True innovation for the diagnosis and therapy of acute and chronic diseases

As developed by Dr. Helmut W. Schimmel (M.D., D.M.D.)

Instrument-assisted testing using your choice of sensors:

  • Point measurement probe
  • Biotensor®, or
  • Kinesiologic muscle test

Four-level testing:

Through the innovative addition of a light or “photon bridge” which for the first time allows testing right into the cell nucleus DNA

Medication testing:

Specifically in all four resonance levels


The correct homeopathic medication for each resonance level
(Available through Germany; future U.S. FDA Registration planned.)

The Photon-Resonance Test:
An Advanced development of electroacupuncture

The Photon-Resonance-Test:
An advanced development of electroacupuncture

For many decades now electroacupuncture testing has been a tried-and-true pro-cedure for the assessment and therapy of acute and chronic illnesses. It is a diagnostic application of the teachings of Chinese acupuncture: At one or several acupuncture points the resistance of the skin is measured with a skin resistance measuring device. A change of the skin resistance after test samples have been placed into the measurement circuit can be interpreted diagnostically. Until now, these measurements only took place in the classic first resonance level of blood – lymph –organs – organ systems, as well as to a limit of about fifty percent in the cell proto-plasm.

In the meantime however, the medical world knows that many programs causing people to get ill exist in the DNA. Sooner or later these lead to acute and above all chronic illnesses.

Dr. Helmut W. Schimmel †(M.D., D.M.D.), a practicing physician for 35 years and active in electroacupuncture research, within the framework of his practice over the past years has discovered that approximately 80% of all chronically ill patients are suffering from a chronic infection – usually from viruses – but also from bacteria, fungi and parasites. He found these microbial stressors predominantly in the cell nucleus DNA, the carrier of genetic information. This is therefore generally where a patho-genetic causal chain starts.

With the new Photon-Resonance-Test (PRT) for the first time you can now measure deeper levels beyond the resonance level of blood, lymph, organs and organ systems, namely, specifically in the entire realm of the cells – with cell membrane, protoplasm, and organelles – and even into the resonance levels of the cell nucleus DNA.

The PRT device is a result of innovative technology

The Photon-Resonance-Test (PRT) operates on the electroacupuncture principle. However, you simply measure on a single representative acupuncture point on the palm of the hand or on a system point, e.g. Lymph 1, Allergy 1 or Endocrine 1. You can also carry out the traditional measurement of all main meridian points. Alterna-tively, testing can be done with a Biotensor® [a German medical dowsing apparatus] or kinesiologic muscle test, whereby special connection accessories unite the latter methods with the PRT instrument’s internal switching in the four resonance levels.

A combination of technical innovations enable you to attain reliable diagnostic test results, through a fast easy-to-use test procedure:

  • Photon bridge
  • Absorber 2001 and fiftyfold signal amplification
  • Level switching right down to the resonance levels of cell nucleus DNA
  • Measurement current within the physiological range
  • Current reversal from the measurement probe to the hand electrode
  • Testing free of electrosmog due to battery operation

 Photon bridge
Using a “light” bridge located on the measurement probe, you measure resonance phenomena well beyond the superficial level of organs and organ systems.

Absorber 2001 and fiftyfold signal amplification
A powerful incorporated absorber which drastically reduces background interference (such as heart and intestinal noises) enables you to measure into the cell nucleus DNA range, and with fiftyfold amplification inside the double helix.

Level switching right down to the cell nucleus DNA resonance level
With the help of level switching you can reach the four resonance levels and thus into the cell nucleus DNA.

Measurement current within the physiological range
In contrast to most electroacupuncture procedures, the Photon-Resonance-Test operates with a very low measurement current of 300 to 900 nanoamperes, i.e. less than one microampere. This effectively minimizes distortion of the measurement values and optimizes the reproducibility of measurement results.

Current reversal from the measurement probe to the hand electrode
You can switch over the measurement current so that it flows from the hand electrode to the measurement probe. This means the test point is not directly irritated by current.

Testing free of electrosmog due to battery operation
Electrosmog has a disturbing influence on the measurement accuracy of electro-acupuncture procedures. A special energy saving electronic system enables you to operate the device on batteries without connection to the power grid (mains). With six 1.5-volt alkaline batteries you can test for about 400 hours.


Test and treat in four resonance levels

The innovative technical operating features of the Photon-Resonance-Test instrument make it possible for the first time to determine pathogenetic programs in the cell nucleus DNA, using a bioenergetic test procedure. Four-level switching enables a structured approach that you will greatly appreciate as a beginner or experienced tester.

You can test in the following individual resonance levels:

Level Special Measurement Features Resonance level
1 Without light (photon bridge) Blood, lymph, organs, organ systems
2 With light Cell, with cell membrane, protoplasm, cell organelles
and mitochondrial DNA
3 With light and Absorber 2001 Cell nucleus, with external part of the cell
nucleus DNA; outside the double helix
4 With light, Abosrber 2001 and
fiftyfold signal amplification
Cell nucleus, with internal part of the cell
nucleus DNA; inside the double helix

The procedure:

In each resonance level you initially test for the organ with the most stress and its corresponding clinical findings. If that same organ shows up in all four resonance levels, therapy of those findings can begin according to the diagnosis and medication test results of Resonance Level 4. The prerequisite however, is that the prescription determined to be effective for Resonance Level 4 must balance out the other three resonance levels. Then, handle the actual findings with the help of nosodes or resonance homeopathic medications. In the process, it is imperative that you pay attention to good drainage.

If you test a different stressed organ in Resonance Level 4, with findings other than in Resonance Levels 1 to 3, for the time being you should not treat the Level 4 findings in order to avoid strong patient reactions. Instead, first treat Resonance Levels 1 to 3, based on the principle that “the top of the chimney should always be open to the outside”.  For this course of therapy you should also ensure good drainage.

As a beginner, you can start by first testing and treating solely in Resonance Levels 1 and 2. This enables you to carry out a simple and effective medication test and quickly achieve initial therapy success.

Efficient and effective testing with “Resoplex” special test vials and ampules

You test in the four resonance levels with test ‘samples’ that you place into the “honey-comb” (measurement sample holder) or on the test plate. The special test sets offered are a practice orientated diagnostic aid and reduce the work involved with regard to the quantity of required test vials or ampules. A filter ampule – Ferrum metallicum D60 (60X) – filters out the organ subject to the most stress on each individual resonance level and the main clinical findings. The work involved in a test is further reduced if you proceed in line with the pathogenetic causal chains as developed by Dr. Schimmel.

The Resoplex firm in Germany currently has the following test sets available for the Photon-Resonance-Test (Note: O.I.R.F. does not handle these test sets!):

“Stress Stages” Test Set, contains 6 different ampules of potentized suprarenal tissue (plus Ductuli biliferi D20) to determine the biological starting situation of the patient.

“Pretest” Test Set, contains 23 ampules that serve to determine various stressors such  as those from geopathy, electrosmog, manifest acidosis, foci, carcinoma and others.

“Microbial Stress” Test Set, contains 9 ampules for determining microbial stressors in the patient.

“Parasitic Stress” Test Set, contains 19 ampules for the various parasites.

“Miasmatic Stress” Test Set, contains 25 ampules for identifying any applicable miasmas.

Additional Test Sets:
The “Organ Ampules” Test Set with 72 ampules, was compiled by Dr. Schimmel and can be obtained from the German “WALA” firm. For the actual treatment remedies, acquire the corresponding test vials or ampules of the medications that you prescribe most frequently. They are offered by numerous pharmaceutical companies.

Testing with Resoplex Test Sets

With the help of the Resoplex Test Sets you can determine certain clinical findings in the resonance levels. Below are the findings that are tested most frequently at the respective resonance level:

Resonance Level 1 Resonance Level 2 Resonance Level 3 Resonance Level 4
Substantial toxic information (Intox 1) As for Level 1, plus

Acquired toxic information (Intox 2)

As for Level 3 (except
for geopathies and electromagnetic
disturbance fields)

Immune Weaknesses

Some acquired toxic
information (Intox 2)
Seldom, inherited toxic
information (Intox 3)
Inherited toxic
information (Intox 3)
Autoaggressive diseases Scars Viruses Seldom Intox 2


Prions Infectious viral RNA Psychogenic information
such as depression,
anxiety, compulsion, etc.
Allergies Blockages Infectious viral DNA Inherited unresolved
emotional conflicts
Deficiencies, e.g. vitamin,
mineral, enzyme, hormone
Single-stranded viral DNA Miasmas

Viruses and Viroids

Fragments of bacteria, fungi,
spores & parasites
Infectious viral RNA Geopathies
Infectious viral DNA Electromagnetic disturbance fields
Single-stranded viral DNA Acquired unresolved
emotional conflicts
Bacteria Carcinoma
Fungi Malignancy


Level-specific medication

You can treat stressors determined by means of the Photon-Resonance-Test with homeopathic combination medications, e.g. the RESOPLEXES developed by Dr. Schimmel, and now available from Germany. The ingredients of the RESOPLEXES are matched in terms of resonance to the cell levels of the organs or organ systems.

The RESOPLEXES are formulated level-specific in such a way that toxic microbial and parasitic material and their programs, as well as free radicals are specifically elimi-nated in the four resonance levels.

At the same time the RESOPLEXES ensure drainage so that you do not need to prescribe any additional drainage remedies.

Currently there are 12 RESOPLEXES and two snake venom combinations (Naja and Vipera)* available only from German pharmacies. The RESOPLEXES are formulated organ or organ system specific in such a way that you effectively treat Resonance Levels 1 and 2 of the respective organ or organ system. One of the above mentioned snake venom combinations (Naja) is available for effective therapy of Resonance Level 3.

At Resonance Level 4 in addition to the classic miasmas, you can test congenital toxic microbial information. For treatment you use specific nosodes and the second snake venom combination (Vipera).

The Resoplex “Chimney” Principle of Therapy

Picture a cylindrical factory smokestack or chimney with four internal layers. On the top layer at the opening of the chimney to the outside is Resonance Level 1; and on the very bottom layer near the ground is Resonance Level 4. In between, are Resonance Levels 2 and 3.

During therapy the principle of “the top of the chimney should always be open to the outside” applies. This means that when different clinical findings are made in the various resonance levels, you should first treat the findings in the top resonance levels. Findings from Level 4 and 3 then often “migrate” of their own accord to the top resonance levels, where they can be treated more easily and with less patient reactions.

  • The Resolux firm also has a Test Set available of their twelve Resoplexes and two snake venom  combinations.

Please refer to the tables on above, where by combining the two you can now understand that Resonance Level 1 (at the very top of the chimney) essentially applies to organs and organ systems as a whole, as well as blood and lymph [Intox 1]. Resonance Level 2 concerns the cell with protoplasm (excluding inherited findings), and Resonance Level 3 relates to the external part of cell nucleus DNA and predomi-nantly acquired findings [both of these Levels correspond to Intox 2]. And, Resonance Level 4 (at the bottom of the chimney) pertains to the internal part of cell nucleus DNA and thus genetic findings [Intox 3].

The Photon-Resonance-Test:

Transparent diagnosis – effective therapy

Case Report Example:

Male patient 59 years old, normal weight, hypertension; twice already had myocarditis of undetermined origin, which is currently not being otherwise medically treated. The patient is afraid due to his unhealed myocarditis and difficult to control hypertension. He regularly takes three different antihypertensive drugs. His mother also had hypertension. The patient has pains in the heart region that radiate into his left arm, coupled with sleep disturbances.

Initial Findings
Level 1           Myocardium: Free radicals
Level 2           Pancreas: Single-strands of herpes viruses
Level 3           Myocardium: Single-strands of herpes viruses
Level 4           Malarial information in the gallbladder* (= miasma)

*This finding can be understood on the basis of the pathogenetic causal chain “Pancreas/Spleen” (The Causal Chains according to Dr. Schimmel).

First Prescription
Level 4           Not treated
Level 3           Snake venom combination, percutaneously twice a week five drops
Level 2           Drainage remedy for the pancreas
Level 1           A powerful OPC antioxidant*

*Dr. Schimmel prefers (tested) “Mag. Pfeiffer’s OPC” from Austria; available in 75 mg capsules of standardized Oligomeric Procyanidins (OPC) from Pine tree bark (Pinus maritima) and Grape seed (Vitis vinifera) extracts, in a 3:1 ratio. Label dosage states one capsule swallowed twice daily before meals; available in bottles of 60 capsules, from German   International Pharmacies.

First Checkup
Level 1           Myocardium: Free radicals
Level 2           Pancreas: Free radicals
Level 3           Biliary ducts: Malarial information
Level 4           Now without findings

The patient feels much better, the antihypertensive drugs are more effective, he is less afraid. The malaria information in Level 3 originates from Level 4 (compare to Initial Findings), and can now be better treated in Level 3. There is no longer any infectious viral material in Levels 2 and 3.

Second Prescription
Level 3           Resoplex (Nr.1) for liver and biliary ducts
Level 2           Pancreas-Drops
Level 1           Kidney drainage
OPC antioxidant continues, one capsule daily

Second Checkup
The patient’s complaints continue to decrease; he is no longer afraid and is sleeping well again.
Level 1           Biliary ducts: Free radicals
Level 2           Kidneys: Free radicals
Level 3           Myocardium: Free radicals

No toxic microbial stressors can be tested anymore. Only one low dosage antihyper-tensive drug is now required for maintenance purposes. An antioxidant has again been prescribed to eliminate the free radicals.
Note: The pathogenetic causal chain “Pancreas/Spleen” with its connections to the heart and gallbladder is well illustrated by the above presented Case Report.

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