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Med-Tronik Distributor’s Meeting

Friesenheim, Germany
October 29 & 30, 2010

There were nearly 40 of us as the international distributors and their guests met in Friesenheim, Germany at the end of October for the Med-Tronik Distributors Meeting. It was more than eighteen months since our last meeting and there have been so many changes both for the Med-Tronik company and for the distributors during that time.

Of course the recent passing of Mr. Erich Rasche has affected the Med-Tronik company greatly. All of us again expressed our sympathies to the staff and to Dr. Eva Rasche at this sad loss. Dr. Eva has retired to her home Austria for now and will not again be actively involved with the company at least for awhile.

The “Corner of Honor” in the M-T Classroom

Mr. Friso Frank has joined the company as the new Managing Director. I had an opportunity to meet him and to discuss issues regarding Canada and the USA. As you know we have successfully registered the MORA Super Plus with Health Canada. Shortly we will begin similar registration procedures with the US F&DA. Med-Tronik has pledged a great deal of support to Occidental Institute and Praxis2Practice as we continue into 2011 with our numerous registration projects, seminars, conferences and the annual Germany Tour.

With so much time since our last meeting, we (the distributors) all had a lot of information to share and the Med-Tronik staff presented some very interesting – and some startling – news.

Dr. Uwe Uellendahl presented information about a new English (well, it’s in German too) language seminar. They have developed a program called “MORA Advanced Seminars, Level I and II”. They will sponsor those seminars (in English) in their 2011 schedule. As well, that program has been forwarded to Dr. Brian MacCoy who will incorporate that information into his private and advanced workshops.

Beyond the many studies on MORA and BioResonance already existing, we were informed about several new studies that were completed in 2009. Of course the long term study on “stop smoking” procedures continues in Turkey. Their success rates are now in the 90% range and higher, especially if the client wants to quit. But even if they don’t have the right motivation the success rates are astounding – even over the long term.

Other studies completed in 2009 were completed by: Dr. Pihtili, Dr. Galle and Dr. Montagnier (a Nobel Prize winner) and Dr. Herrmann [Clinical effectiveness (Allergies 95.1%, Pain 92.1% and Infections 96.1%)]

Studies that are underway and running from 2011 to 2013 include:

  • Automated medication testing and diagnosis (hmm – I wonder if we will see more segmental/global type of measurements?? CLWS)
  • Informative manipulation of damaged ecosystems (biological pest control) which is a government funded project in cooperation with the University of Mainz.
  • Effectiveness studies in cooperation with AMSAT

We have the scientifically acceptable proof now. It is only up to us to apply it in our practices.

Then we heard about the MORA Nova. Wow! The MORA Super Plus was designed in the early 1990’s. It is still a fantastic device and these 20 years later almost all of them are still in daily practice.

A side note: Speaking of the quality, longevity and service of Med-Tronik equipment, I would like to pass on this anecdote. Recently the widow of one of our long time members came to us with one of her three MORA Combi’s. She was getting ready to travel for the next several months and was most upset when her rechargeable battery died and needed replacement. I loaned her my Combi so she could give her treatments. The battery was ordered, but on arrival it just didn’t fit. What to do? I spoke to Mrs. Alexander about this at the meeting only to discover that this device was built in the late 1980’s(!) and that its style of battery is no longer made. The resolution to the problem is return of the device to the factory (expensive for shipping, but . . .) where it will be refitted for the newer style battery system at nominal cost. Think about it – this device is still in active daily use after almost 25 years. Now that’s quality and service!

But, back to the MORA Nova which starts yet another whole story. Obviously after 20 years Med-Tronik is looking to update and upgrade the MORA Super Plus. We have newer electronics, newer software programs, newer just about everything. The Nova has been in development now for over one year. With the upsets at Med-Tronik when Mr. Rasche passed away, development was delayed yet again. At this point, it looks like this newer model will not be available for the market until late this year. I’m not going to rant about the advantages and changes now. It is enough to know that change is coming and we can be guaranteed that the innovations being introduced will be of the finest quality.

What the Nova will look like!

But in the meantime, other major changes have descended on the medical instrumentation industry in Germany and Europe. New CE and ISO regulations have been instituted which took effect earlier this year and all companies must come into compliance prior to the end of 2011. (All of these regulatory changes will be incorporated into the new MORA Nova.)

The result of this however is that most of the instrumentation currently offered by Med-Tronik does not meet the new regulations. One of the biggest changes is that no instrumentation can use BNC connectors. (What? These are the highest quality connections available – they’re shielded, they’re solid, they’re stable – I don’t understand it myself. CLWS) At any rate, all connections must now be with the plastic self-lock type of connector (you can see them on the MORA Color device – whew, it’s still in compliance) and they must be specific for each connection (i.e. only the honeycomb can plug into the honeycomb slot and not the roller or the magnetic electrode, etc.)

A change to the new connectors requires complete redesign of each device which then must be re-certified with ISO. Costs for this were estimated in excess of 25,000 Euro per device. Astronomical and with that kind of development and cost, it is better to design completely new devices. No new devices to the old designs can be manufactured and thus as these devices are sold out, they will not be immediately replaced. We can trust Med-Tronik to continue to provide service and honor warranties of course, but there is simply going to be a period of time were some items will not be available. Please note that all of the following Med-Tronik devices are in the process of being discontinued:

  • MORA-Super Plus: will be available until the end of 2011
  • MORA-Combi: 10 units left
  • MORA III: 3 units left
  • RM10S: Gone
  • RITU (the small amplifiers): Gone
  • Super Amp: A few units left
  • RITU/Interface: 5 units left
  • Century: Gone
  • PowerLact: Gone
  • BE-T-A: Sorry, I have no definite information here

The last 3 MORA III’s in final stages of production

The following replacement devices and developments are underway:

  • MORA Nova – in various configuration levels will replace the MORA III, MORA-Combi and MORA-Super Plus
  • RM10s and Century – Med-Tronik is looking at a possible cooperation with other EAP manufacturers
  • RITU/Interface – new development after 2012 with automatic medication tester
  • MORA Color: In full compliance and will not be discontinued

Med-Tronik is dedicated to:

  • Be lower priced but not cheap
  • Set quality and integrity standards
  • Offer exceptional after sales service
  • Aim for cooperation with other companies for broadening their product range
  • React on product suggestions and improvements.

On the second and final day of the meeting each of the distributors had the opportunity to make a short presentation bringing everyone up to date regarding their activities in their individual countries. Really interesting. China is now the biggest market for the MORA Super where it is fully registered and is sold into hospitals. Next is Spain. For the first time I was able to fully participate in these discussions and was able to tell everyone about our registration success in Canada.

Siegfried Ludwig opens the meetings

Gaby Alexander and Sandra Börsig

They’re going to do what with the NOVA?

Sandra Börsig       Carolyn and Andre Rasche

All in all a very interesting meeting where I learned a lot and – of course – got to share some gossip and a few good German beers. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but it will be an interesting and exciting year.

Additional comments concerning the MORA Super Plus:

I must admit I initially felt a little frustrated when I heard that the MS+ was going to be discontinued. After all it has taken us almost five years to get it registered in Canada and now it’s being discontinued. And, yes it is disappointing. But, I trust we will be able to upgrade our registration with minimal difficulty once the Nova goes into production. And we have to remember that could be at least a year from now.

What do we do in the meantime? Well, I know the therapy success we have with the MS+ and I also know that all of the scientific studies have been conducted using that device. It will be years until we see studies done with the Nova – right?

We are going ahead with getting Praxis2Practice functional early in the New Year (the earlier the better) and we will be offering the MS+. It remains the most effective, reliable and quality device on the market for BioResonance and will help many patients reach a state of better health before the Nova arrives. I am trying to talk Med-Tronik into offering us some kind of “discount” or “exchange” program, but that has yet to be worked out.

And, if you are looking to replace aging units or get backup units for your practice, this is the time to move. Some of these units will not be available for much longer and offer unique technology that may not carry through to the newly developed models. For instance, the color therapy aspect of the MORA Combi is the only remaining color unit that actually uses a color generator – all the other devices use software driven frequencies.

You know I will work out the best deal for our members that I possibly can and I strongly recommend that you place this incredible therapy into your practice – if it isn’t already there! CLWS

An Informational Release for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2010

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