I would like to propose an opportunity for the O.I.R.F. and its members in this letter. There are two alternative systems for the treatment of allergies that are gaining popularity in the USA. These systems lend themselves well to being integrated with the broad field of Bio-energetic medicine. These systems combine the treatment modalities of chiropractic medicine together with Chinese medicine in an effective system to eliminate the allergic response in patients. Once treated, the patients will no longer develop an allergic response to the items treated. They will also not need any ongoing form of therapy.

We have used these therapies in our clinic now for the last eight months and have seen patients recover freedom from their allergies with a fairly high degree of success. My impression is that the techniques could be yet improved upon. Therapy could be made more efficient through applying the knowledge and experience gained through a study of German Biological Medicine. This is an area that falls within the specific expertise of the members of O.I.R.F.

The original breakthrough in allergy desensitization without blood testing or injections was made by Devi Nambudripad, MD (Los Angeles, USA) through her combination of chiropractic and traditional Chinese medicine. She has a number of books in print that explain the discovery process and give examples of her therapy. Ellen Cutler, D.C., has developed an offshoot of NAET as the BioSET System. The BioSET system uses EAV-type testing in a way that is reminiscent of VEGA-testing. I have attended the courses of both practitioners and feel that the level of understanding of German biological medicine is similar to a level that O.I.R.F. was at a few years ago and that the potential exists for improving the results.

There are some practical deficiencies to the current systems. The NAET program only removes one allergen at a time and requires a large number of treatments for those patients with many allergic sensitivities. The BioSET system can treat more than one allergen at a time but requires the patient to purchase costly supplements for a lengthy period of time. Both these limitations can probably be avoided through using better therapies (homeopathic versus herbal and nutritional supplements).

The chiropractic and acupuncture components of these systems seem to be a valuable adjunct to the energetic component of the therapy and are probably desirable to be retained. I feel the opportunity presenting to O.I.R.F. and its members is to improve upon the instrumentation and software. The potential exists to more efficiently improve patient’s health by eliminating the limitations of allergies. To make the process convenient and affordable for all those who need it would see to be within grasp.

It is likely this opportunity will be realized by someone or some organization. The expertise of O.I.R.F. and its affiliates are probably best positioned to do this and I am writing this to stimulate a response. The future of O.I.R.F. will be determined by its ability to be dynamic in blazing a new path for “Bio-Energetic” medicine.

Len Torok, M.D.

P.S. After giving some impetus to the treatment of patients with allergies – I would like to order Dr. Schumacher’s book. The book review indicates it is an integration of naturopathic treatment of allergies with German Biological Medicine. The chiropractic approach of NAET remind me an awful lot of EAV-testing but done using kinesiology – instead of measuring resistance at acupoints. The best information yet to be determined is do both systems measure the same information? Physiology is true in its expression – how it is measured may alter the interpretation, but not the truth.


Book can be ordered through Amazon:
Biophysical Therapy of Allergies
            by Peter Schumacher, MD

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 15, 2005

© Copyright 2005, Dr. Leonard J. Torok, Ohio, USA

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