“It seems the past months have been sad ones as we have lost more of the “old rabbits” from our field. For some mystical reason we are seeing ever more losses of those who have been the innovators and the guiding lights of biological medicine.

In this issue it is my sad duty to inform you about the passing of longtime member and supporter Dr. Moki Uhara from Hawaii. Moki has been a member of the Institute for nearly thirty years. He has traveled to Germany several times on our Tours and attended many seminars. He was a healer, a practitioner, a mentor, a teacher and a very kind hearted man. We considered him a friend beyond just a colleague and member, and he was known and honored by many of our members. This is the last picture taken. Be at peace my friend.

Such losses seem to lend me words along with the tears. We have lost so many of the “elder” statesmen and women in this field over the past few years that it is brought home to me over and over again how important it is for us to ensure their knowledge and experience is not lost.

Since many of the German clinicians and researchers are unable – or even unwilling – to travel to North America, we are left with only publications and seminars (most often only in German) as a means of learning from them. Or, we can go to them!

But continuation of this legacy into the future should not be left only on the shoulders of Occidental Institute. Beyond the many companies and organizations offering quality German products in North America, we must ensure that the necessary education, research and information are available to younger and newer practitioners.

For the “39 and holding” crowd like myself that means you have to get out there and teach – share your experience, tutor a student doctor, teach at your naturopathic or professional college, write some articles for The Bridge (or Townsend or Explore or . . .) – but let us make as much information as possible available to our newer practitioners.

For our newer practitioners, it is definitely time for you to get involved. Come to the seminars, take in the Germany Tours, find a practitioner (like any of the docs on our OIRF Board of Advisors) to tutor or mentor you, and generally do whatever you can to increase your knowledge and experience base.

Let us all take up the challenge to ensure that the knowledge of these great men and women who have gone before us is not lost. Your support of Occidental Institute with memberships and seminar attendance helps us to continue this work into the future. We thank you for your support and ask you to pause in your busy day to honor these most recent of our losses.

Carolyn L. Winsor-Sturm
Managing Director and CEO

A Notice and Commentary for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 2010

© Copyright 2010, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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