In this article I would like to present some interesting observations made during the course of this year. Before discussing these observations a broad description of geopathic stress is presented in order to help orientate those readers who are less familiar with these concepts.

Geopathic Stress

A vexing question for the physician is why some patients, despite excellent and appropriate therapy, fail to respond to treatment or give only a marginal response. Sometimes there is a good response only to be followed by relapse; sometimes there is little or no response; in other cases there is periodic improvement and relapse. If treatment has previously proven to be beneficial for the patient but now fails to give a response then it must be inferred that there are other factors mitigating against the treatment. One such factor may be localised variations in the geomagnetic flux of the earth, a phenomenon referred to as geopathic disturbance.

It has been suggested that such disturbances may be related to the incidence of various types of cancer, e.g. kidney, breast, myeloma, Hodgkin’s disease, etc.i as well as to other degenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis and arthritisii. While it cannot be proven that such disturbances cause these conditions it is noticeable that the incidence of such diseases shows a geographically localised patterniii. Other factors such as pollution, pesticides, food additives, and so forth may have a part to play, but they do not always account for localised variations in distribution.

The natural geomagnetic background appears to be an important biological regulating factor in the steering and cellular regulation of living organismsiv. In the earlier manned spaceflights it was found that the body equilibrium was disturbed when astronauts were removed from the normal geomagnetic background. In later flights this was compensated for by building low-level magnetic generators into the space capsules to simulate the earth’s fieldv.

Disturbances in the natural homogenous geomagnetic field appear to disturb some of the regulating mechanisms of the body. Such geomagnetic disturbances are often geographically localised and may be geologically caused. Other disturbances can include man-made electromagnetic fields which although not strictly speaking geopathic disturbance they do have a somewhat similar effect. A geopathic stress may be defined as a geomagnetic disturbance which is geographically localised and which disrupts the homoeostatic mechanisms of the sensitive patientvi. This definition should perhaps be widened to include man-made electromagnetic disturbances and low-level radiation disturbances.

Sensitive persons can detect geomagnetic variation through dowsing for minerals or water. Much of the interest in geopathology has been due to the initial observations of competent dowsers. Investigations by physicists and engineers have shown that geopathically disturbed zones exhibit a number of physically detectable characteristicsvii. For example, there may be changes in the temperature gradient. Many buildings have “cold spots”. There often appear to be cold draughts rising from precisely located spots that cannot always be accounted for by the proximity of doors and windows. (This phenomenon is often most easily observed in old churches that were often built on the site of ancient sites of worship because these zones were known to be energetically charged.) There can also be changes in the degree of ionisation due to electromagnetic field charges. AC charge also differs from the surrounding area. There may also be changes in acoustic levels (loud or quiet spots). Standing waves can sometimes be detected. Radio reception over a geopathically disturbed zone varies from the surrounding area, and there is a measurable difference in the geomagnetic fieldviii.

There are two broad categories of geopathic disturbance, the discharging field (yin), and the charging field (yang). The height above ground level appears to make little or no difference to the intensity of these changes of flux intensity. Thus, a person living at the top of a tower block is likely to be affected as much as the person at ground level.

The discharging, or yin, forces are associated with the presence of underground water or underground caverns and hollows in the rock structure. Running water under pressure or hollows in the rock structure causes a decrease in the geomagnetic intensity that is often strong enough to influence the living organism. Where two underground streams cross, even though there may be many feet in vertical separation, there is a greater geomagnetic disturbance. Surface water does not display the same phenomenon.

Charging, or yang, disturbances are more varied in nature, some emanating from geological phenomena and some arising from other sources. These disturbances are often associated with the presence of mineral deposits, especially coal and oil. The characteristics associated with the presence of oil deposits are changes in the degree of ionisation; greater infrared emission; ac and dc current changes; low-frequency atmospheric oscillations (lightning tends to hit these zones). Very often there is also an associated low-level radiation emission.

The global grid pattern should also be taken into account. There are a number of energy grids covering the surface of the Earth of which the two major ones are the Hartmann netix and the Curry gridx. These are believed to be electromagnetic grids and may be thought of as similar to magnetic lines of force. The Hartmann net forms a rectangular lattice with gridlines running north-south and east-west.

The Curry grid is similar to the Hartmann net except that it runs exactly diagonal to the net and the distance between gridlines is greater. The Curry grid appears to be stable with respect to time and phase, i.e. the width of the gridlines does not vary.

In both groups, the gridlines are charged alternately positive and negative. Where gridlines intersect with similar charges there is a strong geographic disturbance.

Radiation is another type of stress, covering both corpuscular and non-corpuscular radiation. Non-corpuscular radiation is given off by certain types of rock structure (e.g. granite) and some mineral deposits such as oil. Corpuscular radiation is that given off by x-rays, etc. With the latter type of radiation the patient may have been exposed to excessive doses of x-ray; may have handled radioactive materials; or have been exposed to nuclear fall-out. The level of exposure to radiation needs to be only very slight, well below the safe limit, to cause a disturbance in the sensitive patient.

Electromagnetic fields from electrical apparatus may also be discussed within this context in that they are energetic disturbances in the environment. Here we may think of the presence of electrical implements next to or close to the head, particularly while in bed (e.g. electric clocks, radios); sleeping with an electric blankets switched on; current carrying cables running behind the bed-head. Also to be considered is proximity to high voltage generators such as transformers, and high-voltage transmission lines such as those carried by electricity pylons. If a cable carries an electric current then a magnetic field is generated. If the flux is strong and the person is within the field for lengthy periods of time then the cellular mechanisms may become affected.

Finally, although not normally classified as geographic stress the practitioner should be aware of Schumann waves, which are vertical radiations from the surface of the earth to the ionosphere. It seems that balanced health depends upon the presence of these waves. Unfortunately, tall buildings and large expanses of concrete create an umbrella effect blocking out the Schumann waves. Thus, large cities and towns tend to be deficient in Schumann waves with the consequent possibility of detrimental effects upon the inhabitantsxi.

The above examples cover the major geographic and environmental stresses which may affect the body. Undoubtedly there are others which have yet to be discovered. Experienced practitioners who are aware of these influences report that 30 to 50% of chronically sick patients exhibit some kind of geopathic stress of which the more common are the yin type stresses. It is probable that specific geographic locations have a higher incidence of geographic stress than other areas.

Therapeutic Consequences of Geopathic Stress

There is insufficient evidence stating that geopathic and environmental stress is the direct cause of disease. However, it does seem that geopathic stress energetically weakens the body so that the patient may be more prone to disease forming processes.

The geopathic stress is an energetic force, which, in the sensitive patient, is sufficiently strong to overcome the natural regulation and equilibrium of the body energy. Since it is the energetic equilibrium of the body that regulates and maintains the physiological well-being, if there is an overriding energetic dysfunction then physiological dysfunction must follow – the body can no longer maintain a homoeostatic balance.

In the early stages the patient frequently presents a non-specific and confused symptom picture. If the geopathic stress is not resolved, the disease process will progress until a specific disease picture emerges. Any therapeutic intervention demands an energetic response from the body, but because of the external stress the body energy reserves are already being diverted and hence there is insufficient reserve left to respond to the therapeutic stimulus. Thus, the approved therapy often fails to work.

The physiological effects of geopathic stress include changes in the electrical polarity of the cell membrane leading to impeded or faulty ionisation across the cell wall; alteration of the spin oscillation and proton resonance of protein molecules; faulty hydrogen bonding; disturbances of the mesenchyme base regulation; disturbances of hormone balance; shifting of pH values; and the promotion of vegetative disturbancesxii.

Disease and Geopathic Stress

There are a number of categories of disease that appear to be related to the presence of a geopathic burden in the body. It is thought that a geopathic stress may give a predisposition towards these disease states although we cannot claim that geopathic stress is the direct cause of these diseases.

Yin (negative) Stress

Hypo or energy deficiency disorders e.g. fatigue, arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, degenerative disorders. A negative field drains energy from the body leading to a deficient energetic state. It is thought that yin fields may be one of the main predisposing factors in malignant processes and degenerative disorders. There is also frequently a reversal of spin oscillation of the protein molecules.

Yang (positive) Stress

Hyper or energy excess states e.g. hypertension, cardiac problems leading heart attack, strokes, mania, alcoholism, migraine. Possibility of epileptic fits in children. Yang fields lead to an excessive build-up of energy in the body.

Grid Stresses

Includes both of the above depending upon the polarity of the grid intersection.


Skin complaints, fatigue. Long-term effects of radiation burdening will lead to degenerative disorders. Radiation fields include both corpuscular and non-corpuscular types of radiation.


Varied symptoms, electromagnetic disturbances are often associated with mercury toxicity (arising from oral galvanic current formation between fillings). Thus, one may expect to find symptoms associated with mercury toxicity including CNS, renal, cardiac, and intestinal complaintsxiii. Electromagnetic disturbance is not only related to galvanic current. Electrostatic sensitivity is also common. In these cases the patient may be sensitive to certain clothing fabrics, especially pure synthetic fabrics. It may be necessary to test for sensitivity to fabrics using a small sample of the suspect material. Very often the same material used in a mixture can be tolerated.

Other sources of electromagnetic disturbance include fluorescent lighting, bedside electrical implements, microwaves, computer monitors, and cell phone signals.

Detection of geopathic stress

If carefully questioned, the patient will often describe symptoms which are frequently indicative of the presence of a geopathic stress. These include:

  • Sleep disturbances, restless sleep, difficulty in getting to sleep.
  • Excessive dreaming.
  • Excessive heavy sleep, waking unrefreshed.
  • Excessive sleep requirements.
  • Cold legs and feet in bed.
  • Restless legs at night.
  • Respiratory difficulties at night. Asthma.
  • Excessive fatigue.
  • Unexplained mood changes, aggression, depression.

Children will often sleep on the edge of the bed or will curl-up in one corner of the bed as though seeking to avoid the stress area. They may be prone to sleep walking and will often leave their own bed to climb in with their parents.

It is interesting to note that many animals are sensitive to these stresses. Dogs, goats, and cattle always seek to avoid geopathically disturbed areas. When a dog moves around before lying down to sleep it may well be looking for the area of least disturbance. Cats, on the other hand, tend to seek out geopathically disturbed areas. If a cat has a favourite sleeping place (other than for reasons of warmth alone), it may well be that the place in question is geopathically disturbedxiv.

For the practitioner it is important that the consulting area be free from geopathic stress, especially the site of the treatment couch. If this area is stressed then treatment results will often be poor and diagnostic information confused or misleading. Obviously, it behoves the practitioner to keep free from geopathic stress himself.

When geopathic stress is suspected in the patient it is important that this be dealt with before continuing further treatment. If the geopathic stress remains unresolved the therapeutic results of normal treatment are likely to be less effective than would normally be expected. Frequently there is either little response to treatment or there are unexpected relapses.

The first suggestion to make is that the patient changes his or her sleeping position. The bed should be moved a few feet in one direction. If the stress is very localised (e.g. as from a grid stress), then this will often be sufficient to remove the patient from the influence of stress. The body will often correct itself within three weeks. The patient reports sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, and generally better in themselves.

If a change of sleeping position produces no observable results, then further consideration has to be given. One possibility is to employ a skilled dowser to check the property of the patient and to advise accordingly. A second, and often preferred solution, is to test the patient for specific geopathic stresses using bio-informational tests such as the “Vega” test. This will provide information discerning the type of stress affecting the patient. Depending on the nature of the stress, specific remedial measures can be taken, although some detective work is often necessary. It may be for example, that the patient is affected only in his working environment.

Although removing the patient from the influence of the geopathic stress is both necessary and beneficial, it is often found that this is insufficient. Almost certainly there will be a spin reversal present. If the problem is geopathic (from the ground) then the blood spin will have reversed. If the problem is electromagnetic (man-made) then there is a high probability that the urine spin will be reversed. In both cases the spin factor will need to be corrected preferably using an optimum setting on the MORA instrument.

Recognising Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress

Presenting symptoms will often include sleep disturbances: Difficulty in getting to sleep, restless sleep, restless leg syndrome, waking at night, excessive dreaming, sometimes a deep sleep but waking unrefreshed, fatigue. There may also be mood swings such as irritability, feeling emotionally low but for no apparent reason. When questioned, patients will frequently respond that these symptoms describe them perfectly.

If using the “Vegatest” the ampules for geopathic or em stress will test positive. EAV testing will reveal that most or all of the nail points measure 80 scale points or more, with or without an indicator drop. Most or all of the CMP’s will also measure very high. If one observes any of these patterns then the blood and/or urine spin should be tested. One or both will be found to have reversed, i.e. blood will test as LH spin and urine as RH spin. The first treatment must be to correct the spin factor in order to bring stability to the body. Only after such correction can reliable test data be taken.

Graph 1 Geopathic Stress

Graph 1: The first thing to look at is the overall pattern of measurements. It is immediately noticeable that every measurement value is considerably outside the normal range (50-64). Many of the values also show indicator drops. (shown as the red stripe at the top of some bars). Any pattern similar to this should immediately alert the practitioner to the possibility of geopathic or electromagnetic stress. This should be confirmed using the “Vega” test ampoules: Silicea D60 (geopathic stress); Lithium carb. D60 (geopathic stress); Phosphorus D60 (em stress). In this example, Silicea gave no indication but Lithium carb. returned a positive indication. When a positive indication of geopathic stress is found then the blood spin rotation should be tested. It will invariably show as left spin when using the spin tester. This patient was tested and treated in February 2011.

The Sun?

Under normal conditions I have found that perhaps I see about one case of geopathic stress in twenty patients (5%) and possibly less. Since mid-February of this year I have observed a marked increase where almost every patient was showing indications of geopathic stress. Nail points and CMP’s measured high and the “Vega” test showed positive for geopathic stress. Blood spin tested as LH spin in each of these patients. In order to correct the problem I started to search for an optimum setting against the blood spin. Under normal conditions one would expect that this setting (especially frequency settings) would vary from patient to patient. I was, therefore, surprised to note that the frequency range was identical for every patient. In more than one hundred observations there was only one exception. The setting for treatment in each case was Band Pass: Low Pass 1.25 KHz, High Pass 0.945 KHz, Amplification 1 – 3.

This situation is unusual. Since my patients come from a radius of several hundred miles, sometimes from overseas, any localised environmental disturbance had to be ruled out. By the end of February I noticed that these cases appeared to coincide with high sunspot activity. Periods of sunspot activity occur in 11 year cycles and this year a new cycle started. This cycle is apparently more intense than has been observed for the past 150 years. A sunspot is a solar-flair, which is similar to a nuclear explosion on the surface of the sun. Each flair sends both ionising and electromagnetic radiation to the earth. The sunspots occurring this year have been exceptionally largexv. In fact, the UK government is sufficiently concerned to be taking measures to protect the electricity grid. It is predicted that the flairs will increase in intensity over the coming eighteen months to two years, that they could severely damage the grid supply and damage orbiting communication satellites. (During 2004 a lesser period of activity was sufficient to cause disruption in parts of the Canadian grid leaving parts of the country without electricity for several weeks. If some of the more pessimistic predictions prove to be correct then we could see the internet go down with subsequent effects on banking, food and water supplies, etc.) I am wondering whether this activity could be affecting the ozone layer and the magnetic field of the earth. If so, then this could be accounting for the sudden dramatic rise in geopathic stress. Some experts have suggested that the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan were indirectly caused by solar activity.

The enigma continues. I was seeing almost every patient affected with a blood spin reversal from February to July of this year. Then, in July, there was a sudden change. Blood spin problems dramatically decreased, only to be replaced by urine spin problems. EAV measurements showed similar patterns but “Vega” testing showed em stress with geopathic stress not showing. (Two cases showed the presence of both.) Further testing showed another similarity in frequency response with the urine responding to Band Pass: Low Pass 1.75 KHz, High Pass 1.70 KHz, Amplification = 1. Further testing also revealed a second band of frequencies ranging 0.015 – 0.020 KHz. If this is still due to solar activity why is there a sudden noticeable change?

Graph 2: Electromagnetic stress

Graph 2: This graph, taken in August 2011, shows data from the same patient as Graph 1. During the intervening months there had been no further indication of geopathic stress. We now see a significant number of measurement values that lie outside the normal range. Test ampules Silicea D60 and Lithium carb. D60 both proved negative indicating no presence of geopathic stress. The ampule Phosphorus D60 did return a positive indication for electromagnetic stress. Blood spin was normal (right spin) but urine spin was reversed (right spin).

At this time I was invited to discuss my observations with a retired ex-Government intelligence officer who had also been showing some interest in the effects of solar activity. He appeared to accept my observations with reference to frequency bands but suggested that the effects might not solely be due to the sun. The suggestion was made that I should also look into the possible effects of HAARP. Although I had heard of HAARP I had not, to this date, given it much  consideration.


This is a semi-secret US Government research project with several bases, the main one being located in Alaska. The official statement is that it is an experimental project using elf waves as part of the defence initiative. The project started under President Reagan in 1984 at the height of the cold war when America urgently required a response to the perceived Russian threat. However, it appears that the “research” also involves experiments in manipulation of weather patterns by moving the jet stream, together with experimentation on using low frequencies to influence human behaviourxvi.

The question is, why should an intelligence officer who has in the past had access to classified information suddenly drop this hint when we were discussing solar activity? My own observations drawn entirely from MORA, EAV and “Vega” testing has suggested that reversal of urine spin appears to correlate with sensitivity to man-made electromagnetic fields. I had, until the present time, related this to normal domestic and telecommunications em interference. I have also seen patients with specific sensitivity to TETRA. In the United Kingdom I believe that the modulation frequency for TETRA signals is 18 Hz, a frequency that is thought to be detrimental to health. The low range of frequencies detected in patients does encompass this frequency. Since some of the patients come from outside the UK I think that TETRA sensitivity is probably not the cause. Could it be HAARP???

I confess that much of the latter part of this article is speculation. I cannot prove that these observations are due to the sun or to man-made sources. In either case, prevention or shielding is impossible. Treatment is possible by correction of spin reversals. If we fail to make such corrections then any subsequent treatment will have limited results because the subtle information transfers within the body have already been disrupted with resultant limited response to biological treatments. To date, patients that have been treated for these spin reversals have remained stable with good response to further treatment for their presenting complaints.

Perhaps the efficacy of such treatment is summed up by the following e-mail received from a patient about three days after the treatment:
You are an amazing Man – I feel bloody marvellous. Long may it continue. Grateful thanks.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published October 2011

© Copyright 2011, Dr. Anthony Scott-Morley, Dorset, UK

About the author


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