pH definition: symbol for the logarithm of the reciprocal of the H+ ion concentration.

I just completed teaching a seminar where I was interrupted by a young lady who desperately needed to try and impress me (and the audience) with how much she knew about the cause of disease. It seems she had read a book that explained “Everyone” knows and believes that death is caused by the presence of free radicals. She proceeded to ask me if I believed that to be so – and of course I said no. Fortunately she wasn’t too rabid to listen to my explanation.

The bottom line for me is pH balancing is a basic function that no matter what else you do, if you have not accomplished this, you are wasting valuable time. Now, if you disagree with me you can stop reading and save yourself some time, or you can read on and run the risk of perhaps getting your mindset changed. To explain, I will briefly discuss a number of factors starting with Energy Medicine.

The matrix of energy medicine is invisible but real. The cells in our bodies are like iron filings that align themselves to invisible lines of force (meridians, etc). As a physician if you are not treating causes but just the symptoms, you are just moving around the filings (working on the physical level) but not dealing with the underlying magnetic fields (working on the energetic level), and thus you are not getting to the root of the issue. So if you want to deal with the real level of cause, you have to work on strengthening the energetic lines. For diagnostic purposes it is intriguing to know that energy shifts precede changes in physiology [1].

However, assuming that energy shifts always precede changes in physiology can be a mistake. That is dangerously close to saying there is always an improvement (or worsening) of the soul (our human energy) before there is an improvement of the physical body. I do not think that Dr. Leskowitz means to imply this, but I do not know. Therefore, I will proceed with the concept that any level (body, soul, or spirit) can interact and influence any other level.

As we know, energy is produced in a pH shift. Measurement of pH is one of the most important and frequently used analytical procedures in biochemistry since “pH determines many important features of the structure and activity of biological macromolecules, and thus of the behavior of cells and organisms” [2]. The result of a change of a strong acid to a neutral salt is to reduce the concentration of alkaline elements such as Na, Ca, Mg, and K in the blood and then in the extracellular fluid. It is this lowered concentration of alkaline elements which is one of the ways our body produces the acidic condition. “In order for us to be healthy…we must re-supply the lost alkaline elements” [3], through adequate supplementation.

Without adequate mineralization of the blood and thus the body, free radicals will not be formed and neutralized, energy will not be liberated or generated, and pH will not be balanced – acidic when this cell needs acid and alkaline and when that other biochemical reaction needs base. Energy production is a basic fact of life, but it cannot occur if a biochemical reaction does not occur. My personal comment is that for diagnostic purposes, it is intriguing to know that energy shifts coincide with changes in physiology.

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