And Efficiency / Sustainability
in BioResonance Therapy

Dear colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, today it is an honor for me to present to you for the first time in this way my empirical-evidence based therapy strategies for discussion. In principle I work in the area of functional diagnostics and therapy. The bases of my diagnostics consist of BioElectronics according to Prof. Vincent [BEV or BE-T-A], the darkfield diagnostics according to Prof. Enderlein as well as the MORA BioResonance Diagnostics and Therapy. In my daily work I see myself as a Heil“praktiker” [naturopath or in this instance healing practitioner] and not as a Heil“theoretiker” [natural or healing theoretician], but unfortunately without a bit of theory it also does not function. So I have written down some groundbreaking quotations and explain my small clear therapeutic philosophy with them . . .

“The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything”, Prof. Dr. Antoine Bechamp1 (1816-1908).

“Recognize the milieu of an illness, withdraw the fertile soil from it, and the illness dies by itself.” Prof. Louis Claude Vincent (1906-1988).

From this background I strongly recommend to all MORA therapists the diagnostics of the acid-base household, the redox potential and the measurement of the availability of minerals and electrolytes in the three body fluids of blood (immunology), saliva (digestive system) and urine (urogenital tract as well as the connective tissue). A disturbed milieu does not allow any good and sustainably successful BioResonance therapy, and yet it is so simple and easy to recognize and of course also to treat.

In this connection the darkfield diagnostics is mentioned as a qualitative milieu “view” which is then subsequently confirmed in our practice for the purposes of a cross diagnostics through the quantitative BE-T-A analysis according to Prof. Vincent. With a systemic acidosis in the Pischinger Spaces (connective tissue) the biochemical state of the connective tissues no longer corresponds to the physiological sol-state, thus a more fluid situation, but more to a “jelly”-like gel-state. Additional and similar to the second important quotation for my daily work:

“To this day it cannot yet be determined with certainty which chemical reaction is released in the cell by which frequency. Thus for me it only makes sense to treat with a very wide spectrum.” (Alexander Popp, 2012, son of Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp).

For us as MORA BioResonance therapists the decision of which mode, which filter and which amplitude can give a therapy is important. A-Bar mode2 has been proven for pain therapies and for metabolism therapies HD-Bar mode3. Interestingly these therapies succeed especially well if you give no frequency filter through the BioResonance device, but present all frequencies without filter and leave it to the patient’s body as a “sounding board” which particular frequency portions reach straight to the effect. Referring to the amplitude of the therapy signals, it is of an essential importance to measure this very individually and to bring it to the therapy.

Recalling the situation in the connective tissue with the physiological sol-state and the pathological gel-state, please imagine a pond which is filled with clear sol-water. In this pond, if you throw a stone with light strength into the middle of the pond, the waves (= therapy signals) will spread on and on out onto the surface in the direction of the shore and at last also come there onto the shore (= cell receptor). Now please imagine the pond filled with pathological gel-jelly. A stone must be thrown into the pond with much greater kinetic strength (= stronger therapy signal amplitude) in order to only approximately experience a similar spreading out of the waves, if it then comes at all.

For us as BioResonance therapists it is thus quite evident that for a systemic acidosis in the connective tissue the signal transmission of our MORA Therapy is only partly possible and a sustainability of the therapy success is only then presented if the physiological sol-state is reached and can be stabilized. It therefore needs a meaningful cooperation between the material therapy and the subtle material therapy. Because only the sight of a perfectly grilled steak on a plate already causes certain reactions in the body (and with you as a reader maybe already only the thought . . .), but then in order to complete the pleasure and also to become really full I would also like to be allowed to eat the steak and not just look!!

Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka from the USA were honored with the 2012 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. They have investigated the docking stations in the body cells which process external stimuli possibly in the form of chemical compounds or light (SpiegelOnline Wissenschaft, 10.10.2012)

Please use the knowledge of these excellent scientists as the background for explanation attempts of MORA BioResonance Therapy, so it can also be made clear to critics that we speak the language of the cells and their receptors with the MORA device as a “communicator” to the patient’s body. This is virtually analogous to a telephone call, only that with the telephone the frequency is audible and with MORA BioResonance the therapy signal does not run through the ears but rather through the receptors intended for it in the cell membranes.

At any time I would be pleased to exchange experiences, suggestions and advantages with like-minded persons, and to find out and to learn. I hope very much that we can get acquainted personally at one of the next meetings, conferences or symposia and now it pleases me very much to learn from you.

Warm greetings,
PaedDr. Uwe Uellendahl
Certified Sports Instructor and Heilpraktiker (Naturopath)

An Exclusive Article for Affiliates
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 2013

© Copyright 2013, Dr. Uwe Uellendahl, Cologne, Germany

Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

About the author

Since 2015 med. Consultant for KINDLING, Hanover, working with development and sales of specialized devices for the diagnosis and therapy of pseudoallergies. Since 2022 Pedagogical Specialist Graf Recke Foundation.
Member “Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker eV”
Board Member “Occidental Institute Research Foundation”, Canada


  1. This quote has also been attributed to his contemporary Claude Bernard, 1813-1878.
  2. Ā, inverted A = all incoming frequencies 180° phase shifted
  3. HD-Bar, harmonious + inverted disharmonious = all incoming frequencies separated by the MORA BioResonance filter into Harmonious oscillations and disharmonious oscillations with the disharmonious oscillations 180° phase shifted

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