For this Issue it is with the greatest of pleasure that I bring good news. The pages of the German journals have been filled with news about the happy celebrations for the birthdays of five honored and respected leaders within our field of Biological Medicine. They are all teachers, practitioners and researchers. These men are the giants that we all look up to and seek to learn from. I hope you will join with me in wishing heartfelt appreciation and joy as they celebrate these milestone birthdays. All of these gentlemen (except Dr. Jentschura) have spoken to our various tour groups over the years.

Prof. Univ. Doz., Dr. med. Univ. Ivan Engler

We all know Dr. Engler for his work with Inhaled Ionized Oxygen. Dr. Engler’s 80th Birthday was celebrated in Salzburg, Austria with speeches and presentations and was sponsored by the Ärzteforschung für Naturheilverfahren and CS Tronic (Mr. Christian Schörghofer). Congratulations, Dr. Engler!

Dr. med. Siegfried Rilling

Dr. Rilling has just recently celebrated his 90th birthday! He is still in active practice (unofficially) and has been known for additive tumor therapy, spectral analysis of full blood, Biotonimetrie®, metabolic minerals, ozone therapy and Spenglersan Therapy. He has written more than 50 book and journal article publications. He is a cofounder of “Ärztegesellschaft für Erfahrungsheilkunde” (celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year at the Medicine Week Congress) and was the editor for their journal “Erfahrungsheilkunde” [one of my favorites!]. As a physician and researcher, we send Dr. Rilling our sincere thanks for his many contributions and congratulations on his birthday celebrations.

Dr. h.c. Peter Jentschura

Dr. Jentschura is a qualified chemist, industrial manager and author of many magazine and book articles. He is an internationally recognized lecturer on the subject of vitality and beauty, and is an expert on the Acid-Base Household. Congratulations on his 70th birthday!

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Hartmut Heine

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Heine is one of those rare researchers who leave us breathless as we watch sheer genius, and he celebrated his 70th birthday in April of this year. Prof. Heine worked with Prof. Alfred Pischinger to research, write and publish the famous textbook “Matrix and Matrix Regulation”. He is an internationally recognized researcher, lecturer and author. He developed a product called Matricell, and is practicing “retirement science” since suffering a heart attack in 2002. However he makes continuing contributions with his research in tissue acidosis with chronic illnesses and tumors as wells work with arteriosclerosis, ageing processes of the extra-cellular matrix, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Happy Birthday, Prof. Heine!

Peter Mandel, Naturopath

Today, Peter Mandel tirelessly continues his research and patient care at his clinic in Germany. He is recognized worldwide as a holistic therapist, lecturer and author. He has given seminars and lectures around the world. He is a founding member and second chair of the “Academy for Medicine and Reformed Healing Methods” in Worms, founded in 1997. He is best known as the originator of Esogetic Colorpuncture. Congratulations to Dr. Mandel who turned 70 this past June.

Catherine Winsor

As an aside during these birthday announcements, I want to mention the 90th Birthday we celebrated last April. My mother, Catharine Winsor has been given the title of “Executive Support” within the Institute and I know I could not possibly accomplish all of this without her. She is my rock and holds my love and gratitude in her hands. Thank you and Happy Birthday, Catharine!

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 2011

© Copyright 2011, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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