Geopathic stress is a form of energy that originates underground. It will typically run in straight lines 12-36” wide. The effect will extend vertically, so simply moving up a story or two in a building is of no use in avoiding it. Different stress zones can intersect, and these areas are even more potent and dangerous than the individual areas. Various mineral deposits and water formations are common sources of this energy. Many different types have been described and studied, but for our purpose, only one fact is critical: they are all harmful to humans.

The harm occurs when one is sleeping in an area of Geopathic stress. It takes about 6 weeks to become evident with testing, and about 6 weeks for the effects to wane once the person is removed from the exposure. However, the damage done by the exposure can be severe, and I always treat anyone who tests positive for Geopathic stress. When testing is done, no attempt is made to determine the type of exposure as all are harmful. The treatment is always the same and is mandatory if the person is to be able to heal: the person must stop sleeping in the area of Geopathic stress. Various remedies can also be used to help recover and reverse some of the damage done by the exposure.

Sleep is the phase of day in which the body rests, recuperates, goes through detox processes, and regenerates. Exposure to Geopathic stress disrupts all of these processes, making it very difficult for the person to heal. In addition, sleep itself is often disrupted putting further stress on the system. Over time this takes a tremendous toll and disease is the final outcome. Exposure during the day while awake and active has little to no harmful effects although some people are acutely sensitive to any exposure.

Geopathic stress is a trigger for many illnesses, the most noteworthy being cancer. I have seen only one cancer case in which Geopathic stress was not present. In addition, many neurological conditions (ALS, MS, etc.) also show positive for exposure. I always check for this in any patient with “weird” or difficult to diagnose symptoms, as well as any chronic and/or serious health problems that have not responded to therapy.

Geopathic stress can be detected easily enough in the environment by several means. However, there is no way to block its effects. ALL agents, devices and procedures are ineffective. The bad news is that some of these methods can work temporarily giving one a false sense of success. When measured later it will have returned. This process can take from 3-4 weeks but the Geopathic stress will always return. The only safe procedure is to move one’s bed from the area.

The following cases will give some typical findings:

ALS patient: Geopathic stress over the entire body.

Prostate cancer: Geopathic stress from the upper thigh to near the umbilicus

Migraines, dizziness, and brain fog: Geopathic stress from the collarbone to the top of the head

Breast cancer: Geopathic stress from the neck to the diaphragm

It’s typical that the Geopathic stress is present in the areas affected by the illness. When there is more than one organ in the area, it’s the weak link that shows the damage first. If patients want to have their home checked for Geopathic zones in their home I refer them in the United States to The American Society of Dowsers. This group has a list of people on their website with contact information. However, I must stress that their attempts to block the stress will only work on a temporary basis. If there are no safe zones in the house then moving out is the only option.

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Published October 15, 2006

© Dr. Theodore J. Cole, Ohio, USA

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