The Many Uses of Pulsed
Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

This issue is focused on clinical applications, and my topic is the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. I use the Medisend Super III in my practice, and it is in almost continuous use throughout the day.

One of the major uses is for allergy therapy. I have combined the Medisend with Sensitivity Removal Technique as outlined by Sherri Tenpenney, DO. Instead of using acupressure, I use PEMF as the treatment. I have also expanded the number of test items used to assess a person’s allergies, and have a success rate of over 95% by using this approach. Substituting the PEMF for acupressure increased the success rate by a large margin. Plus, it’s painless and ideal for use with children, including infants.

I have also had excellent results using PEMF in the treatment of migraines. It usually takes only one treatment to eliminate these headaches. I have not found this to be a “cure” in most cases, but rather a treatment to alleviate the acute pain from the migraine. Other modalities are usually required to address the underlying causes of the migraines.

Depression is another indication that I have had very good success with. This condition does often require several visits for best results, and in some people has resulted in a long term remission. However, I typically also start Neurotransmitter Therapy in order to address the major underlying disruptions that contribute to depression and other “psychological” issues. In some cases, other problems need to be corrected as well. Using these therapies, I have a success rate of about 100%.

Pain responds very well to PEMF, although again it might take several treatments in order to get a good response. I have had patients with chronic pain lasting for decades have a dramatic decrease in their pain levels with just a few treatments. I also combine other therapies with PEMF, such as Neural Therapy, manipulation, and Neurotransmitter Therapy for maximum results.

One of the most dramatic responses is with patients suffering from electromagnetic disruptions, including geopathic stress. This is where PEMF really shines, as it is a problem in the exact area that PEMF functions. It typically takes only one treatment to reverse these disruptions, which also enables any type of energetic testing to be much more accurate. Although symptoms can vary from person to person, the most common remark by patients is that they can think clearly again and their “brain fog” has lifted after a treatment.

The Medisend unit is also an excellent tool for testing. It can be combined with a computer based set of remedies or used with your own set of test samples. I have to admit that I don’t use this feature very much, as it’s being constantly used for treatment!

I have just touched on some of the more common conditions that I use PEMF for. The booklet that is provided with the Medisend unit lists many pages of conditions and protocols that can be used to treat these conditions. Because of the basic effect on the electromagnetic system of the body, PEMF can truly be used for any condition a person might present with. It has become an irreplaceable unit in my practice, and I encourage everyone to consider adding it to your therapeutic regimen.

Dr. Cole lectured on his experiences with PEMF at a scheduled Symposium within the Medicine Week Congress (2012), and the 39th Biological Medicine Tour to Germany program included a special English language seminar and workshop on the use of these devices.

The additional funding received from a price increase announced at that time has been applied directly to EC and international certification and registration procedures which have been recently instigated.

Follow this link to see his previous article: A Treatment Approach to Allergiews Usding Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

An Exclusive Article for Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published August 2014

© Copyright 2012, Dr. Ted Cole, Ohio, USA

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