Here is a brief outline of our Tour #35 schedule:

Sunday (Nov. 2): Tour delegates met at our Munich airport hotel this evening for an informal welcome reception. Most North Americans had to leave on Saturday to get to Germany on Sunday, due to North Atlantic flight schedules and losing time zones. Because participants join us from all over the world, everyone made their own airline arrangements.

Monday (Nov. 3): Our deluxe motor coach took us from Munich to Baden-Baden. In the afternoon a half day seminar sponsored by SANUM-Kehlbeck featuring Dr. Thomas Rau and Dr. Hester Ladewig.

Tuesday (Nov. 4): A presentation from Dr. Frank Beck and Mr. Harold Becker from Advanced Medical Systems (magnetic field therapy) right in a meeting room of our hotel. In the afternoon a short journey to Friesenheim to visit the Med-Tronik manufacturing plant and heard two lectures on MORA Therapy in their beautiful seminar room about information on smoking cessation from Dr. Uwe Uellendahl and pain therapy using MORA-Color from Dr. Zenon W. Gruba.

Wednesday (Nov. 5): The whole day at Medicine Week. I hope they all had lots of room in their suitcases for the bags of information and samples they picked up today. But, in the afternoon some escaped to the famous Baden-Baden baths – or, some “retail therapy”.

Thursday (Nov. 6): Another half day at the Medicine Week Congress to finish their attack on the stands and to meet with distributors. In the afternoon, a presentation by Dr. Frank Blomeyer and Mr. Peter Thurmann from AMSAT-HC on their Global Diagnostics unit.

Friday (Nov. 7): Early this morning our deluxe motor coach brought us back to our Munich airport hotel (that afternoon and evening were “free” and gave participants a chance to rest, travel into Munich for shopping – or – to get together for a good German beer!

Saturday (Nov. 8): This was the big day! A full day with Dr. med. Univ. Ivan Engler. This day alone was worth the cost of the tour! He is a dynamic speaker who is anxious to tell us about the research on Inhaled Ionized Oxygen he has completed over the past three years. Mr. Christian Schörghofer from CSTronik (Oxygen Ion 3000 unit) also made a short presentation.

The tour officially ends this evening after our Goodbye Banquet and certificate ceremonies (hotel room is of course included).

Sunday (Nov. 9): Fly home from Munich anytime today if you wish, and North Americans even get home the same day due to gaining time zones.

Here is a report from your fearless leader, Carolyn Winsor-Sturm. All tour participants were more than happy with the tour program and it was a great opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal basis.

A special report on our 2008

 “Medicine Week” Group Tour to Germany

This year I decided to approach my report on this tour program a little differently. You can see our busy schedule on the previous page, and everything went down almost exactly as planned. In spite of lower attendance again this year, this was an excellent group and besides learning “a lot” we had a lot of fun (should we mention the lesson from the lady doctor from Mexico on how to correctly drink Tequila?). Here is my report on some of the lectures and speakers we heard.

SANUM-Kehlbeck: We had to leave Munich VERY early to make it into Baden-Baden in time for lunch and the afternoon sessions. Here we heard Dr. Thomas Rau speak about cardiology problems and cancer as well as a lady doctor from Switzerland, Dr. Hester Ladewig speak about fibromyalgia. All lectures were very informative and of course gave us important application information concerning the SANUM remedies. This course was attended by approximately 100 practitioners from around the world.

Advanced Medical Systems with Dr. Frank Beck and Mr. Harold Becker: I cannot say enough good words about this firm and their products. This lecture was very dynamic and introduced us to the basic concepts developed by Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ludwig in magnetic field therapy. We not only saw the large “everything in a single system” practice packages, but also the many smaller devices that you can use yourself and sell to your patients. Already Dr. KPC from Hong Kong has been providing these units directly to his patients with superb results and great success. Dr. Brian Mac Coy who recently placed a full system into his practice was very excited about the information he received and he even managed a short “training” session later at their Med-Week stand.

So what is all the excitement about? Here – in brief – are some of the notes I managed to get down during their lectures about the small devices which are so popular and so effective. You can see more in depth descriptions both on our website and on theirs

Starting with the “little Ludwig”, the AMS MEDISEND has been available for 30 years. It is the smallest pulsating magnetic field therapy instrument in the world, and generates an electromagnetic bio-field which is a replica of the one in undisturbed nature. It cares for your “biological normality” day and night, prevents disturbances, harmonizes your organism and helps you to achieve a feeling of well being and relaxation. It offers 9 different programs with which you can prevent (for example) electro-sensitivity, sensitivity to weather, lack of concentration, exhaustion and insomnia. There is a microprocessor and ampule holder for the input of substrate oscillations [= homeopathic substances, Bach flowers, etc.]. If you must “wear” a cell phone, this little device (not much bigger than a matchbox) will easily counteract the effects – testable immediately! All of you should be using this “little Ludwig” yourselves, and it is very useful (almost mandatory) for your busy executive, A-type personality, cell phone carrying patients.

The AMS MEDICUR is a pulsating magnetic field instrument with three programs which have been used successfully for many years in relieving pain and is approved throughout the EU (Medical Product Laws, Class II b). It comes with an additional 2 kHz frequency and activates your body’s own healing powers in a natural way. It supports self regulation and detoxification of your body, and thus helps you to counterbalance a lack of energy, exhaustion, nervousness, lack of concentration, insomnia and weather sensitivity. It switches itself off automatically after 10 minutes and is handy and simple to operate. Again, this is a device that can be sold directly to your patients to assist them especially with pain problems.

METRONOM Solar is the only pocket magnetic field instrument with automatic basic program and four individual frequency programs with three available biological standards. There is also an automatic “sun” program. These programs can be used selectively in cases of lack of energy and exhaustion, lack of concentration and inattentiveness, restlessness, electric sensitivity and electromagnetic pollution as well as relaxation. Because of its physiological magnetic field it reaches the intracellular region which is an important requirement for the treatment of chronic complaints caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. It switches off automatically after 30 minutes, and automatically runs through all frequencies (in harmonics up to 10 MHz) from Hulda Clark and Royal Rife.

The AMS METRONOM C is similar to the previously described METRONOM Solar, however for the first time it now has an additional storage location for a so called “BIOWAVE”. The C also indicates that it is a digital unit that can communicate with the full “everything in a single system” devices. Thus the BIOWAVE’s (or remedy information) can be transferred onto this device for individualization of the patient’s therapy. Got it? That means (by using the applicable AMS devices) you can transfer specific remedies onto this little hand held device (about the size of a cigarette package) for each patient!

The MEDICUR Color combines seven solar frequency spectra with the pulsating magnetic field. You benefit from the bio-energetic power of the colors at the same time as the pulsating magnetic field. The seven colors can be used either individually or in combination (120 possible combinations). This device can stimulate the self regulation of your organism and activate your body’s own healing powers. It can be used for psychosomatic, neuro-vegetative disorders and brings your physical and mental capabilities into balance, and should not be missing in any color therapy practice!

The CEPES-Laser satisfies an extremely wide range of applications and is therefore used worldwide by a broad range of practitioners. This device offers three forms of treatment: red light laser, pulsating magnetic field, and substrate transient response [= carrier for remedy information]. Each individual component has already proved to be highly effective; however by using all three possibilities at the same time, you can gain a highly effective synergetic effect. You can achieve local and systemic effects at the same time. Long term, its use is better and significantly cheaper than any treatment with acupuncture needles.

The “everything in a single system” packages are fully described on the websites and in the literature. Dr. Mac Coy is already reporting amazing results with many of his patients and we are looking forward to some articles and papers from him soon with more details on his findings. When you’re ready to place a full system into your practice, call and talk to Carolyn about the possibilities.

I know, I have to move on to our other tour activities, but I think you can see how excited we are about this high quality (and extremely effective) instrumentation. Note that although there are still a number of the old INDUMED units floating around out there in your practices, this older technology is not capable of duplicating the many effects and communication possibilities of the newer devices. The INDUMED is none-the-less still an effective and powerful treatment tool.

And so, on to our Wednesday and Thursday visits to the Medicine Week Congress. This is so exciting – even for those of us who have attended year after year. One of our participants who is fluent in German was able to register to attend several lectures and the rest of us had a great time roaming the four floors of exhibits and stands. There is so much information and technology available that it is hard to describe this experience. Participants were able to speak directly with instrumentation companies (those recommended by OIRF, and many that are not), meet and talk to representatives from dozens of German remedy companies, see the latest and craziest technology, and find the most sublime examples of effective and practical gems of information. The hours spent at this Congress speed away so quickly you are reluctant to head back to our bus for return to our hotel!

Then, on Thursday afternoon the second presentation about which I cannot say enough good words. We heard a lecture from Dr. Frank Blomeyer and Mr. Peter Thurmann from the Holistic Concepts company that brings us the AMSAT Global Diagnostics device. Not only is this effective and high quality diagnostic equipment, but the company itself is one of the best German companies I have ever dealt with. They are very cooperative and more than willing to help out with training and support.

You’ll see a brief article by Dr. Ted Cole in this issue of The Bridge with his initial comments on his new unit. Dr. Brian Mac Coy and Dr. Zenon Gruba have also recently placed these devices into their practices with great success. All 3 of these docs will be assisting with training for those of you considering using this device in your practice.

But, what was so exciting? Well, you can see the basic information on our website or request the larger brochure from Elaine, but it is the concept that is so appealing. Although based on a Russian design, this unit is manufactured in Germany by Mr. Dieter Jossner of the medical electronics firm (they are the developers and manufacturers of the BioPhoton device). That’s one of the main reasons we know this device works and does what is claimed for it. What it does is take an overall (or global) picture of the patient. You do a series of readings that takes about one minute and which is completely delegable to your assistant. Then, with some instruction and study you can obtain very deep and accurate diagnostic information about your patient. It’s reliable, fast and accurate.

But, at this point the drawbacks are as follows: installation of the software that drives the device is complicated (no you can’t just load it and run), interpretation of the charts can be complicated, and testing of medications is complicated and awkward. However once the software is loaded, you’re ready to rock’n’roll with no further difficulties. The software is clear and relatively easy to learn, we have recently translated a lot of instructions into English which makes chart interpretation easier and all of you are already testing medications with other methods anyway.

Am I excited about the AMSAT? You bet, and I highly recommend this objective diagnostic method as an adjunct in the practices of all our members!

The next morning it was “on the road again” and back to Munich for some much needed fun or relaxation time. But, the really big and important presentation was still awaiting us. On Saturday morning Prof. Dr. Ivan Engler began his lectures which included details of the research and developments within the VNS diagnostics and the inhaled Ionized Oxygen therapy methods since we last saw him three years ago. This man is amazing! At 77 years old he is the picture of health, vitality and intellect and kept all of us on our toes to keep up with his presentation. Mr. Christian Schörghofer from the CSTronic company in Austria accompanied Dr. Engler and gave each of us practical demonstrations in the use of these devices.

And why is this method so important to our practice? Well, I don’t know how to summarize Dr. Engler’s six hours of lectures in a way that will portray his enthusiasm and detail. You can refer to the three articles by Dr. Engler which I translated for Issues #2, 3 and 4 for much more detail than I can give you here. Dr. Engler received a standing ovation from the entire group (which included practitioners who came for only this single day of lectures). You can see further information about this instrumentation on our website and on theirs at

There is no longer any scientific doubt about the effect of either of these methods. The Vagotonic-Normotonic-Sympathicotonic diagnostics can be utilized in any practice to great effect and the VNS unit itself easily combines with the Inhaled Ionized Oxygen therapy device for clear results. There are now numerous studies and published research articles that support the clinical and medical status of these methods. Both are ISO, CE and EU certified as Medical 13485 Class II devices.

And the most important news of all in regard to this therapy is that Dr. Engler in cooperation with Mr. Schörghofer (for CSTronics) and myself (Carolyn for OIRF) has named our own Dr. Karim Dhanani as his protégé. Over the next few months Dr. Dhanani will be working to revise and update the seminar presentations, and then will meet with Dr. Engler and Mr. Schörghofer in Austria in the spring for further training and discussions. This means, folks, that we will have our own English language instructor and researcher right here at OIRF.

This diagnosis and therapy method is so easy to apply. You can – for sure – delegate application to your assistant. It’s this simple. With the VNS Diagnosis 3000 unit placed on top of your Oxygen Ion 3000 unit (and hooked up of course) the patient places their hands on the shiny gold-plated electrodes. You push “start” and the VNS unit takes a reading and sends the recommended therapy program directly to your IO2Th unit. Then you push “start” again and the therapy commences – so easy even doctors can do it! And yes – it works with an oxygen concentrator! What can I say? – my VNS unit (which to date I’ve avoided purchasing because of the cost factors) will arrive any day now. We are very excited and with more of the members of the Board of Advisors using these devices in their practices you will hear much more about these methods in the future.

This then is the cutting edge information that our Tour #35 group participants acquired during this program. It was a “not to be missed” event that is now history. Elaine has promised to put together a PowerPoint or slide show from all of my pictures that will soon be posted on our website. Watch for it to relive these wonderful memories.

For those who did join us this year, I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time away from your practices to participate in this program. I still strongly believe that you are the practitioners who will be successful in the coming difficult economic times – you have the latest information, knowledge, skills and “tools of your trade” to make it work. I send my heartfelt congratulations to each of you on your foresight. We’ll look forward to seeing you again next year.

For those who could not join us this year, make your decision to attend next year and mark the time off your schedule now. With the ever increasing costs and difficulties to sponsor these week long intensive educational programs, there is no guarantee how long we will be able to continue offering this service.

However I am pleased to advise that we have been invited to organize one full English language lecture day that will be a part of the actual Medicine Week Congress for 2009. Plans are already underway to make that prestigious and historical event as exciting as this year’s program. Dates for Tour #36 are tentatively set for November 1 to November 7, 2009 [don’t say I didn’t give you lots of advance notice about this puppy!] and I’ll talk about this more in another article.

And so, dear members, that is my report on our Biological Medicine Tour #35 to Germany. With plans already underway for next year, the excitement and anticipation are starting to build already. Will you be meeting us in Frankfurt next November??

An Exclusive Article for members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2008

© Copyright 2008, OIRF, BC Canada

About the author

  • Founding director, administrator and executive director of Occidental Institute; the first English language acupuncture “school” in North America founded 1972 which over the years developed into the largest educational and promotional advocate of Biological Medicine until its closing in 2018.
  • 35 years experience with medical and technical translation and literary research in English, French and German.
  • Participation in every seminar, workshop and tour program sponsored by OIRF
  • Participation in more than 35 Medicine Week Congress programs as well as events too numerous to count sponsored by German instrumentation, homeopathic and research organizations
  • Training and certification in multiple Biological Medicine Methods including BioResonance Therapy, EAV, AMA, VEGA, Mayr Therapy, Ionized Oxygen Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, BioPhoton Therapy, the so-called Global Diagnostics and many others.
  • As a teacher, lecturer and author she has already trained hundreds of practitioners from diverse English-speaking countries.
  • Her passion and insight provide an overall view of the most effective German Biological Medicine diagnostic and therapeutic methods

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