Monday, 11 June 2018

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Supporters of OIRF,

Welcome to the Volume 14, Final Issue #6 of “The Bridge” newsletter!

Welcome, but as you can see from my linked personal letter and announcement, also a fond farewell both to “The Bridge” and to OIRF. Although stressful and in many ways heartbreaking over the past few weeks, I finally feel comfortable that we have made the right decisions. Now, I am looking forward to the end of June and the end of this wonderful company that has been known as Occidental Institute for nearly 46 years.

OIRF represents not only the focus of my entire adult professional career, but also the dreams and vision of educating practitioners in the amazing field of Biological Medicine. I thank you for your support over the years and will look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

Here, however is Final Issue #6 of “The Bridge”. Ironically, as OIRF fades into history, this issue featured an article adapted from one of my recent lectures [now published as a separate report] entitled “The Past, Present and Future of Point and Medication Testing”. I find that practitioners first learning or even updating their skills with point testing too often get bogged down in the details. What point? Which meridian? Is the pressure exactly right? But I got a different reading when I retested it – Why???

As a bit of parting wisdom to all of you – relax a bit. Step back and take a look at the overall picture. Please remember that if you can understand and appreciate the underlying concepts and explanations, then the details and the manual testing technique will quickly fall into place.

I urge you to once again read over my article in the January 2018, Issue #1 regarding Resonance [now published as a separate report] to see a broader picture of the concept of not only point testing but also an overall explanation of Biological and BioResonance Therapies. Here then is my quite definitive historical article. I have tried to correct some of the myths and “stories” that are floating around out there about EAV and other point testing methods.

For example, there are a number of organizations out there talking about a Dr. Reinhard Voll who was a physician and an engineer. Well, no. Not quite. It’s Dr. Reinhold Voll who was a physician and worked with the engineer Fritz Werner to develop the earliest EAV devices. And so on. I had a lot of fun researching and presenting this lecture even though I have personally experienced many of the events since the beginning of OIRF in the summer of 1972. I trust you will find the information as interesting as I did.

With the note that OIRF has represented the Med-Tronik Company in Germany and their MORA products for over 40 years, we must advise that with the closing of OIRF we have also terminated all of our agreements with that company and rescinded our long standing recommendation for their products. Please see my “Policy Statement” in this regard.

And, a few closing words . . .

I trust you have found much of interest in these pages, but also in our many Issues over the years. Again, I offer my thanks for your support and I will be keeping a close eye on how this field is developing in the coming years. I wish you all auf Wiedersehen . . . until we meet again.


The Final Issue for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published June 2018

© Copyright 2018, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

About the author

  • Founding director, administrator and executive director of Occidental Institute; the first English language acupuncture “school” in North America founded 1972 which over the years developed into the largest educational and promotional advocate of Biological Medicine until its closing in 2018.
  • 35 years experience with medical and technical translation and literary research in English, French and German.
  • Participation in every seminar, workshop and tour program sponsored by OIRF
  • Participation in more than 35 Medicine Week Congress programs as well as events too numerous to count sponsored by German instrumentation, homeopathic and research organizations
  • Training and certification in multiple Biological Medicine Methods including BioResonance Therapy, EAV, AMA, VEGA, Mayr Therapy, Ionized Oxygen Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, BioPhoton Therapy, the so-called Global Diagnostics and many others.
  • As a teacher, lecturer and author she has already trained hundreds of practitioners from diverse English-speaking countries.
  • Her passion and insight provide an overall view of the most effective German Biological Medicine diagnostic and therapeutic methods

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