The following article by Dr. Manfred Doepp was published recently in the CO’MED journal under the column title of “Thoughts and Reflections”. Beyond its personal interest for me, I hesitated to include this article not wanting to offend anyone. But then, on further retrospection I decided that it is an important concept and extremely well stated by Dr. Doepp – and it should make you think whether or not you agree with him. Dr. Doepp lectured during the OIRF Biological Medicine Symposium 2010, The Evolution of Natural Healing Methods in Vancouver, Canada on June 18, 2010.

A Plea for Full Brain Function

Thoughts and Reflections

The title of this article must or may appear odd at first sight. Formerly however Latin speaking academics were responsible only for their field of activity. Thus in the good old days the physician, the pharmacist, the priest and the teacher met in a Bavarian pub to play cards. No one would have talked to the other in his specialty with responsibility of the physician for the body, the priest for the soul and the teacher for intellect and memory (erroneously also described as the mind).

Why should this be wrong today?

Increasingly urgent in the present we discover that any narrow minded specialists plunge the world into misfortune.

Certainly this not only concerns the financial world in its absurd unreality, but all previous specialty areas. Pharmacists for example find themselves held to give out remedies that were pressed onto the market by the pharmaceutical industry which to an extent show side effects which by their prescribing or delivery come close to bodily injury. Increasingly often teachers show Burn-Out Syndrome because our education system is subjugated by the politicians with their outdated ideologies, however the rest are completely ignored. Physicians, who wish to carry out integral medicine, because it would be the only adequate form of medicine for the complexity of the human being, despair about the unreasonable demands and pressures to which they are exposed. And finally the priests? They must announce a system that talks the people into believing sins and makes them unhappy, that Jesus preferred death on the cross and to present the content without his glad message and [thus] in their machismo related one sidedness not only as left brained but also described as an expression of a machismos.

If we look around in the world, we discover that the monotheistic religions and churches tend, to a high degree, toward fundamentalism and fanaticism. Could a connection exist here? It may be that all the people representing God frequently spoke of his love for all people, but fear and obedience actually stood in the foreground. Thus for example Moses had all Israelites who would not submit to the wilderness God Yahweh killed. This practice was found in the course of missionary work as few as even a hundred years ago in so called Christianity. Free will, as a gift from God to all of his children all of the time, was without exception lip-service, we think only of “Cuius regio – eius religio”.

If a contrast seems to open between the USA and the Islamists, then behind it is a big resemblance between those who chose George W. Bush the Evangelical and the fanatical Muslims. Apparently each side does not know the mirror law, according to which what excites me in the other, I myself have in me. Actually, self knowledge would also be in demand in the Middle East where the Israelis and the Palestinians finally are the great-grandchildren of the same ancestor Abraham / Ibrahim. They fight against each other not because of their differences, but rather because of their similarities. A quality that is always to be found in such conflicts is an intransigence or stubbornness, the refusal to empathize with the other. Here we come again to monotheism, in that nevertheless the respective God insists on being the only one which may be worshipped and holds sovereignty, as being an “agitated and jealous God”. This description would be a blasphemy in itself, because such machoistic and immature behavior is unworthy for a real God. However in such an atmosphere to “become like a child” is not possible because emotionalism and devotion are not compatible with fear and obedience. The emotional-hemisphere cannot be fulfilled, thus the feminine in every person (partly also in the man) remains displaced, if not suppressed. Such a religion is far away from integral comprehensiveness, while polytheistic or God-free religions contain either a feminine God or a benevolent Dao / not seen or found everywhere. Punishments by a man’s God are unknown in these cultures, by contrast there exists a just law of cause and effect without strange ideas like those of an everlasting hell.

Now we come to medicine:

Let us look at their authoritarian and hierarchical structures in our civilization, also very like demigods in white and the God of an almost omnipotent pharmaceutical industry, thus we discover a series of correspondences. In both cases it concerns a pyramid. Admittedly women are represented in the lower levels in large numbers, however in the corps of bosses and professors you find only a small representation of the allegedly weaker gender, nevertheless on the inside the stronger gender. Medical students distinguish themselves by the fact that after their studies they have lost to a great extent their previous ability for empathy. Their memories are filled with the pharmaco-dynamic and phamaco-kinetic qualities of artificial molecules, which have nothing to do with the nature of people and that show a 70% success rate with a 30% side effect rate. The relationship of 70/30 → 2 is already viewed as a success.

If young doctors can recite this down, then they are recognized. Self healing abilities are not strengthened, although a subsiding of the symptomatology is often based on them, not because of, but in spite of the manipulative therapy.

In the battle against procedures taken from nature fundamentalism and fanaticism are widespread in the clinical area.

The principle of trial and error controls the treatments, without objectification and/or individualization.

Fig. 1: The Great Goddess, appeared as a crop circle near Alton Barnes,
England on 27.07.2008, executed in wood by Anton Wille (Nufels).

In the future they will describe our time with shudders as prehistoric, as a pre-scientific era, you cannot describe poking in the therapeutic haystack as science. Intuition and evidence combined would be a good alternative. Evidence however not as a schematism founded on statistics in the literature whose results are largely falsified, but rather as pre-therapeutic effect evidence. There is only one who can judge the necessity of medicines, this is the organism together with its energy fields. The left sided brain cortex of the therapist can oppose the few adequacies. The British are more honest here as they know the concept of “Opinion Based Medicine”, thus are based on the opinions of those who are located higher above in the pecking order. The trust of patients in white dressed authorities is still just as great as that of church believers in their cardinals in high places, without whom you can find no ostensible way to health or to God.

Our society and especially its politics are corrupted by the application of billions of Euros on the side of “pharmaceutical industry research” with which physicians, health insurance schemes and many institutions are bribed.

Lobbyism as a deeply undemocratic procedure is generally acknowledged, although it is the “only responsible conscience” diametrically opposed to our “peoples’ representatives”.

The politician caste, absolutely comparable to the priest caste, in their unwarranted claim is the [only] right way to know and to represent. You could also ask as a follower of the analogies whether there is also a caste in the upper ranks of our medicine? After all they hold together like bad luck and sulfur (!), cut themselves off, are unapproachable with respect to the wish of the majority of the population for natural medicine and absolutely represent the priority of chemical medicine. An application of energetic information methods (physics of waves, fields and harmless radiation) is rejected.

After the post-conclusions of our anti-authoritarian movement (“68er”)* lose meaning, the “musty smell of a thousand years” again arrives on the scene, as a “false giant” on clay feet: the closer you come, the smaller he becomes. You can thereby predict with some probability that during the next years the number of scandals will become so big (see ZDF Broadcast Frontal 21 from 09.12.2008), that the Götterdämerung [twilight of the Gods] of authority is coming. The quality of the time demands that everything which maintains a rule unwarrantedly or without actual basis and which lays claim to be a model will be disavowed and lose its position. This concerns all mentioned castes.

There are further analogies:

Preferentially, conventional medicine treats symptoms, therefore the surface. Causes at the beginning of the pathogenetic chains are only rarely looked for and found, and therefore are also seldom treated. If you look at the hit list of the sales turnover numbers for chemical medicines (others come out only sporadically), so it is depressor, blocker and antagonist. None of this medicine removes the cause.

How does it look here with the macho God of our churches? Is it what Jesus Christ said and wanted? The clear answer: No. Christianity is based on Peter and Paul. Peter demonstrated none of his own spiritual development to what Jesus many times clearly addressed. Paul was not an apostle, his authority was based on a subjective interpretation which he postulated without proof. On the other hand it was women like Mary Magdalene, Mary, Martha and the biological brothers of Jesus who understood his teachings. They were gotten rid of, the church was not re-formed Jewish, but rather was formed Greek-Roman. An undesirable development because the Jewish teachings knew Ruach** and Schechina***, the great goddess or the Holy Ghost. The representatives of the macho God could only build a Macho-Church without and against them.

Here in the time after Jesus death you also see that the churches cure around the symptoms without going near to these quoted causes. Instead a rational one-sided science of theology was built up, although by principle understanding can have no access to the divine. You could at least call it “theology” if the God Mother was allowed to step up to honor beside the God Father. But the people sense the deficit, and also the popes, otherwise how would you explain the stronger and stronger growing worship of the Virgin Mary?


If we look again at the initially mentioned specialties no longer side by side and separated, then we recognize everywhere the same mistaken principles. By calling into question the mono- and macho-structures in religion and medicine and by substituting integral examination, through content instead of form, through cause instead of effect, through full instead of left sided brain function, through complexity instead of simplicity, through controlled circuits instead of laboratory values, and through fully valid inclusion of the feminine qualities a lot could and would be improved.

*  The German student movement (also called 68er-Bewegung, movement of 1968, or soixante-huitaires) was a protest movement that took place during the late 1960s in Germany.
** Ruach Elohim, the Hebrew Name for God
*** Shekhinah (Schechina) is the English spelling of a grammatically feminine Hebrew language word that means the dwelling or settling, and is used to denote the dwelling or settling presence of God especially in the Temple in Jerusalem.

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published June 2010

From an article in CO’MED, No. 3, 2010
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2009, Dr. med. Manfred Doepp, Prien, Germany

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