Mitochondrial Pathology, Cancer and MORA®

By Dr. med. dent. Gottfried Cornelissen
English translation by Marguerite Lane, ND

This text is primarily intended to be a continuation of Volume III Degeneration, Cancer and MORA. It is, however, possible to use it as a stand-alone text.

The most recent research results, with their brand new theoretical approaches differ from all of the conventional ideas of Tumour treatment, and everyone can benefit from them.

There are four main volumes, with a logical progression of topics:

  • Volume 1 The New Diagnostic System
  • Volume II Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, Cancer and MORA
  • Volume III Degeneration, Cancer and MORA
  • Volume IV Mitochondrial pathology, Cancer and MORA

As with the previous volumes, this volume emphasizes information which can be used in daily practice. In the case of the more complex topics, the reader will be referred to information in previous volumes.

All remedies mentioned in this text are included in the Electronic Homeopathy (ETS) test set installed with the MORA-Super or MORA-Nova. This ensures that the practitioner can perform all investigations described in this volume.

The author emphasizes in addition:

  1. the use of the Mebe ampoule, since a valid determination of excess or deficiency of micronutrients relies on the use of this ampoule
  2. quantifying the value of toxins and pathological processes is vital!

All four volumes were written by the same author. These volumes can only be purchased from Med-Tronik GmbH, Friesenheim, Germany.

This text of 190+ pages offers the latest information and developments from Dr. Cornelissen. It is well translated into [British] English by Dr. Lane. It is a step by step instruction that can stand alone but does refer back to previous volumes.

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