Two years ago, on my annual trip to Medicine Week with Occidental Institute, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the new Photon Resonance Test unit developed by Dr. Helmut W. Schimmel.  The Medicine Week Tour is always a highly enjoyable experience what with being introduced to new state of the art equipment, machines, techniques, medicines and information combined with congenial and brilliant company all assembled in one place at the same time. Even though I have traveled to Germany on numerous occasions both on my own and with other tour groups the Occidental Institute Tour is the best opportunity to reconnect with long time friends and meet new ones with interesting and innovative ideas in the medical field.

Dr. Helmut Schimmel was in medical practice for over 35 years and during this time was active in Electro-Acupuncture research. Dr. Schimmel was the genius who developed the Vegatest Method, followed most recently with the newest generation Photon Resonance Test device. The PRT operates on the Electro-Acupuncture principle. It allows for measurement at deeper levels beyond the resonance levels of blood, lymph, organs and organ systems, specifically into the entire range of the cell plasma with the organelles and even into the resonance level of the DNA nucleus.

Through research Dr. Schimmel discovered that approximately 80% of all chronically ill patients are suffering from a chronic infection, most commonly a viral infection but also bacteria, fungi and parasites. These microbial stressors are found primarily in the DNA nucleus, the carrier of genetic information. This is generally where a pathogenic causal chain starts.

A four stage switching system enables a structured approach to testing which can be appreciated by both beginner and expert tester. Beginners may start testing and treating solely in resonance levels 1 and 2, which enable simple and effective remedy tests and successful initial therapy. In addition the PRT is a sensitive test method which makes it easier for beginners to successfully develop testing skill.

A combination of Dr. Schimmel’s technical innovations enables the tester to test reliably and quickly. Some of the features of the PRT four stage testing include:

Photon Bridge: Use of a light bridge located on the test electrode, which allows measurement of the resonance phenomena up to the DNA nucleus.

Absorber 2001: A powerful absorber which drastically reduces the background interference of heart and intestine noises and enables accurate measurement up to the nucleus DNA range.

Level Switching up to the nucleus DNA resonance level: With the help of level switching you can reach the four resonance levels and thus into the DNA nucleus.

Level Special measurement features Resonance level
1 Without light Blood, lymph, organs, organ systems
2 With light Cell, cell membranes, protoplasm, cell organelles, mitochondrial DNA
3 With light
Plus Absorber 2001
Nucleus with external part of the DNA nucleus, outside the double helix
4 With light
Plus Absorber 2001
Plus 50 fold amplification
Nucleus with internal part of the DNA nucleus inside the double helix

Measurement current in the physiological range:
Contrasted with other Electro-Acupuncture devices the Photon Resonance Test operates with a very low measurement current of 300 to 900 nanoamperes. This current effectively prevents measurement values being distorted and the reproducibility of the measurement results is optimized.

Battery operation: Eliminates electrical smog, which has a disturbing influence on the measurement accuracy of Electro-Acupuncture procedures. The device uses six 1.5 volt alkaline batteries which have a test life of about 400 hours.

This information is just a small taste of what can be done with the Photon Resonance Test Method. I chose to write about PRT because after using Vega for over 20 years the PRT is exciting and it takes Electro-Acupuncture test results to a new level of both patient and practitioner satisfaction. Most of the chronic patients I see have consulted numerous other practitioners and have experienced some limited success. The PRT allows testing at new deeper, stronger levels than ever before, facilitating discovery of hidden pathogens never previously suspected. Now one of the first tests I perform on chronic patients is investigation of hidden DNA viruses, because the DNA virus is the link that interferes with efficacy of therapy. Once the virus is treated other therapies become far more successful. The ability of the PRT to switch levels also allows for more accurate diagnosis of intox, nosode and electro-magnetic smog levels.

Personally, I highly recommend the Photon Resonance Test to anyone who is just starting out or anyone who wants to improve testing and therapy results.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published February 24, 2005

© Copyright 2005, Dr. S. Craig Wagstaff, BC, Canada

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After graduation Craig established the first naturopathic clinic in the Okanagan Valley. He practiced in Kelowna for 10 years before moving his clinic to Winfield, BC. Craig also offered mobile service to his patients in Vancouver and Edmonton for 20 years. This year Craig celebrated 30 years of naturopathic practice. He was a rare and gifted man who positively influenced the lives of thousands of people with his knowledge, wisdom and caring. He humbly gave of his time, scholarship and mentorship to any and all he encountered. Craig was a lifelong learner who travelled the world seeking knowledge that would benefit his patients. Craig was a specialist amongst naturopaths and was a sought after lecturer and teacher in North America and Europe.

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