The following questions regarding MORA and BioResonance were recently received from a patient, but echo questions I have repeatedly heard from practitioners and researchers during my lectures and exhibitions throughout North America. They arrived just as I was completing a research project in preparation for a lecture on Resonance introducing MORA-Therapy and Assessment. My answers to the gentleman are a condensed and abbreviated version of that lecture. CLW


And the questions from Mr. XXX are:

 I have become superficially acquainted with Mora Therapy only very recently, as a patient. I find the concept of Mora Therapy intriguing but utterly obscure, with online resources being scarce and superficial. I understand that the theory of ‘how’ or ‘why’ Mora works is still provisional, at least to the same degree that quantum mechanics and physical explanation of homeopathy are provisional, but that there exists a robust body of clinical research showing its effectiveness. I hope you will be able to dedicate a few minutes of your time to answer a couple of my questions about Mora, and perhaps recommend the most detailed and current account of Mora-super theory and citations of the most comprehensive validation studies.

For now I have two questions:

  1. assuming that the measured/received waveform is a ‘complex’ superposition of multiple ‘simple’ waveforms originating from various organs, tissue types and regions, how does the mora machine differentiate between healthy and pathological ‘simple’ waveforms? Or is the entire ‘complex’ waveform shifted 180deg. out of phase for therapeutic purposes?
  2. what are the properties of a ‘healthy’ waveform and how is that known?

I will limit myself to only these two questions, although I would like to ask many more….

Thank you for indulging my curiosity.

And some of the answers are:

Dear Mr. XXX,

I thank you for your email and questions and will attempt to offer some basic and brief explanations. Similar to your practitioner, I have personally been involved with MORA Therapy for many long years. Initially, like you, we were skeptical about the concepts and applications of this method but as the 40+ years have passed since its introduction in Germany we have literally seen hundreds of studies and research programs explaining not only the mechanism but also confirming the effectiveness of this classical BioResonance Method.

For further and a bit more in depth information I can refer you to our OIRF website where you will find some other articles and information talking about the concept. There are also a number of publications available, even copies of the elusive MORA Concept book by Dr. Morell that has long been out of print. Seminars, training, conferences and workshops regarding this method are aimed at practitioners and there is not a lot of detailed information available for patients.

In terms of listings of studies outlining mechanisms and validation, I am unfortunately not authorized to release much of that information. Such validations are proprietary to Med-Tronik (and a few other companies) and are being utilized in registration and certification procedures in numerous countries worldwide. A primary example is China, where MORA is registered with their equivalent of the FDA and the device is used extensively within their hospitals and private clinics.

And you are correct that the theory and explanations for this method and other concepts like homeopathy are considered “provisional”. The reason for this is that orthodox or “school” medicine is based on chemistry and the body’s physical response to trauma, damage or disease and does not take into consideration such so-called esoteric concepts as resonance and energy. Without taking into consideration the physics of those two basic elements there can simply be no true explanation for how MORA and other bioresonance concepts work.

The most important and underlying concept of this method is resonance. A quote from Dr. Albert Einstein states: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

And also a quote from the engineer Nicola Tesla states that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration . . .

Much of the generalized intent of those quotes is substantiated by the research and work of Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, Prof. Dr. Roeland van Wijk, Prof. Dr. Alfred Pischinger and Prof. Dr. Hartmut Heine. The concept here is that energy is the basis of all, and that all energy and frequency communication happens through light. Although I am not a physicist, there are multiple kinds of textbooks, articles, research and studies available to you within the fields of physics, quantum physics and technology if your interest lies in those directions. As far as we are concerned, it is the communication of energy, light and information via the electromagnetic pulse that is the basis of BioResonance.

One of the dictionary definitions of resonance is “a sound or vibration produced in one object that is caused by the sound or vibration in another”. If we work from the standpoint that all things possess a unique vibrational energy, then we must also accept that some frequencies will resonate (work together in harmony) and some will not (creating disharmony).

And so to your questions:

(1) This is a very astute question and represents the key difference between MORA and other bioresonance devices and biofeedback. By using fundamental electronic or electromagnetic pulse concepts the energy and frequency information of the patient is measured/read and can then be returned to the patient.

  • With biofeedback for example, the device measures all incoming frequencies and gives them back to the patient as therapy. There is no processing of the frequencies or energetic information. Some biofeedback devices claim to focus (usually via frequency) on specific areas of disease or disorder in the body, and are very effective in handling the emotional and mental aspects.
  • With many alternate bioresonance devices, they utilize the concept which you mentioned here. Initially they use the biofeedback principle, and alternately to treat disorders like allergies they use phase inversion by 180° of all incoming frequencies. Although this is effective for some applications it is certainly not effective when treating patients who are ill with more complex issues than allergies.
  • With MORA BioResonance Therapy by Med-Tronik – and I must mention only from Med-Tronik – Dr. Franz Morell and Mr. Erich Rasche developed a very specific filter mechanism for processing these incoming frequencies and which is a testament to their genius. Not unlike the filter concept of a Reverse Osmosis water filter which separates the molecules by size, they developed a frequency filter mechanism which is an electronic filter in combination with an organic component. (I suspect that component is something like chlorophyll, but have never been privy to that very proprietary information.) This filter is able to “read” the incoming frequency information and separate that information into two distinct sets of frequencies based solely on resonance. Those frequencies which resonate with – or echo – or resound with – the patient’s body are considered harmonious and pass through the filter without processing or change. Then only those frequencies which are dissonant or disharmonious can be processed separately from those which are resonant. This filtration is based on the same principle as the infamous resonating harmonious tuning forks for determining what is physiological and what is pathological. The secret and the key is that filter mechanism.
    The concept here is that the harmonious/resonant energy is returned to the patient (sometimes amplified) to assist the body with its own self healing energy. The disharmonious/dissonant energy is phase inverted 180° and returned to the patient to neutralize the dissonance similar to the noise cancellation technology used in our favorite earphones when we’re traveling. Obviously, both technically and in application there is more to it, but the fundamental concept is easily explained within regular physics let alone the research now available to us through the use of quantum physics and biophotons (communication through light).
  • With a few of the alternate bioresonance devices (usually copies of the MORA devices) the filter mechanisms they utilize do not include the proprietary organic component but rather are only an electronic filter which has limitations in separating and processing the incoming energy information.

(2) The properties of the physiological and pathological waveforms are determined via resonance. As with auditory or music tones, those notes or tones or frequencies or vibrations which resonate or are harmonious will vibrate together – one setting off another without impulse like the strings on a piano.
However the pathological waveforms will be dissonant. They will create a dissonant beat pattern that automatically separates them from resonance. Like the piano tuner uses the beat pattern of dissonance to re-tune the piano strings, so does the filter of the MORA device discern the different – the disharmonious – frequencies allowing them to be re-tuned or processed for return to the patient.

I hope this brief explanation will answer your questions regarding how MORA Therapy works. With kind regards . . .

Carolyn L. Winsor
Managing Director

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