Mary rest upon the hay, now your labor’s done.
Next to you in swaddling clothes, lies your firstborn Son.
Feel the sweetness, take your rest, cherish every part.
Times like these will come to be treasures of your heart.

Shepherds break the peacefulness, telling what they heard.
All who hear them are amazed by the angels’ words.
Burn their words to memory as the shepherds’ part.
Times like these will come to be treasures of the heart.

Hold on to your memories, save them for the years.
Later they will lift you up, and help to dry your tears.
When life is cruel and trouble comes, the world will pierce your soul.
Treasure all your memories they will help to heal and make you whole.

Find the blessings of the day, never let them pass.
Taste the joy of life and love as you hold them fast.
Embrace your loved ones, draw them close. Time will soon depart,
yet the memories will remain treasures of the heart.

Embrace your loved ones, hold them close. Time will soon depart,
yet the memories will remain treasures of the heart.
Your memories will remain treasures of the heart.

Music written in 1864 by George R. Poulton. Lyrics for “Aura Lee” by W.W. Fosdick
Lyrics rewritten in 1956 for Elvis Presley as “Love Me Tender”.
Current lyrics rewritten and arranged by Pepper Choplin

As we approach the Holiday Season, many of us pause to appreciate our freedoms, families and friends. Their influence touches every aspect of our lives and our faith. It is a time to contemplate gratitude and to assess how we can bring more meaning into our lives. Many of us are reworking our priorities and seeking to create more contentment and prosperity. Although the words above are based on the Christian tradition of Christmas, they bring us a universal message not only of remembrance, but also of intention to consider and to be grateful for our many blessings.

From all of us here at OIRF, we send our gratitude for your ongoing support. Without your patronage we could not continue this work. As well, we send our wishes to each and every one of you, that you will enjoy a peaceful and family-filled Holiday Season as we move into another exciting New Year 2018!

Carolyn and all of us at OIRF!

A Year End Greeting to all OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2017

© Copyright 2017, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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