Not Only Successful for Allergy Therapy

BioResonance Therapy has been established in Germany for over 20 years. This method is certainly best known for the treatment of allergies, but other operational areas were also established long ago. BioResonance Therapy belongs to the procedures of regulative medicine; it is designed to balance disturbed functional processes. After all, functions like body temperature (fever!), immune defense, digestion, metabolism or heartbeat, must be adjusted constantly for actual demands. Additionally, the body transmits biological information constantly and in different ways. Regulative influences over the nerve pathways (electrical impulses) or through the blood stream (among other things hormones and enzymes) are well known. Less known is that also electromagnetic oscillation information can activate or restrain biochemical processes.

The basic research on this subject was already carried out in the 1980’s and 1990’s. At that time we could prove that every organism possesses and generates(1) an electromagnetic field with characteristic frequency patterns of a particular intensity. The electromagnetic field of the body apparently has an effect on its physiological processes – and vice versa(2). For many years the Greek Research Center for Biophysics researched intensively on that, whether and how the body’s own regulation systems are steered on this electromagnetic level(3). The doctors working there could document for example in several studies, that we can use pathologically changed electromagnetic frequency patterns for therapy purposes, for example with epilepsy patients.

Where Do the Data and Experiences Come From?

Application examples from the practice are introduced in the following text. These [particular examples] come from BioResonance therapists who work with the BICOM device and who have published their experiences in publications or have delivered lectures within the framework of the annual BICOM Congresses (organizer: International Medical Study Group for BICOM BioResonance).

If figures in brackets are mentioned following described treatments these designate the selected programs which are stored away in the device.*

Bee and Wasp Poison Allergies

“With BioResonance Therapy allergies can both be tested pain free as well as be treated side effect free.” This can be claimed according to the Oberlandsgericht München** (14 May 2009, Az: OLG München, 6 U 2187/06). BioResonance Therapy is still controversial. One of the best known [BICOM] users is the pediatrician Peter Schumacher, MD who today is 86 years old. Already years ago he published a study with about 200 children allergy sufferers. The results were sensational: In more than 80 percent of the children their complaints had disappeared after therapy.

Besides the many children who suffered from neurodermatitis or allergic asthma, he also treated children with BioResonance Therapy who had reacted in some cases very violently to bee or wasp stings in the past. For instance eight year old Christian had come for Dr. Schumacher’s treatment because he had a wasp sting allergy for several years. He had already reacted many times to the stings with anaphylactic shocks, and consequently knew the procedures in an emergency.

Dr. Schumacher treated the boy against wasp allergen with three BioResonance Therapy sessions. For safety the doctor had advised him with the next wasp sting to act as if no therapy had taken place.

Then a few weeks later in the outdoor swimming pool Christian was actually stung by a wasp and immediately struck the alarm. The lifeguard notified a rescue helicopter which arrived a few minutes later. The landing at the swimming pool must have been a sensation for the boy, and he also enjoyed the flight into the clinic without a sign of an allergic reaction. The BioResonance Therapy had apparently made an effect!


In recent years this diagnosis has gained considerably in meaning, and an explosive increase of case figures is spoken of in the meantime. Up to now Heilpraktiker [Naturopath] Andreas Geier has successfully treated more than 30 Burnout patients in his Cologne practice.

Additionally he advises to differentiate in a comprehensive anamnesis whether it actually concerns a patient with burnout or a psychic illness, like for instance a bipolar disturbance. He treats only the burnout patients; if he suspects another diagnosis, he refers the patients to other suitable therapists. For him it is most important for treatment of burnout patients to discover the stresses forming the foundation. A high occupational strain releases not only feelings of stress but by it also triggers biochemical physical reactions – from muscle tension to high blood pressure and up to perception disturbances.

Besides, in his experience with burnout patients there are often other stresses:

  • Geopathy
  • Environmental impacts (electrosmog, radioactivity, environmental poisons)
  • Metals
  • Food substance intolerances
  • Viruses (e.g. Epstein-Barr)
  • Vaccinations
  • Scar disturbance fields

He also sees typical blockages over and over again in the burnout patient:

  • Laterality disturbances
  • Shock blockages
  • Stress blockages
  • Hyperacidity
  • Hormonal blockages in the hypophysis
  • Other blockages in the hormonal area
  • Blockages in adrenalin secretion

In principle he begins BioResonance Therapy with the basic program, then he treats – according to the testing – the remaining stresses. Blockages are resolved and poisons detoxified.

The detoxification is supported through ampules from the Five Element [Test Set] box which are applied to the patient. For him this is the ideal program for stabilization, which the detoxification makes easier and more tolerable. He also often uses a construction program with burnout patients.

He usually treats once per week, toward the end of the therapy also in biweekly intervals. If required for therapy support he uses Ayurvedic herbs and homeopathic remedies, and preferably also base remedies for reducing an acid milieu.

Chronic Pain

False regulations can also trigger pains. These disappear if the regulation ability of the body is again restored. Also joint functions can be improved with the help of BioResonance Therapy, as Naturopath and Physiotherapist Marcel Riffel describes. It can be assumed that burdened metabolism products and the disturbed information connected with them are frequent causes of pain. The Pischinger Ground Regulation System as you know regulates the extracellular fluid which on the one hand represents the nutritional medium of the cells and on the other hand serves as the conductor for the electromagnetic information transferred at the speed of light.

In the extracellular fluid pathogenic substances can accumulate (e.g. allergens, heavy metals, toxins, medication residues, viruses, fungi or bacteria) if the detoxification organs of the patients (liver, gall bladder, kidneys, lymph, bowel and skin) are overburdened.

The harmful oscillation information of these materials hinders the metabolism and the information exchange between the cells, so that the cell supply worsens and the self regulation of the body comes under pressure.

In order to reduce burdens the organism can detoxify pathogenic materials through the liver, kidneys and bowel, or – if this is not sufficient – they are stored in the poorly supplied with blood white bradytrophic connective tissue. These are for example cartilage, intervertebral discs, ligaments, tendons, ocular lenses, corneas, heart valves or the inner wall parts of the greater vessels. These tissues are only slightly or not at all capillarized, also poorly supplied with blood and metabolism poor. They are supplied above all by diffusion from the surrounding fluid. It is easily understandable that this storage of pathogenic materials burdens the supporting and motion systems.

Dr. Riffel has specialized in pain therapy with a special kind of bleeding: dry and bloody bleeding in combination with BioResonance Therapy. In the bleeding glassware are electrodes which steer the oscillation information of the withdrawn accelerator into the BioResonance device where they are converted into therapeutic oscillations and are led back into the patients.

Among other things with this combined method he intends a toxin elimination without burdening the internal organs, an activation and stabilization of the detoxification organs and a regulation of the muscle tension. In this manner in his experience the organism can be improved according to its self regulation and self healing forces.

Incidentally a Russian study(4) on patients with knee joint arthrosis already showed ten years ago clear advantages for the patient group which had received BioResonance treatment in addition to standard therapy. The pain decreased faster, the inflammation decreased faster and with measured reference numbers the treatment success was classified all together as better (94 versus 57.5 percent).


Some years ago a Greek research group(5) reported about their study results with epilepsy patients. The effects of a magnetic stimulation (EMS) on epileptics were examined. As a measuring method they used the magnetoencephalography (MEG), a method which is used above all for exact localization of epilepsy triggering brain areas. The use of the magnetic stimulation led to a quick attenuation of the MEG activity with the epilepsy patients. Simplistically expressed we can thus summarize that the seizures can be changed through magnetic oscillations.

Peter Kreisl, DSc produced a scientific elaboration for the Regumed Institute for Regulative Medicine. Among other things in his text he summarizes different experimental works by Photios Annino, Professor for medical physics at the Democritus University, Alexandroupolis. For Dr. Kreisl the work shows that not only the specific bioelectromagnetic field patterns of the brain in epilepsy patients are verifiable through the MEG measurement, but that the back transfer or back coupling of these field patterns to the patients leads to an annulment of the epileptic symptoms. The investigations were carried out with the help of a superconductive quantum interferometer (“SQUID”), because it is about ultrafine, thus as defined by physics about the extremely weak and extremely low frequency, bioelectromagnetic fields.

Practical experiences with the BioResonance treatment of epilepsy patients were presented by the Turkish general practitioner Dr. Sinan Akkurt from Izmir within the framework of the 52nd International Congress for BICOM Users(6). He had treated over the period of 1.5 years eight female and four male patients (ages from 9 to 40 years) with BioResonance Therapy. All patients were diagnosed by neurologists (EEG) in the public hospital or the university clinic, and were treated for years. Eight of the patients suffered from focal seizures, four from generalized. Everybody took one to four antiepileptics.

Dr. Akkurt’s tests proved that the patients suffered from different intolerances and burdens, for example candida (12 patients), heavy metals (12 patients), viruses (9 patients) or parasites (10 patients).

The first treatment step with all patients was the treatment of existing blockages, in the next step the detoxification organs were supported, and then followed the usual organ meridian program. Also the main allergens and burdens (Candida, viruses, bacteria, parasites) were treated. Only afterwards followed the symptomatic therapy *:

  • Epilepsy
  • Brain activation, left/right
  • Support of the immune system
  • Lack of energy
  • Activation of the vitality
  • Hormonal support
  • Nervous degeneration
  • Nervous system, autonomous
  • Circulation disturbances in the head area
  • Yin-Yang Balance

Additional individual measures come among other things from ampules out of the Five Elements Test Sets and individually tested Bach Flower remedies.

Dr. Akkurt carried out on average 35 treatments per patient. During the BioResonance Therapy the patients were in further neurological treatment where they observed the usual control visits. After the end of the BioResonance Therapy the patients were examined by different doctors. The result is encouraging: 60 percent of the patients could stop taking their drugs. For 83 percent a normal EEG appeared.

Especially impressive are two case studies from Dr. Akkurt’s practice:

  • A 23 year old hospital employee suffered for two years with epileptic seizures. Daily she had 4 to 10 attacks, took two antiepileptics (Valproinsäure and Topiramat) and lived quite withdrawn. After 38 treatments she is complaint free; her social life has changed positively.
  • A 14 year old schoolboy had 4 to 24 seizures daily for 13 years, above all in the summer and with heat. Therefore in 2005 two brain operations were carried out, he took three antiepileptics (Carbamazepin, Levetiracetam, Zonisamid).

Already after the first BioResonance appointment, the attacks decreased, he could reduce his medication and now only takes Carbamazepin. Only if he plays longer than one hour with the Play Station he gets a mild seizure.


Jürgen Hennecke, MD specialist for general medicine, experienced BioResonance Therapist and book author, summarizes as follows: “The age of the exclusive ‘biochemical’ control of illness with drugs draws towards its end. The ‘information age’ has already begun. Also medicine does not stop here. In the future technologies with ‘biophysical’ information transference will become self-evident fact. The BioResonance Method is a milestone along the way.”(7)

Tips for a successful BioResonance Therapy

  • The Alpha and Omega for therapy success is a carefully made diagnosis.
  • Additionally you should use a test method which you have well mastered.
  • Diagnoses from previous therapists should not be accepted uncritically.
  • After BioResonance Therapy patients who have already experienced serious allergic reactions should further carry their emergency [first aid] kit for absolute safety.

An Exclusive Article for Affiliates
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter
Published January 2013

© Copyright 2012, Ruth Auschra, Berlin, Germany
With our apologies, no further bio, cv or image information is available for this author.

From an article in Naturheilpraxis, Volume 65, August 2012
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

Translator’s Notes:
* Since most readers utilize MORA BioResonance devices rather than BICOM these figures have been deleted here to avoid confusion with similar MORA programs with a different numbering system.
** Higher Regional Court of Munich


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Comments from your Director

Over the years since the introduction of MORA and true BioResonance in the late 1970’s (now nearly 35 years ago) there have arisen a number of other companies (such as Regumed, Imedis and Holimed) who have developed their own replicas of Med-Tronik’s MORA devices. There have been some improvements in the technology and filter mechanisms of those replicas in recent years. However, because the biological filter system for separation of harmonious and disharmonious oscillations as designed by Dr. Franz Morell and Mr. Erich Rasche is proprietary to Med-Tronik, none of the replica devices will be as efficient or effective as MORA.

The introduction last year of the MORA Nova by Med-Tronik brings BioResonance Therapy into this century and far beyond the effectiveness of the replicas. However, we must thank those other companies for their enthusiasm – even though there has been little technical development on their part – and for their efforts in continuing to spread the information and knowledge about this amazing therapy worldwide.

As a result of the proliferation of BioResonance Therapy around the world (with all the various devices) we have seen an explosion of studies, papers, books and lectures outlining the latest and the newest applications. This practical information is applicable across the range of devices; however you will find that results with the MORA Nova (or even with the older MORA -Super, -Combi and III models) are much faster, more effective and more reliable when using true BioResonance Therapy.

The previous article was published in German in a recent issue of the Naturheilpraxis journal (in its 65th year of publication!). It is clearly written from the viewpoint of BICOM and their version of BioResonance Therapy. Occidental Institute does not sponsor, support or recommend the use of the BICOM device from Regumed.

Several of the applications discussed within the article by Ruth Auschra would have to be modified when utilized with the MORA Nova, however if acceptable success was achieved with BICOM, our MORA users will easily achieve that level of success more effectively and quickly. As one example from that article I found the treatment regimen of Dr. Sinnan Akkurt for epilepsy to be a bit overwhelming. The number of treatment sessions (at 38 for the one patient), the huge number of treatment programs (including a long list of symptomatic treatments) and the reliance on simplistic remedies must be necessary with the BICOM devices.

Working with the MORA Nova for better (or more sophisticated) assessment capability and the more efficient true BioResonance therapy, the practitioner should see results for this and all illnesses much more quickly. But, Dr. Akkurt has given us a basic procedure to consider when presented with an epileptic patient, and for this we should all be grateful!

I trust you will find much of interest in this information. Respectfully,

Carolyn L. Winsor-Sturm
Manasging Director & CEO

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