For this issue, some comments from Dr. Brian L. MacCoy, Idaho, USA

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International journal of oncology   ISSN 1019-6439

S-acetyl glutathione

Reduced apoptosis is associated to cancer development. Agents able to restore the programmed cell death responsiveness of cancer cells are foreseen as potential effective cancer therapies. In this study, we report that a glutathione-S-derivative, S-acetyl-glutathione (Sag), induces significant apoptosis in three human lymphoma cell lines. We used Annexin-V FACS analysis and DNA laddering to demonstrate that Sag activated apoptosis in the three sensitive cell lines in a dose- and time-dependent fashion. Sag generated an intracellular GSH depletion in Daudi, Raji and Jurkat. These data provide direct evidence that Sag specifically activates programmed cell death in lymphoma cells through, at least in part, a depletion of intracellular GSH rather than an increase, as previously suggested. Because of its selective effect on cancer cells, Sag appears as a promising new lymphoma cell apoptosis inducer with potential clinical value for lymphoma patients.

Note from Dr. MacCoy: Standard oral dose recommended is between 60 and 100 mg QD to QID – Dr Brian MacCoy

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published February 2010

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