An Introduction to Dr. Ivan Engler,
and Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy

Causes of Oxygen Imbalance

Imbalance in the air

Today the air lacks balanced probiotic oxygen forms.
The air is often a radical mixture of NOx, SOx, COx, CO2 and O3.

Oxygen deficiency of the body

All of the stressors (Oxygen deficiency, lack of movement, toxins, infections, Nicotine, allergens, storage protein, emotion, noise, narcosis, immune suppressive therapy, radiation, chemotherapy, way of life, hypotonia, hypertonia, physical and mental fatigue, electrical field disturbances, and so on) and growing age lead to a deterioration of oxygen supply in the body.

Reduced supply of oxygen leads to decreased performance of the cell function (immune deficiency, significant drop in mental and physical performance, susceptibility to diseases, etc.) and to an increased formation of radicals (radicals are substances with unpaired electrons, which can have a destructive effect on cells in case of weak scavengers (= antioxidants).

Oxygen deficiency = deficiency of electrons

In the short or long run, Oxygen deficiency is a sclerogenic noxa, and means energy deficiency. This can have the following effects:

  • Destruction of membrane potential
  • Disturbance of microcirculation
  • Prolongation of the way of ion transportation – unspecific proliferation of connective tissue
  • Decrease in lung and circulation reserves
  • Arterosclerosis
  • Immune deficiency – CANCER
  • Damaged organs – INFARCTION
  • Symptoms of aging

Imbalance of oxygen forms in the body leads to an escalation of radicals and to diseases caused by this situation (see the following table):

Excessive bleeding
Alzheimer disease
Aging, etc.

Bacterial infection

Stomach ulcer
Parasite infection
Smokers consequences
Virus infection
Multiple sclerosis
Apoplexy, etc.

Adjuvant IO2Th / Engler using VNS-ZNS helps the above illnesses
through reoxygenation, radical reduction, rehydration and regulation

Adjuvant Ionized Oxygen Therapy (IO2Th / Engler) works against an escalation of radicals (e.g., in multiple sclerosis, severe dysfunction of cerebral blood circulation, etc.).

What is Ionized Oxygen Therapy?

In 1980, the ionized oxygen therapy (IO2Th / Engler), an instrument, a physical and adjuvant method, was developed by doing fundamental research and conducting clinical studies in several university institutions in Austria as well as in the Ärzteforschung für Naturheilverfahren Salzburg and established by the surgeon Dr. Ivan Engler.

Technical data: Medical oxygen (O2) is partially ionized in the plasma chamber ionization device Oxygen Ion 3000/by Dr. Engler or Kation 3000/by Dr. Engler. The mixture of gases with five exactly dosed oxygen forms (O2, O2-, O2+, 1O2, O3 <0.003 ppm) developed from this procedure is biologically and therapeutically more effective than the medical oxygen alone, especially with regard to reoxygenation and simultaneous reduction of radicals.

During measurement of the Resting Transmembrane Potential (RTMP) on fibroblasts in cultures, which were charged with radioactive radon, the O2+ showed a significant radio-protective effect. In an experiment with the PD laser therapy, O2+ inhibited a 1O2 escalation. In vitro experiments showed that the O2+ of IO2Th / Engler has a significant carcinolytic effect on cancer cells.

Long-term clinical studies showed that IO2Th / Engler has a good effect as an adjuvant therapy in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and severe dysfunction of cerebral blood circulation.

The selection of oxygen ions polarity (the radicals O2- and O2+ are used in pico- to cento- dosage = informative quantum therapy with electrons and photons) depends on the clinical image of the disease and the patient’s situation of VNS regulation, which are evaluated by the Biotonometry/Kracmar-Rilling.

With the help of the Biotonometry Device “VNS Diagnosis/by Dr. Engler”, the situation of VNS regulation and its blockade, selection of the polarity of O2 ions, the optimum therapeutic program as well as checking of every therapeutic effect are measured by simultaneously measuring the polarization capacity (C/µF) and resistance of the skin (R/k Ω). The devices used for IO2Th / Engler bear the technical EU certificate for medical-therapeutic and medical-diagnostic devices.

O2– has a vagotonic effect and is used, for instance, in patients suffering from hypertension, asthma, allergies, diabetes, etc.

O2+ has a sympathicotonic effect and is used in vagotonic, adynamic and geriatric patients, in case of an escalation of radicals (rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, dysfunction of cerebral blood circulation, etc.) and in cancer patients. IO2Th / Engler has a regulative effect on the VNS and stabilizes the cell membrane.

Applications of IO2Th / Engler are the following: inhalation, vaginal and rectal insufflation, subcutaneus or intramuscular injections, drinking cure with oxygenated water or as irrigation and enema. Oxygenated autologous blood is administered intramuscularly; oxygenated nosode and olive oil are administered percutaneously.

Therapy programs: Fitness-prevention, anti-aging radicals, adjuvant anti-cancer programs will be explained.

Electrons, photons, oxygen forms, radicals, scavenger, O2 parameters, regulation, regulation blockades and their measurement with biotonometry, pain, old age, geopathy, cancer, etc. will be discussed.

According to other authors, IO2Th improves oxygen parameters, performance, many laboratory parameters, has a regulative effect on the VNS and the psyche and optimizes functions of systems and regulatory systems in the organism. Moreover, this therapy has a preventive effect, improves performance and is anti-aging!

IO2Th / Engler improves the effect of many traditional and holistic medical methods and alleviates their undesirable side effects in case of radiation, chemotherapy, medication by reoxygenation, reduction of radicals, rehydration, regulation of CNS & VNS.

As an adjuvant method, this therapy optimizes the general and psychical condition of patients suffering from chronic diseases, elderly persons and patients suffering from cancer of different localization and stages.

Approximately 3,000 therapists from all over the world successfully use the IO2Th / Engler method, which only in rare cases results in complications and side effects, if the instructions are followed.


Similar to taking the pulse or blood pressure, biotonometry/Kracmar-Rilling will soon become an important diagnostic method in medical practice.

Biotonometry with VNS Diagnosis 3000/by Dr. Engler is an apparatus to measure the R- and C- values of the skin, which depend on the situation of the extracellular regulative basic system (ERBS).

Measurement values of the R- C- measurement process
The 9 vegetative regulation situations of the human being

Vagotonia – Normotonia – Sympathicotonia

IO2Th targets Normotonia; O2- affects Vagotonia; O2+ affects Sympathicotonia

By this method, the reaction of the autonomous nervous system to different stressors, drugs or therapeutic methods can be assessed simultaneously.

Within the framework of the therapy, biotonometry can therefore be used for checking therapeutic effects, for a preventive observation of state of health as well as for evaluating the prognosis of illnesses.

Therapeutic Methods

Components of IO2Th by Dr. Engler

  • Oxygen Ion 3000/by Dr. Engler
  • VNS Diagnosis 3000/by Dr. Engler
  • Bicycle ergometer for intensifying the IO2Th effect on performance and laboratory parameters
  • Medical oxygen from the steel cylinder or from the concentrator for extraction of oxygen from the air
  • Oxygenated potable water
  • Strategy for the way of thinking and living
  • Literature, fundamental research and practice

VNS Diagnosis 3000/by Dr. Engler

Oxygen Ion 3000/by Dr. Engler

Intensification of the IO2Th effect by movement

Holistic Medical Therapeutic Programs

IO2Th / Engler is carried out with the following holistic medical therapeutic programs (= HMTP):

  • Antistress, fitness and performance HMTP
  • Cosmetic, body and styling HMTP
  • Antiallergic and skin HMTP
  • Antiradical (anti-radioactivitiy) adjuvant HMTP
  • Adjuvant Antiaging and geriatric HMTP
  • Adjuvant anticancer HMTP
  • Antipain HMTP
  • Asthma and pneumological HMTP etc.


IO2Th / Engler is used during 15 applications:

(IO2 = Ionized oxygen)

  • IO2 inhalation
  • IO2 aerosols
  • IO2 regeneration therapy
  • IO2 bicycle ergometry
  • IO2 vaginal insufflation
  • IO2 rectal insufflation
  • IO2 aeration of the skin
  • Ionized oxygenated water (IO2H2O)
  • IO2 olive oil, IO2 apple vinegar
  • IO2 autohaemotherapy (IO2AHTh)
  • IO2 autonosode
  • IO2 injections: i.d., c., i.m.
  • IO2 acupuncture

Modes of Action

In addition to the neutral (medical) oxygen, there are four activated oxygen forms in nature and in the human body:

  • O2- *
  • O2+ *
  • IO2
  • O3

* are so-called vitamins of the air.

. . . consequently, there are several methods of oxygen therapy at our disposal.

Only IO2Th / Engler uses all five oxygen forms (O2, O2-, O2+, IO2, O3). Naturally, that is the reason why this method acts in a probiotic way!

Effect of IO2Th / Engler with probiotic oxygen forms

  • Stabilizes cell membranes, therefore works against the consequences of radical derailment
  • Regulates VNS regulation and psyche
  • Intensifies the effect of therapeutic measures

IO2Th / Engler acts by five reactions (5 x R):

  • Revitalization
  • Reoxygenation
  • Reduction of radicals
  • Rehydration
  • Regulation

IO2Th / Engler optimizes every therapeutic method by means of the reactions mentioned above!

Oxygen is Life and Provides Energy!

WATER is a Food and Information Carrier

Water (H2O) is an information carrier (especially in case of the extracellular regulative basic system – ERBS), a food and a remedy as well as a polar essential biosubstance. Two thirds of the world’s surface is covered by water and two thirds of the human body consists of water as well. All biological reactions, also in the case of those connected with O2, occur on huge H2O surfaces. Intracellular water and water from the extracellular regulative basic system are carriers of life. Daily intake of probiotic and energized water is vital.

IO2Th / Engler uses ionized oxygenated water.

Some effects of oxygenated water (O2H2O):

  • Improves exploitation of oxygen, microcirculation, perfusion
  • Supports the digestive tract, liver and pancreas (insulin)
  • Reduces alcohol level in blood, alleviates “hangover”
  • Works against stress and depressive moods
  • Increases performance
  • Works against derailment of radicals
  • Supportive therapy in cancer and RTG therapy

Research group and co-authors:

  • The ÄFfNHV would like to express its gratitude to the following persons belonging to the primary research group and to co-authors of numerous publications on the IO2Th.
  • Herrn Univ. Ass. Ch. Atzmüller, Univ. Prof. Dr. F. Steinhäusler, Univ. Prof. Dr. B. Kramer for Resting Transmembrane Potential (RTMP) measurements in fundamental experiments with oxygen forms in fibroblasts stressed by radon and in tumor cell cultures.
  • Herrn Univ. Doz. Dr. med. O. Bergsmann for providing fundamental experimental and clinical proof of IO2Th and for verifying its effects on different systems and functions of the organism.
  • Herrn Univ. Lektor, Dr. med. Univ. I. Engler for the first ionization of oxygen in medicine with the help of a special chamber plasma ionizer in 1980 and for the scientific experimental establishment of IO2Th / Engler as a quantum-, information- and as an effective AOF (Activated Oxygen Forms) method.
  • Herrn Dr. med. L. Fodor for his remarkable contribution to the practical verification, completion and distribution of IO2Th.
  • Herrn Thomas Donald Gensky for the foundation of the “Academy of Ionized Oxygen Therapy” (AIO2TH / Engler)
  • Herrn Prof. Mag., W. Hainschwang for the elaboration of physical-quantum interrelations in IO2Th monographs.
  • Herrn Univ. Prof. Dr. H. Klima for the physical-theoretical basics and for experiments on erythrocytes with regard to activated forms of oxygen.
  • Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig for the holistic medical concept of information-quantum medicine in terms of standardized quantum-field theory (B. Heim) and for the examination of oxygen and water forms IO2Th / Engler by means of frequency spectroscopy.
  • Herrn Univ. Prof. Dr. med. G. Ohlenschläger for the elaboration of biophysics of activated oxygen forms (AOF), radicals and scavengers.
  • Herrn Univ. Doz. Dr. med. P. Pohl for successful clinical studies of IO2Th / Engler on its effect in multiple sclerosis and grave dysfunction of cerebral blood circulation in geriatric patients at the University Clinic of Neurology in Innsbruck.
  • Herrn Univ. Prof. Dr. F. A. Popp for innovative, fundamental research dealing with biophotons, on their function in cellular communication, including in cases of cancer and for measuring the photons emission regarding IO2Th / Engler.
  • Herrn Dr. med. S. Rilling for the measure of reaction situations of vagotonia-normotonia-sympathicotonia (VNS), the so-called biotonometry, which allows the selection of ion polarity and of an optimum therapy regimen when using IO2Th / Engler. Moreover, biotonometry can evaluate the effect of any other therapy, the development of illness and provide a prognostic assessment.
  • Herrn Ch. Schörghofer, MSS Elektronik Company for further technical development and for production of devices which are required for IO2Th / Engler: Oxygen Ion 3000/Dr. Engler, Oxygen Megaion 3000/Dr. Engler for the partial ionization of medical oxygen, and the VNS Diagnosis 3000/Dr. Engler for the measure of biotonometry.

What Devices Are Required for Carrying Out IO2Th / Engler?

  • A diagnosis device
  • An oxygen ionizator, and
  • An oxygen source (oxygen concentrator or steel cylinder with throttle valve).

The oxygen Ion 3000/by Dr. Engler is a so-called oxygen-ionizator which enables you to enrich medical oxygen with electrical charge carriers in the form of “oxygen-cations” or “oxygen-anions”. The administration of enriched oxygen is carried out via an oxygen mask. The oxygen quantity varies between 4 and 8 liters, yet the changed charge quantity has to be considered. The therapeutic session lasts 12 minutes. As an alternative, oxygen concentrators may be used instead of oxygen cylinders.

Because of the state-of-the-art processor technology, the respective polarities are changed over automatically, without having to switch the oxygen supply. A data interface to VNS Diagnosis allows an automatic therapeutical transmission from the diagnosis device VNS Diagnosis 3000/by Dr. Engler.

As an ideal complement to Oxygen Ion 3000/by Dr. Engler, VNS Diagnosis 3000/by Dr. Engler supports your diagnostic procedure. VNS Diagnosis 3000/by Dr. Engler measures the capacity and the resistance between both gold electrodes and forms an optic display of the vegetative situation in the form of a LED diagram. Of course there is the possibility to read off the measured values as direct numbers as well and can be interpreted individually. Because of similarities to the Oxygen Ion 3000/by Dr. Engler, a display of therapeutical proposals was also integrated. A data wire immediately transmits the therapeutical proposal to Oxygen Ion 3000/by Dr. Engler, from which a further program selection can be started afterwards. The shape of the gilded electrode plates is handy and therefore facilitates the reproducibility of the measured results.

An exclusive article for Affiliates,
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
published September 16, 2004

Redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2004, Occidental Institute Research Foundation, BC, CANADA

About the author

Former Ordinarius for Traumatology at the Pediatric University Clinic of the Medical School in Bratislava.

He has worked in leading surgical positions in his country and abroad, among other things as Captain Chief Surgeon at the UN Field Hospital in Cyprus. He was awarded the UN Peace Medal and the Collective Nobel Prize for Peace of the UN Troops in the Middle East.

In 1980, Dr. Engler established the Ionized Oxygen Therapy (IO2Th / Engler), which has become known and accepted throughout the world.

In his former consulting office, tens of thousands of patients, among them some famous personalities, were treated successfully with this method.

Dr. Ivan Engler has published 10 monographs, 70 scientific publications and holds international lectures and courses.

He takes part in lectures and research projects at several national and foreign universities.

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