liver must work optimally. At the same time always also think about the clean up [of contaminated sites] of the lymph pathways.
    2. Cleansing of the organism of all wastes, deposits, toxins and poison burdens.
    3. Regeneration of cell respiration and the metabolism and as a result also the organ function.

Altogether there are about 250 REGENAPLEXES to choose from. With these it concerns homeopathic complex remedies, which were conceived organ specifically by the biologist and company founder Günter C. Stahlkopf and which at the same time all also have a regenerative effect. Like in a box of building blocks the remedies are complementary among one another. The objective of every causally implemented therapy must be to recondition and to resolve all the burdens in the organism. A therapy is only really successful when the therapist is no longer needed, an objective which can be achieved over and over again anew with these preparations.

Please follow this link to see corresponding  “Practice Applications – Director’s Notes and Comments.

Two Examples from the Daily Practice

First Case Study

The 43 year old male patient clearly had problems with his stomach and bowel. During the course of his life he had received antibiotics about 8 to 10 times. As a result muscle pains and spleen enlargement appear as indications of the burdens. With effort and trouble he could work part-time. Psychically he was so instable he told his wife that – if it continued so – in one year he would hang himself.

On my advice he let his amalgam fillings be removed under preventive measures; then we began an intensive therapy according to the above mentioned basic concept of the combination of Colon-Hydro Therapy, MORA Therapy and REGENA Therapy including an amalgam detoxification. At the same time a healthy and full value nutrition according to my recommendations was a must. Within the framework of REGENA Therapy the corresponding remedy is used to clean up the excretory pathways, to redevelop the lymph and to remove the heavy metals.

Since then he is healthy and fully efficient, in spite of massive stresses in his occupation and in his private sector. Still years later he says; “I have not felt so good in my whole life.”

The Second Case Study

The 73 year old female patient came into my practice at the end of 2013 with massive skin rashes, which with great probability were due to the intake of allopathic medications. The itch was so severe that for weeks she could not sleep at night anymore. In order to transport the poisons out of the body as quickly as possible, I recommended Colon-Hydro Therapy accompanied by REGENA Therapy for her. The emphasis of REGENA Therapy was therefore bowel, kidney, liver and lymph. Within a very short time she can be helped. No longer like for many years, now the bowel works very well.

Recently however she comes again into my practice after a one and a half year break with the same problem. She reports that she has received from her family doctor three blood pressure medications, two cortisone preparations and two medications against diabetes. Obviously she suffers once again from an allopathic medication intoxication.

Thanks to the combination of Colon-Hydro Therapy, MORA Therapy and REGENA Therapy she is again substantially better within a very short time.

Figure 1: Female patient from Case Study 2 whose
massive skin rashes were apparently due to an
allopathic medication intoxication.


We all live in a polluted environment. None of us can really nourish and protect ourselves optimally. However we all – and above all us holistically thinking and working therapists – have the possibility to swim against the current. A healthy therapist is the best model for his patients. We can also still be happy, healthy and efficient at 80 and 90 years of age, there are enough examples for this.

An Exclusive Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published July 2015

From an article in CO.med, Vol. 21, May 2015
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2015, Olaf Schultz-Friese, HP, Bad Saulgau, Germany

About the author

Translator’s Footnotes:
* Also called Thalidomide
** Here the author used the name of the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. I have translated this colloquially here as “at the highest point”
*** N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine = Roundup by Monsanto


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