All energetic therapies have a similar goal and affect the same systems. Whether the modality used is light, sound, physical force, or some form of electromagnetic energy, the process is the same. This paper will describe a method of acupressure that can be used to enhance any form of energetic therapy.

Acupuncture is thousands of years old, with acupressure being a more recent innovation. The basis of the approach described here is to use acupressure prior to an energetic therapy to help clear meridian blockages in order to enhance the therapeutic effects of any subsequent therapy. These techniques have been used in several systems, the most recent being Sensitivity Removal Technique (SRT).


One can use several methods to stimulate the acupuncture points. Ballpoint pens with a strong clicker, strong tapping with the fingers, or a “clicker” are all viable options.

To start, have the patient hold all fingers touching the thumb on one hand. This is the mudra for miasms. Next, have the patient take in a deep breath and hold it while you click (tap) immediately to the left and right sides of the spinous processes from T1 to S2. These are the parasympathetic points.

With the breath still held in, tap on the tips of the transverse processes on both sides (the sympathetics), again from T1 to S2. This is one round of tapping.

Next, have the patient blow all of their breath out and keep it out while you repeat the tapping as above. Finally, have the patient breathe deeply in and out, and do 4 more rounds of tapping. This will be a total of 6 rounds of tapping.

We next treat several acupuncture points, tapping each point 6 to 8 times. In order of tapping these are:

  1.           Large Intestine 4 (Right)
  2.           Small Intestine 3 (Right)
  3.           Heart 7 (Right)
  4.           Lung 7 (Right)
  5.           Lung 11 (Right)
  6.           Lung 11 (Left)
  7.           Lung 7 (Left)
  8.           Heart 7 (Left)
  9.           Small Intestine 3 (Left)
  10.           Large Intestine 4 (Left)
  11.           Stomach 36 (Left)
  12.           Spleen 6 (Left)
  13.           Kidney 3 (Left)
  14.           Liver 3 (Left)
  15.           Liver 3 (Right)
  16.           Kidney 3 (Right)
  17.           Spleen 6 (Right)
  18.           Stomach 36 (Right)
  19.           Large Intestine 4 (Right)

Thus, one starts on the right hand, up the right forearm, then to the left forearm and down to the hand, down the left leg, up the right leg, and ends at the starting point, LI-4. See O.I.R.F. Extension Training Program for point locations and descriptions.

After this process is completed, one then begins whatever form of energetic therapy that one is applying. This procedure should enhance the effects of any subsequent therapy. Give it a try, and see how your patients respond.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 16, 2004

© Copyright 2004, Dr. Theodore J. Cole, Ohio USA

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