Biophysical Therapy of Allergies

By Peter Schumacher, M.D.

Dr. Schumacher does a stellar job of explaining the basic physiology encountered in the patient who presents with “allergy” symptoms. He has obviously had extensive training and experience diagnosing, testing, and treating the “allergic” patient far from the paradigm of Allopathic medicine.

As well, I am impressed with his understanding of (and research into) Naturopathic methodologies and philosophies including the modalities we each know and use. I believe this research can significantly impact health practitioners who deal with patients suffering from “allergies”. Allergy treatment seems to be the rage in North America, and is making a lot of practitioners a healthy living. A lot of patients are being relieved of a lot of symptoms which cause them to suffer terribly. These patients deserve to get well, so if treating them for allergies produces that result, I say “why not”?

Of course, I say those last few words facetiously. If you are treating allergies, you have violated one of the basic tenets of Biological Medicine. That is, you treat the patient, NOT the disease. Unfortunately, I have found this tenet one of the hardest for our colleagues in the allopathic field to grasp. Even treating “allergy patients” instead of “patients with allergies” violates the Biological Medicine approach.

Not to detract from Dr. Schumacher’s research, I am quite thankful for the explanation and significance he places on biophysical diagnosis and Bio-Resonance Therapy. He explains quite accurately the beginnings of EAV diagnostics and the discovery of “energetic frequencies” by Dr. Fritz Kramer. He credits the work of great German physicians like Dr. Franz Morell (MORA testing and therapy) and Dr. Helmut Schimmel (VEGA and Photon Resonance Testing). Dr. Morell is credited by Dr. Schumacher with discovering “the superior regulatory operations in living processes”.

To quote Dr. Schumacher, “Dr. Morell…….had the ingenious idea to use the complex spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations intrinsic to a patient for treatment”! If this tidbit does not whet your appetite for the gems contained in this text, pinch yourself to see if you’re still breathing!

One last item – Dr. Schumacher gives credit where credit is due for the development of Electro-Acupuncture and Bio-Resonance Therapy. He explains the pioneering work and partnership of Eric Rasche (engineer) and Dr. Franz Morell. What I don’t understand then is his deviation from using the testing and therapy devices (MORA equipment from Med-Tronik, GmbH) developed by the admitted fathers of this field, to claim an alternate company (BICOM) has surpassed the leaders. Why would you want to tout a company other than the one who started it all? Was there perhaps a financial incentive? But whatever the reason, this text is a must read and will fit nicely with the importance of diagnosing and treating allergies in this modern time. Enjoy your learning session!

Review by Brian L. MacCoy, N.D., Post Falls, Idaho  August, 2005

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 01, 2005

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© Copyright 2005, Dr. Brian MacCoy, Idaho USA

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