MORA Color

What is there to say? It works really well – but only if you use it.

Dr. Morell and Dr. Sturm always said that the only limit to MORA, and it’s applications, is your imagination. MORA Color is a special example of that.

Here is a quick overview.

Electrodes: “Piggyback” two single electrodes (held together by whatever means you can) with each brass electrode staggered by a few millimeters – real close. Med-Tronik now has a newly designed “Gruba” roller specifically for this purpose, but if you already have two single rollers you can still use those configured as shown in my picture below. [The white things taped between the two single rollers are erasers – or you can use the jazzy connector shown sitting between the rollers. The new “Gruba” roller is on the right.

Setting:  Dauer, ‘H 1.2’ and ‘D bar 40’ (Inverted D) with a total amplification of 40,000 plus.
The amplification determines how fast you get an effect – the higher the amplification the faster the results.
Experience has shown that this setting will give you a positive result in 5-10 seconds of application.
I haven’t bothered using higher amplification. Lazy, I suppose. But if the system works, why change it?

What have I used it for?

  • Pain
  • Allergies, including sinus conditions, asthma
  • Topical skin problems
  • IBS
  • Gynecological issues
  • Vaginitis ( remember to have a chaperone present if you are a boy)
  • Pregnancy: back ache, breech positions
  • Infections – anywhere
  • Acute injuries
  • Post operative pain and wound healing
  • Pre-operative care
  • Eyes – most eye pain that does not include glaucoma or other potentially blinding conditions, is usually trigger points in eye muscles. This responds well to Color.
  • Body tension & stress
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteo-arthritis (there is no such disorder as OA – just lazy practitioners who do not do a proper examination.)

What Color?

Most conditions are chronic, or acute exacerbations of chronic states. Blue works best.
Red works for truly acute conditions.
In case of doubt, ask the patient.

For more information, please ask Carolyn for a copy of my DVD on Mora Color.

Now wait until December for my article on why patients get chronically sick without knowing why, and why they find it so hard to change. Why do patients do really stupid things and why practitioners don’t have an answer? A pharmacist told us why, 100 years ago.

Comments from Carolyn:

Dr. Gruba has been using this method for many years and to him this process appears simple (and it really is!) and straight forward. However, for the rest of us it takes a little more info to get going.

Dr. Gruba works with a MORA III and an old MORA-Color unit (no longer made) along with about three or four RITU amplifiers (hooked up in sequence). You can also accomplish the same thing with the MORA-Super+ and the WINColor software, but you will not be able to attain the full amplification without using some supplementary RITU amplifiers.

Med-Tronik has recently introduced the MORA-Super Amplifier Color Package. That package includes a specially designed amplifier that gives us enough oomph without using supplementary RITU’s. They have updated the Color software and specially designed a “Gruba” roller. A very nifty package, but for those of you who already have MORA instrumentation you can start using this method in varying degrees without purchasing all new stuff.

Important Fact: Mora Color does NOT cover symptoms. If MORA COLOR does NOT resolve the underlying pathology, there is NO loss of symptoms or signs. MORA Color will only remove the symptoms and signs IF the under-lying condition is actually healing.

Short Note: Dr. Gruba calls this his “petite” article in lieu of the article “missing” from the December Volume 3 issue of last year. Watch for another of his always intriguing articles in the December 2008 issue for Volume 4.

An Exclusive Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published February 15, 2008

© Copyright 2007, Dr. Sir Zenon Gruba, Victoria, Australia

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