MORA Basic Therapy and Quadrant Values

The importance of basic therapy cannot be over-emphasised. If treatment of a patient’s complaint is to be effective and long lasting then it is essential to bring the four body quadrants back into balance in the normal range. If this is not done then the effects of therapy are likely to be disappointing. It is like building a house without foundations.

Basic therapy goes some way to bringing about this balance. However, basic therapy alone will not rectify many quadrant imbalances but we can make some specific observations:

There is no change in quadrant values after basic therapy. This means that the energy is blocked. Consider TMJ dysfunction or the possibility of spin factors.

Sometimes after basic therapy all quadrants reduce in value, sometimes to values that lie in the low range (i.e. below 78). This probably indicates that the patient is in a temporary sympathetic state perhaps due to travel to the appointment or the nervous tension but when this is released they revert to a parasympathetic state. The low energy must be lifted before taking point measurements or before trying to give treatment. Do not test for medications when the energy is too low as false results will be obtained.

The other possibility is that the quadrants return to normal values. This is the ideal state but does not often happen until several therapy sessions have taken place.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 2008

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