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A delay in receipt of one of the Director articles this Issue, freed me to look at another translation for our November issue. And, what more current or more frightening a topic is there than Ebola? The current outbreak in Africa that has already begun to migrate to U.S. soil presents us – as biological medicine practitioners – with interesting but yet challenging possibilities. First, here is the link to see information and comments from the National Center for Homeopathy In brief they say:

“The Ebola epidemic raging through West Africa has become a humanitarian crisis of great proportion. Homeopaths worldwide have been mobilizing their efforts toward gaining entrance in those countries affected, in order to provide homeopathic medical intervention to those individuals stricken with Ebola. The overriding goal is to investigate Ebola firsthand, and thereby determine which remedy or remedies are best for treating this disease.

Homeopathy has had a longstanding record in our over 200 year history in the successful treatment of a wide variety of epidemic diseases, including hemorrhagic fevers, some of which are in many ways very similar to Ebola. In our tradition of working with epidemics, homeopaths attempt to determine a central or core remedy that proves effective for most individuals who have contracted the disease, which is named the “genus epidemicus.” This remedy is derived from culling symptoms from many cases, and finding the very few, or preferably, the single remedy which best matches the natural disease expression of the epidemic under consideration.

While there is ample reason to expect that such a remedy can be found for Ebola, to date our homeopathic world community has not yet determined what that remedy or remedies might be. Once such a remedy is found and administered empirically to patients, if it is shown to be effective, we will have in our hands both a treatment for Ebola victims and, very likely, an effective remedy to help prevent or dramatically diminish the spread of the disease to those exposed or at risk of contracting it (homeoprophylaxis). Discovering such a remedy and applying it successfully for Ebola is still unproven, though completely in line with our historical experience with epidemic diseases, both for their treatment and prevention.

The good news is that a small international team of experienced and heroic homeopaths have arrived in West Africa, and are currently on the ground working hard to examine patients, work out the “genus epidemicus,” and initiate clinical trials. This work is being done alongside the current conventional supportive measures and treatments already in place. We applaud and congratulate this team’s dedication and courage in joining the front lines in treating Ebola with homeopathy. The answer to whether homeopathic medicine has an important role in the Ebola epidemic could be forthcoming quite soon.”

From this optimism and hope then yet more information started emerging. It is almost eerie how much of this new information is reminiscent of the AIDS and cancer myths that were reported to us by Dr. Juliane Sacher. During Dr. Sacher’s courageous campaigns to spread the results of her research and experience she has worked extensively with the German freelance journalist Michael Leitner. I recently told you about his film regarding vaccinations and Dr. Sacher spoke to us extensively about that topic during the recent Germany Tour program. Here is an email just recently received from Michael Leitner with a link to a You Tube video done by a British journalist:

EBOLA – A Glimpse from Behind the Curtain

Overcoming a WHO-pandemic is facing the next one!

The Ebola scaremongering campaign is gathering momentum. After all, it only serves the purpose of panicking people into getting vaccinated! The NIH/GSK-Ebola vaccine is injecting genetically altered viruses; genetic engineering, introduced directly into the body! Please watch this video! It may be made from a radical point of view, but I collected some evidence, that (some institutions of) the USA and the WHO are the axis of evil in international health politics!

What exactly are we looking at, when we see Ebola patients with horrific wounds? Are they really the victims of Ebola infection? They are people from slums who have become ill, due to poverty, misery and polluted water! Watch my video:

Sorry for my English! When spoken, it is much worse than it is, when written in an email. But as long as the truth on Ebola has no native voice, as just only misinformation is spread through mass media and even alternative media, I have to hold the positions of mind and intellect! And I know that I am not the only one and this is, why you receive this email.

Please help to spread this information, if you think, that you do agree!

Michael Leitner
German Freelance Journalist
For the German audience: Das Video gibt es natürlich auch auf deutsch!

When I initially scanned through the following article on Ebola in one of my German journals, I thought “here we go again with another conspiracy theory”. When pushed to do another translation for this Issue of “The Bridge” I looked at this article by Hans U.P. Tolzin a second time. As I started working through the actual translation process I found that what at first appeared “of interest” rapidly turned into “holy cow!” (well, I censored that comment a bit, but you get my drift). This article by another highly respected German author and journalist lays out clear evidence of the myth of mono-causality and another questionable virus diagnosis.

This is a scathing article – one that every single one of us needs to heed and take into consideration. The further I went into the translation the slower I went. And I slowed down not because it was difficult to translate, but rather because I wanted to be sure that I translated Mr. Tolzin’s words accurately and precisely. His research appears impeccable, and I have checked and double checked my translation to be sure that you see exactly what Mr. Tolzin said. I look forward to your comments and response.

Please follow this link to see the article Ebola – The Origins of a Myth by Hans U. P. Tolzin

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Published November 2014

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