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Yet another warning and “beware”!

I recently received my latest issue of the Colloidal Silver Update. Here are a few excerpts from that newsletter for your immediate attention:

Ever since the FDA wrote their infamous “Final Ruling” on colloidal silver back in 1999, they have been relentlessly pushing the notion that silver is “ineffective” as an anti-microbial or infection-fighting agent. But now, a new crop of bureaucrats are actually questioning whether or not silver works too good, and might eventually pose a danger to our nation’s rivers, lakes and streams if enough of it gets into the environment and begins to kill off the “ecologically important” bacteria our fragile eco-system supposedly depends on. . .

[I later published an article] under the title of “Big Business Moves Into Silver-Based Antimicrobials In a BIG Way.” The article revealed how dozens of large businesses were beginning to use silver as an infection-fighting agent in numerous applications. These applications included everything from disinfecting city drinking water…to sanitizing soda pop bottles…to killing microbes on food processing machinery…and even sanitizing towels, dish rags and bedding in the laundry using a new washing machine from Samsung that injects tiny particles of colloidal silver into the rinse cycle. . .

. . . a whole new crop of bureaucrats – this time environmental bureaucrats – are sowing new seeds of doubt about silver. But this time they are doing so with a new twist.

The twist is this: Instead of standing by the FDA’s false claim that silver is “ineffective”, the environmental bureaucrats admit that silver is actually an astonishingly effective infection-fighting agent. Yes, perhaps too darn effective, they say. In fact, the environmental bureaucrats claim that silver is so effective, if too much of it is released back into the environment, it could harm our fragile eco-system by wiping out “an ecologically important bacteria”. Therefore, the use of silver in products, as well as the use of silver-producing devices, must now be regulated by the government! . . .

In short, the bureaucrats are going to use the environmental angle to justify controlling colloidal silver production and usage. Within a very short period of time, they are going to pass new regulations, and with the stroke of a pen companies will only be able to sell silver-based antimicrobial products if they can prove they are not going to harm some “ecologically important” bacteria in the environment!

Manufacturers have only until March 23, 2009 . . . to register with the EPA . . .

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