Naturheilpraxis, Volume 69, July 2016
(Translated by Carolyn L. Winsor)

Pandemrix Vaccinations

In future those affected persons In Sweden who suffer from incurable narcolepsy as a consequence of the swine flu vaccination with the vaccine Pandemrix, can claim a maximum up to 10 million Swedish Krona (one million Euro) in compensation. A corresponding law was recently initiated by the Parliament in Stockholm. Altogether in Sweden 475 patients claimed compensation, of which 311 cases were granted. Leading symptoms of the narcolepsy are persistent daytime drowsiness, imperative sleep attacks and cataplexy, sudden tone loss of the supporting musculature which is triggered by sudden strong feelings. Pandemrix was permitted in September 2009 in the European Union for the prevention of an infection with the virus strain H1N1/v. During the influenza wave of 2009/2010 nearly 31 million persons were vaccinated with it, and there were also vaccines from other conglomerates. In Sweden 60 percent could be vaccinated. In Germany according to the Paul-Ehrlich Institute up to 81 suspicious cases were recorded. A portion of those patients also demand compensation.

Pharmazeutische Zeitung online unter:
doi: 10.1136/medium-2015-010684
doi: 10.1111/joim.12391.

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Published August 2016

© Reprinted from Naturheilpraxis, Vol. 69, July 2016

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