May 2009

Submitted by: Brian L. MacCoy, NMD, Idaho, USA

Question: I have a friend who got a bad cut on his head. I treated the cut only with BioPhotons and the wound healed up within 10 days without scars. Truly amazing. But, he also has quite bad psoriasis on his scalp. After the BioPhoton treatments he came back to me with the news that his psoriasis had improved markedly – and guess what? He started growing more hair! Oops, I guess we fixed it too good. At any rate, I will continue a further short series of BioPhoton treatments, but can you give me some further tips for alternative remedies he can use for his scalp?

Answer: While the healing is happening, have him take the German Wobenzymes (not the American ones) 3-4 about ½ hour away from food. Add 200 mcg Seleno-methionine (selenium) twice daily plus a colostrum formula (or mixed acidophilus caps) 3 times daily – all internally. The Betadyne lotion (Betaderm) he has been using is pretty strong but is okay to use 2 or 3 times a week. In between have him use “no more tears” shampoo. But the major healing will come about from the BioPhotons and he should see almost immediate results.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published June 2009

© Copyright 2009, Dr. Brian MacCoy, ID USA

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